Entocort (Budesonide)

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    Entocort (Budesonide): Product Information

    Entocort contains the active ingredient, budesonide.

    We have brand name Entocort available from both the United Kingdom and Canada manufactured by Tillotts Pharma.

    The medication comes in a 3mg controlled release capsule in packs of 100 capsules. There is also a generic budesonide available as well manufactured by Sun Pharm Ltd.

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    What is Entocort used for?

    Entocort is a medicine for treating Crohn’s disease. Once taken, Entocort reduces the inflammation in the intestine. Budesonide is a corticosteroid capsule that is easy to take and is one of the most effective ways to treat Crohn’s disease.

    As a form of a corticosteroid, Entocort is what many patients who suffer from Crohn’s disease use to control their temporary bouts. It is safer to take than typical steroids that trigger serious side effects.

    Once taken, Entocort is released into the intestines where it is absorbed into the body. Then the liver converts it into a compound that is free from steroid-like side effects. Hence, the drug starts working when it reaches your intestines rather when it has circulated in your entire system.

    How is Entocort dosage best taken?

    This medicine, including most Entocort generic versions, is a capsule that is taken orally once per day. It is best taken in the morning with or without food. It is upon you to decide if you want to eat first.

    Don’t alter the capsule in any way, including chewing, opening or crushing it. Instead, swallow it as is and it will work just fine. One thing you should totally avoid is grapefruit or grapefruit juice to avoid drug interactions.

    If you take this medicine as instructed by your doctor, it will do the work it was made for. This includes taking it for the duration your healthcare professional chose in the correct doses and at a similar time every day. If you forget to swallow a capsule, do it the soonest you can remember. However, skip the dose if you are about to take your next scheduled dose. Your doctor might alter the dose at will and you should follow the new instructions well.

    What are the common side effects?

    Just like other corticosteroids, Entocort has some side effects.  Even so, some people take it and experience no side effects.  Others endure very mild side effects that they tolerate just fine. Just to keep you aware these, here is what to expect:

    • Flu, common cold, pneumonia and other respiratory system infections
    • Nausea
    • Headache

    What are the precautions of taking Budesonide?

    If you are looking to take Entocort soon, it is important to take certain precautions. So, tell your healthcare professional whether you have:

    • High blood pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Osteoporosis
    • Stomach ulcers
    • Glaucoma
    • Herpes
    • Liver failure, hepatitis or liver cirrhosis
    • Allergies to anything
    • Tuberculosis
    • Ever been sick with measles or chickenpox. Also ask for vaccinations if you have never had them.
    • Pregnancy right now or are planning to get pregnant if breastfeeding, let your physician know.
    • Other medicines, supplements or herbal concoctions you are taking because of a different disease or disorder.

    The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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