Rx Coupons for Popular Medications

Are you a first-time PricePro Pharmacy customer?  If so, welcome!  We’re happy to have you here.  And to extend our northern hospitality to our new American customers, we’re offering a one-time discount you can use at checkout to save even more money on your medications. Simply apply the new customer coupon codes below and save more with our Canadian pharmacy. Thank you for choosing PriceProPharmacy.com!

Save $10 Instantly

Use coupon code PRICE10 to get $10 off your first order. Minimum $50 purchase required. *Coupon codes are one-time use and cannot be combined.

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Use coupon code PRICE20 to get $20 off your first order. Minimum $100 purchase required. *Coupon codes are one-time use and cannot be combined.

Discount Drug Rx Coupons

As long as you meet the minimum order requirement of $50.00, you can apply digital RX coupon codes from PricePro Pharmacy for your medication. To redeem this bonus discount, simply enter the coupon code at checkout. Not only do we offer up to 80% savings compared to your local pharmacy but we also offer these popular Rx coupons. That’s just our way of kickstarting your path to affordable drugs. *Coupons are one-time use and cannot be combined.

Cialis Coupon

free cialis coupon

Use this Cialis coupon to save $10. Enter coupon code CIA10 at checkout.

Viagra Coupon

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By entering Viagra coupon code VIA10 you save $10 off your first order.

Eliquis Coupon

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Lower the price by $20 with this Eliquis coupon. Use coupon code ELQ20.

Xarelto Coupon

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Enter XAR10 for your Xarelto coupon code to get $10 off your order.

Advair Diskus Coupon

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Save $20 with this Advair coupon - enter coupon code ADV20.

Symbicort Coupon

Get a $20 discount off the price of Symbicort with coupon code SYM20.

Januvia Coupon

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Save on the price of Januvia by getting $20 off with coupon code JAN20.

Brilinta Coupon

Brilinta Discount

Get a $10 discount with this Brilinta Rx coupon. Enter BRL10 at checkout.

Pradaxa Coupon

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Lower the price of Pradaxa medication by $20 with coupon code PDX20.

Dexilant Coupon

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Get a $10 discount on Dexilant cost with coupon code DEX10.

Premarin Coupon

Premarin Discount

With coupon code PRM10 you can lower the price of Premarin by $10 off.

Flovent Coupon Code

Flovent Coupon

Use this coupon for Flovent to get a $10 discount. Enter coupon code FLV10.

Restasis Coupon

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Get $15 savings with this Restasis coupon. Enter coupon code RST15.

Jardiance Coupon

Jardiance Coupon

Use our coupon for Jardiance to get $10 off your order. Enter coupon code JAR10 at checkout.

Entocort Coupon

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Save $15 with this Entocort coupon. Simply add Rx coupon code ENT15 for the discount.

Myrbetriq Coupon

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Lower the price of Myrbetriq by $15 with coupon code MYB15.

Aczone Coupon

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Enter Aczone coupon code ACZ15 to save $15 off your order.

Canadian Drugs Made Affordable with Rx Coupons

Our mission and promise here at PricePro has always been, and continues to be, to help our not-so-distant neighbors and American customers save as much of their hard-earned money as possible when it comes to their prescription medicines. We know how expensive it can be to fill your prescription drugs in the states — especially if you have several to take — and we understand the frustration and hardship that comes with this process. To help, PricePro Pharmacy offers discounts and RX coupons on prescription medications that are the same ones your doctor prescribes in the U.S. — at the lowest prices available. You can also check out one of the many Canadian pharmacy reviews we’ve already received from our loyal customers. Customers say PricePro Pharmacy opened their eyes to the savings and convenience of shopping with a professional and reputable Canadian online pharmacy. These testimonials highlight our exceptional customer service team, which is how we’ve proudly earned our 4.8/5 average customer ratingAs a first-time customer, you can also add one of the RX coupon codes below to your first purchase of $50.00 or more. And that’s not the only benefit you’ll receive with PricePro.

4 More Reasons to Try PricePro Pharmacy Coupons

We understand you may be new to ordering prescription medications online, especially from a Canadian online pharmacy, but rest assured. We process your order using the same prescription from your doctor that you’d use at your local pharmacy.

Here are four more reasons customers love us:

#1. Each purchase has a 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied, give our team a call and we’ll make it right.

#2. Our products are delivered straight to your door with a low $9.95 flat shipping rate.

Say goodbye to waiting in long pharmacy lines and having to remember to stop by to grab your prescription!

#3. We aim to provide the lowest possible prices. In some cases, you may save as much as 80% off what you’d normally pay. Plus as a bonus we have Rx coupons for more discounts.

#4. PricePro Pharmacy is already trusted by many Americans just like you. Our online pharmacy is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

To find affordable prescriptions, many Americans turn to Canadian pharmacy meds — why not join them? Search for your medication and start your order today.