How to Order Your Prescription Drugs Online from Canada

Are you a resident of the United States looking to purchase prescription medications online from Canada? If so, you might be wondering how to place an order with PricePro Pharmacy. This guide and video provides all the information you need to place a prescription order with us.


Step 1: Set Up an Account with Us

Please note that we require the account to be created using the patient's name.


In the top right corner of our website, you see the words "Create Account" in bold letters. Click on that link and follow the steps to enter your information. It would be best to do this before placing your orders.

Phone or Chat

You may also do this by phone. Or you may use our chat feature at the bottom right corner of our site.

Step 2: Provide Us With Your Prescription

Before you do anything else, make sure you have an up-to-date prescription on file with us for the medication you wish to order. You may either upload, email, fax or mail the prescription to us.


You can instantly upload your prescription using our "Rx Upload" feature.


You can email [email protected] a copy of your prescription from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


You or your doctor's office may fax your prescription to 1-855-776-0006.


You also may mail your original prescription to:

PricePro Pharmacy
Suite 550
102-17750 56th Ave
Surrey, BC V3S 1K4

Note that the current (January 2021) USPS cost of a First-Class letter to Canada is $1.20.

Additional Assistance

If you don't have access to a fax machine and need it soon, call us at 1-855-776-0079 during business hours. Provide us with your doctor's name, phone number, and fax number (if available), and we'll take care of it for you.

Step 3: Order Your Canadian Medication

We recommend that, before placing your order, you have a list of your medications and their dosages ready. If these are new prescriptions, please have those available too. If you don't yet have your prescriptions, please go to the section below explaining how we can get a copy of your prescription from the prescribing physician.

Ordering Option 1: Online

Start by searching our website for the drug's name or the treated condition for either brand or generic prescription medications. Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find what you need.

Next, select the dosage and quantity, and add your selection to the cart.

Last, complete the checkout process. New patients should create accounts (see above). Existing patients should log in.

Ordering Option 2: By Phone

Call our toll free line at 1-855-776-0079 during business hours to place an order over the phone.

PricePro Pharmacy's Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PST
Saturday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm PST
Sunday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm PST

Ordering Option 3: Using Our Online Chat Feature

Contact us via our live chat feature (located at the bottom right of our website) to create an account and place your prescription medication order. We have live agents monitor our chat during regular business hours (listed above).

Should you wish to pay with a credit card or your order details are incomplete/missing, one of our patient care representatives will call you for the details. You can always request that we contact you later if you are not available to take the call.

Need More Information on Our Ordering Process?

We have listed the sequence and simple steps to order prescription drugs online from Canada. If you would like to know more about our ordering process and the steps involved, scroll below to view how the whole process works.

And, as always, call our toll-free number if you would like to speak with a member of our customer care team directly.

Order your prescriptions from PricePro Pharmacy to start saving today.

[Call Toll-Free Today]

With three ways to order, it’s never been easier to purchase Canada meds as a US citizen using our secure ordering system. You can choose to order your prescriptions over the phone with one of our friendly customer service representatives or you can use our online Canadian Pharmacy to complete your order. 

Follow the detailed instructions below to get started with mail order prescription drugs, and keep scrolling for a sneak peek at our process and what happens once your medication order has been placed!



How to Submit Your Prescription

Prescription for Canada Meds


Mobile Phone

Take a picture & email or scan & email to

[email protected]


Upload Document

Use our Rx Upload feature on our website.


Fax Machine

Fax your prescription to



Mailing Envelopes

Mail your original prescription to:

PricePro Pharmacy
Suite 550
102-17750 56th Ave
Surrey, BC V3S 1K4

Ordering Your Prescription is Easy

Order Medication Online


Canada Med Search

Search by name or condition for Brand or Generic Prescription Canada Meds.

Contact us if you can't find the what you are looking for.



Buy Canada Meds

Select the dosage and quantity and add to cart.

In many cases we offer more than one option as to where you can choose to have your prescription medication dispensed from.

Online Account

Complete the checkout process. New patients will create an account. Existing patients will login.

We require the account to be created under the patient's name


Order By Phone


Customer Service Agent

You can call our toll free 1-855-776-0079 line to place an order over the the phone.

Our business hours are:

Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PST

Saturday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm PST

Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm PST

Order By Chat

Chat Agent

You can contact us via our live chat feature to create an account and place your prescription Canada meds order.

We have live agents attending to our chat during our regular business hours.

Customer Service Representative

Should you wish to pay with a credit card one of our patient care representatives will call you to collect the details.

You can always request to be contacted at a later time in case you are not available to take the call

Don't have a copy of your prescription? 

Our Pharmacy team can reach out your doctor's office to get a copy of your prescription faxed to us directly.

Simply provide your doctor's name, phone number and fax number if available. We will take care of the rest

What Happens When You Place an Order for Canada Meds?


An order confirmation will be sent to the email address provided.

Order Confirmation

Patients who place their prescription order online will receive a call to confirm details.

Canada Meds Prescription Review

Our Pharmacy Team will verify your prescription and confirm the order is placed for the correct medication.

Payment Gateway

Payment will be processed after our Pharmacy Team confirms your order.

Canada Meds Order

The dispensing pharmacy will pack & ship your prescription medications.

Canada Meds Order Shipped

Tracking numbers are emailed for tracked shipments.

Step 1: Order Confirmation Email

We’ll send you an Order Confirmation email to let you know that we received your prescription order request. Orders without a prescription will not be processed; therefore, we provide instructions how to submit your prescription if you not already provided it to us. A reference number known as your order number will be provided that can used to communicate with us if you have any questions about your order.

Step 2: Patient Care Specialist Contact

First-time purchasers who order their prescription online will be contacted if we have not spoken with you yet. We will then confirm your shipping address, billing information, and check the rx status. We will also ask for important medical information such as if you have any allergies or which other medications you may also be taking. This medical information provides our Pharmacists the details to assure when they review your prescription and medical profile they can thoroughly check for interactions and therapeutic review all for your safety and well-being.

Step 3: Our Pharmacists Review Your Patient Profile & Prescription

Before we can process your Canada meds order, the prescription will need to be reviewed by our team of  Pharmacists & Physicians to ensure it’s valid. Specifically, we’ll check to see if all these important details have been provided about the prescription:

  • Medication name
  • Strength
  • Directions
  • Quantity
  • Refills allotted

We’ll also confirm that your physician’s information is clearly present, including their name, address, signature, license number, and contact details such as a phone number. Additionally, we’ll also double check that your prescription has not expired. Prescriptions are only valid for 1 year from the date they were prescribed by your doctor. This information must be written on a legal prescription, either digitally or on paper, and cannot be obtained by taking a photo of the label on your vial or box of medications.

Valid prescriptions are the only ones that will be accepted. One of our licensed pharmacists will also review your profile to identify any allergy concerns or potential drug interactions. If anything comes up during this review, we’ll schedule a counseling appointment with you to discuss your options before your payment is processed. It’s important to note, payment will not be processed until our pharmacists have had a chance to review your order. If these items are in order, our team will move on to the next step. 

Step 4: Your Payment is Processed

Once the patient profile, prescription, and order have been reviewed by our Pharmacy team then the billing department will process the payment and the order will advance to next phase.

Step 5: Your Canada Meds Order is Processed 

Your order is then moved through our order fulfillment queue where our licensed and certified pharmacies will add pertinent drug information pamphlets along with your medication order and prepare the medication order for shipping. Our team of pharmacists will perform one last check of your order to ensure everything has been thoroughly reviewed and verified. They will also check that your Canada meds are packaged properly and ready to be shipped.

Step 6: Your Order is Shipped!

Finally, our team will securely pack your order and verify that it’s going to be shipped directly to you by mail. We’ll notify you once your order has been shipped via email. If there’s tracking available on your package, we’ll provide a tracking number you can use to track your order as it ships.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering Canada Meds

  1. We require a valid prescription for your order to be processed. You can place an order online or through our customer service representatives over the phone, but your order will NOT be processed until we receive a valid prescription.
  2. If you’d like to place an order and have us contact your doctor or local pharmacy to obtain your prescription, please leave a note in your order with your doctor’s information so we can reach out to them on your behalf.
  3. We will attempt to call all first-time customers by phone to verify order details. If you cannot be reached, one of our customer service reps will reach out via email to confirm your order details.
  4. We can reach out to your doctor for a refill request to ensure you don't miss a dose.
  5. We will notify you via email anytime we’re waiting on your doctor’s office for things like prescription numbers or refills so you’re always in the loop.

To buy your mail order prescription drugs from Canada today, call us directly at 1-855-776-0079, or scroll up to the middle of this page to start the online ordering process now.

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