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Our certified medical expert authors and reviewers are dedicated to providing you with the scientifically-backed, accurate information you need to make informed decisions about your health.

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The internet can be a wonderful source of information about your health and the medications you take. It can allow you to understand your condition and purchase more affordable medicine. But there is also a lot of inaccurate and potentially dangerous information online, and it can be not easy to know what sources to trust.

More Than Just a Pharmacy

That’s why we do things differently at PricePro Pharmacy. We are more than just a Canada-based pharmacy committed to providing you with the best prices on all of your prescription medications. We are also determined to be your go-to source for the most reliable, up-to-date, and accurate information for your health.

Dedicated, Verified Medical Expert Writers and Reviewers

We only work with the top certified medical authors and editors, so you know you are getting the best peer-reviewed and verified source of information possible. All of our medical writers are US-based and have a doctorate in pharmacy. All of our medical reviewers are US-based and have doctorate in medicine. We strive to be transparent when it comes to your health, so you have everything you need to know to stay well. Our medical writers make that possible with content that is accurate and trustworthy.

Our Story

PricePro Pharmacy was founded more than a decade ago to help Americans save money on prescription medicines. We make it possible for you to order the same product from the same brand by ordering from a Canadian Pharmacy for much less than you'd pay with an American pharmacy.

Since then, we have grown into a leading provider of accurate, evidence-based articles written by our certified medical writers. We only accept submissions from the most trusted US-based, Pharm D medical writers, so you know you are getting the most accurate information available.

Meet Our Medical Expert Writers

Medication Review by a Clinical Pharmacist - PharmD

Dr. Conor Sheehy

PharmD, BCPS

Dr. Sheehy is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist. He has worked in multiple practice settings, including retail and hospital pharmacies, and in medical clinics. He specializes in anticoagulation, psychiatric medications, and diabetes medications.

Conor currently works as an ambulatory clinical pharmacist, where he works alongside other members of the healthcare team in outpatient clinics. He has appointments with patients to adjust their medications and optimize their individual treatment. Dr Sheehy is also a medical writer.

Dr. Patricia Weiser


Patricia Weiser, PharmD, is a licensed pharmacist and medical writer.  She has clinical experience in community and hospital pharmacy.

Patricia is a 2007 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters.

PharmD Medical Writer

Dr. Larisa Roybal


Dr. Roybal is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist who has practiced in both ambulatory and acute care settings. Her pharmacy interests include oncology and general inpatient pharmacy. She most recently has worked at a community hospital where she consults with providers to provide comprehensive patient care. Larisa is also a medical writer and editor. 

When she is not caring for patients or writing, Dr. Roybal enjoys reading historical fiction and thrillers. She also finds time to bake for her very large family.

Meet Our Medical Reviewers


Doctor Nathan LeDeaux, MD


Dr. Nathan LeDeaux


Dr. Nathan LeDeaux is an emergency medicine physician at the University of Wisconsin and got his M.D. from Northwestern University in Chicago Illinois. He specializes in the treatment of emergency medical conditions of all types as well as the more routine treatment of chronic illnesses. He has worked as a medical writer and editor for several years and is joining the PricePro Pharmacy team to further our mission of helping you make informed decisions about your health.


Doctor Po-Chang Hsu, MD, MS

Dr. Po-Chang Hsu


Dr. Hsu received his medical degree from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, and holds a Master’s of Science degree from both Harvard University and Tufts University. Dr. Hsu completed his Master’s thesis on neuroimaging in schizophrenic patients at Harvard Medical School and took part as a research assistant in the NASA Phoenix Mars Mission. Dr. Hsu is currently a full-time medical writer and consultant. Outside of the medical profession, Dr. Hsu loves to write, learn new languages, and travel.

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