3 Reasons Why Canadian Pharmacy Prices Set the Benchmark of Drug Pricing


Did you know the average American pays about $9,000 per year in health insurance while Canadian citizens only fork over $4,569 on average?

That’s almost half the cost for an entire year of medical coverage for simply living in another zip code. But what does this hefty expense actually cover?

The costs of medical tests and annual visits, sure. But most of it goes towards covering the high prescription drug prices in the United States.

Even though you’re still paying out-of-pocket each time you pick up a prescription, your insurance provider is paying even more.

And insurance companies don’t like losing money so they increase premiums to cover this difference.

What makes Canadians immune to this cycle? Do prescription drugs vary in quality in Canada versus the US?

There are 3 specific reasons why the US and Canada differ drastically when it comes to prescription medications that we will dive into. And none of them have to do with quality.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Canadian Pharmacy Prices Are So Affordable

If you ever feel like your health insurance company doesn’t really care about you, you’re not alone.

These providers are businesses, after all, with shareholders, bonus systems, marketing, and loads of other expenses to deal with instead of caring about how your high prescription costs affect your daily life.

But Canada’s healthcare system is different. The government is actually on their citizen’s side. And that benefits everyone because:

#1: The Canadian Government Sets the Benchmark for All Prescription Drug Pricing

Here in Canada, we have what’s known as universal healthcare.

This federal system is the opposite of what’s in the states, where citizens turn to private insurance providers or institutions like Medicare to access healthcare coverage.

Instead, the Canadian government runs the entire healthcare system and works diligently to keep prices realistic and affordable on patented drugs and other medical services. Under this universal healthcare system, the government has the upper hand — as opposed to the drug manufacturers.

This has a strong impact on the price of prescription drugs.


#2: Drug Makers Must Submit Price Proposals for Approval

In the United States, drug manufacturers are able to charge as much as the market bears when it comes to prescription medications.

Remember “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli, also known as “the most hated man in America”, who raised the cost of a single pill from $13.50 to $750 just to make more money? There’s always a chance of something like that happening out of nowhere in the states.

Drug manufacturers are also allowed to charge different rates to different companies and organizations altogether, which is why some people pay much more for prescription drugs than others.

But this is not how it works in Canada. Drugs are much more affordable because the government fights on behalf of its citizens to keep prices low.

Here’s how they do it:

Instead of bouncing around to hospitals, insurance providers, and other medical related businesses, drug manufacturers in Canada must meet with one board of decision makers only: the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (or PMPRB).

Here, manufacturers are asked to send in their best price bid along with sales and educational information on the drug being pitched. The members of the PMPRB take this information and compare it to the prices of equivalent drugs in other countries like Switzerland, the UK, Germany, France, the US, Italy, and Sweden.

Then, if the price is deemed affordable and reasonable, the PMPRB will make a massive bulk order for the entire population of Canada.

You can think of this in action like shopping at Costco or another warehouse store with discount style pricing: the more you buy in bulk, the cheaper it will be.

In the states, however, this is not how things are done. With private insurance providers, each one fights for their own version of a bulk discount.

But if they’re too small and don’t have enough buying power, you’ll end up paying for these poor negotiations in the form of higher copays.

And unless you pay a high premium, you’ll likely be stuck carrying this burden each time you go to refill your prescription.

There’s also one more reason why Canadian pharmacy prices will always be lower than those in the US.

#3: Costly Drugs Are Not Approved for Sale

In the United States, it’s up to insurance providers and other medical institutions such as hospitals to try to haggle with drug manufacturers to get their prescription prices lower.

But this doesn’t always happen and costly medication increases are only growing as a result. This is another key area where the Canadian universal healthcare system steps in.

If the proposed price of a prescription drug targeted for the Canadian market is too high, the PMPRB review board won’t approve it for sale.

Both the Canadian government and the manufacturer do have another chance to negotiate a lower price, but if it’s still too high in the end, the government won’t approve its sale.

So the price either goes down or the company forfeits the entire Canadian market share.

Now, just south of the Canadian border in the US, there is no gatekeeper like this and no one guards citizens from creeping exorbitant drug prices unfortunately.

To make matters worse, the US also has a law that forbids companies like Medicare from being able to negotiate for better prescription drug rates.

But just because the story is vastly different on each side of the border doesn’t mean US citizens are stuck paying higher-than-average prices for the prescription medications they can’t go without.

There is an alternative option used by 27 million Americans each year: ordering refills through an online Canadian pharmacy.


An Online Canadian Pharmacy Can Save You Up to 80% Off Each Prescription

Many Americans are surprised to learn they can refill their medications online using a Canadian pharmacy.

This means you don’t have to cross the border and, as long as you only order a 90-day supply or less, you’ll fall within the FDA’s regulatory limits.

You may be wondering how this is all possible.

Do you need a Canadian prescription? Or need to make an appointment to be seen by a Canadian doctor?

Not exactly, as we talked about in this guide.

Since we cover this process in detail in that resource, we’ll briefly explain the best and easiest way to go about refilling your next prescription now:

First, you’ll want to refill enough medication in the states to overlap slightly with the dates your order is scheduled to arrive.

Creating this buffer ensures you’re covered in case anything comes up with processing or shipping and your medication is delayed.

From here, you’ll need a valid and updated prescription from your current doctor.

Next, you can search for a prescription referral company such as ours to help facilitate the transaction between your doctor’s prescription and a Canadian pharmacy.

Companies like these will coordinate with Canadian doctors who may also ask to review your medical records and history to see if this prescription can be approved and filled.

Once deemed okay, the prescription referral company will then create a Canadian prescription on your behalf so the medication refill can be dispersed at a Canadian pharmacy.

This route takes care of most of the heavy lifting for you and helps speed up the process since you’ll essentially have a prescription that just needs to be converted into a valid Canadian one.

It’s also a good option for anyone who already has an established doctor they like and can afford under their coverage plan.

Combine this with Canadian drug prices — which can be as much as 80% cheaper — and you may finally have a solution for lowering your monthly healthcare costs.

Another question that often comes up with purchasing prescription medications online is: How safe and trustworthy are they?

That topic requires a bit more detail and is one we covered in another guide on Avoiding Scams: 5 Tips for Navigating Canadian Pharmacy Reviews.

By following the tips in those two resources, and this one, you’ll be able to save money on your prescription medications without putting your health or identity at risk.

Stop Overpaying For Your Prescription Drugs

Now that you know more about why Canadian pharmacy prices are much lower than those in the US, and you’ve learned US citizens can purchase up to a 3-month supply of their prescription medications, you can start saving money today.

And before you make a purchase from a pseudo pharmacy unknowingly, make sure the online Canadian pharmacy is one you can trust.

If you spot any of these 14 red flags, don’t make a purchase and click away before it’s too late.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll lower your out-of-pocket prescription medication costs, keep yourself safe, and finally start saving money for something you’re really excited about.

Can You Get an Online Prescription for a Canadian Pharmacy?


Have you recently read that many US citizens are turning to Canada to save money on their prescription medications?

Wondering if that’s safe, really worth the money, or even possible?

While the safety issue was covered in this guide, and the cost savings was evaluated in this one, we haven’t yet discussed how Americans can get a prescription to use at a Canadian pharmacy.

That’s why this guide is centered around that topic to help you understand your options when it comes to filling your prescriptions across the border.

We’ll also talk about whether or not you need a new prescription and the pros and cons of two different routes you can take here.

Before we dive into those, you should know what it takes to fill your prescription medications in Canada as a US citizen.

How to Obtain an Online Prescription to Use a Canadian Pharmacy

After reading the aforementioned guide on how to save money on prescription medications by using a Canadian pharmacy, you may be wondering how to go about getting your first prescription filled.

The next question that often comes up here is: Can I use the same prescription my doctor gave me in the states to place an order at a Canadian pharmacy?

And the answer is both yes and no.

The prescription your US doctor gave you can help speed the process along. But it’s not enough to get the job done.

In Canada, by law, a Canadian doctor must write the prescription in order for one of our pharmacies to dispense the medication. This means that you’ll need an online prescription from a Canadian doctor.

Wondering how you can get one if you’re a US citizen? You have a few options here.


#1: Use a Doctor Online for a Virtual Consultation

One route you can take without having to physically cross the border to obtain an online prescription that’s valid at a Canadian pharmacy is to visit a Canadian doctor virtually.

With this, you’d simply find a doctor across the border who is able to meet over the phone or through video conferencing and schedule an appointment just like you normally would.

During this initial meeting, you’d have a similar one-on-one visit with the Canadian doctor, the only difference is that you would both reside in different countries and you, therefore, wouldn’t be in-person for this visit.

Using this conversation, along with your medical history and possible blood work as well as lab tests, your virtual doctor would then diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan to meet your needs, including prescribing you the medications they see fit.

You could then use these prescriptions to fill your order at a Canadian pharmacy.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this option is that many US insurance providers don’t offer coverage for these visits.

So while the prescription medication may be drastically cheaper, your cost per visit could vary from a US-based doctor’s visit where you would only pay a small copay.

Because of this, many people prefer this next route instead.

#2: Use Your US Doctor’s Prescription in Conjunction with a Prescription Referral Company

An alternative option is to get most of the heavy lifting done in the states.

By this, we mean that you’d visit your normal, primary care doctor as usual and s/he would provide the prescriptions you need to treat your conditions.

But instead of handing off the prescription to a local pharmacy, your doctor would send it to a Canadian pharmacy.

From there, you can use a prescription referral company such as ours to help complete the transaction.

With this, our team of doctors will review your US-based prescription, along with your medical records, and then, once approved, we’ll write you a prescription that’s valid at a Canadian pharmacy.

The difference between this route is that you can help keep your costs down on both ends, prescriptions and doctor visits.

Instead of using a Canadian doctor and paying for a visit that may not be covered under your insurance, you can continue to see your usual in-network provider and pay the same copay as you normally would.

And when it comes time to fill your medication, you can then move on to using a Canadian pharmacy, instead of one locally, which will help cut your costs further.

In many cases, it’s cheaper to use a Canadian pharmacy, even if your insurance doesn’t cover it.

Plus, you’ll also save time with this route since you won’t have to spend countless hours sifting through Canadian doctors trying to find one who will work with you and one that you would feel comfortable with.

You also don’t have to lose that rapport you’ve built with your current provider either.

By this point, another common question that comes up here is: What about using a pharmacy online in the states? Can’t I just save money doing that?

To answer this, it pays to have a better understanding of the difference between:

Using a Pharmacy Online vs Visiting an Online Pharmacy

It may sound similar at first but there are some key differences between the two.

Local chains like CVS, Walgreens, and Costco, for example, offer their customers the convenience of ordering their prescriptions online.

This is known as using a pharmacy online. Instead of visiting their local pharmacy branch, you could plug in your information online or sign into your online account to refill your prescription electronically. When your medication is ready, you have the option to pick up the prescription in store or have it sent to your home address.

Your insurance provider may have also incentivized mail-order prescriptions by offering you a small discount when you choose this route.

The problem is that online prescription drug rates aren’t much cheaper than what you’d find in person. So this is essentially just another way to use your pharmacy.

On the flipside, with an online pharmacy, there are usually no physical locations (similar to Ally bank or 1-800 Contacts) or expensive overhead costs which gives these companies the ability to pass the cost savings down to its customers.

And that’s not all. Online pharmacies are also generally located in countries that have universal healthcare, or more affordable options, such as Canada.

These prescription drugs sold from online Canadian pharmacies can be as much as 80% off.

So while your insurance provider is offering a small discount to use their preferred pharmacies online, you may see a significantly lower price tag when you use an online Canadian pharmacy instead.

Online pharmacies also work well for people who are prescribed medications that their insurance doesn’t cover.

Your doctor may be partial to a specific and expensive drug and if your insurance doesn’t accept it or offer a generic alternative, you could be stuck paying a high out of pocket cost.

But, if you turned to a Canadian pharmacy, you wouldn’t need your insurance and the prescription may end up only costing a fraction of your full-priced US version.

Plus, you can even also use RX coupons on popular medications, saving you even more money.

Keep in mind, since the FDA cannot regulate companies outside of its US jurisdiction, it’s up to you to do your research and find a reputable online pharmacy worth using.

There are many “rogue” online pharmacies out there that may not be safe to use so it’s worth spending the extra time doing your homework here.

Fortunately, this guide on the topic can help you do just that and shows you how to avoid scams and sift through Canadian pharmacy reviews to find trustworthy companies to use.

Get an Online Prescription from a Canadian Pharmacy Today

Now that you have a better understanding of what it takes to fill your prescription medications using a Canadian pharmacy, you can start saving money today.

To do that, be sure to check out a list of our most popular RX coupons first or browse through our complete list of medications available in Canada, where drugs are much more affordable.

It’s also a good idea to browse through multiple Canadian pharmacy reviews to get a better idea of any company you choose before making a purchase. Be sure to check out our guide on the topic for more information.


Avoiding Scams: 5 Tips for Navigating Canadian Pharmacy Reviews


Can you really trust online Canadian pharmacy reviews?

If you’re trying to save money on prescription medications, you may already know using an online Canadian pharmacy is the best way to go.

But if you live in the states, you may not feel comfortable switching pharmacies when all you have to evaluate these companies is their digital, online presence.

So if you’re stuck at this point, this guide will give you the confidence you need to find a Canadian pharmacy you can trust.

You’ll learn 14 warning signs to watch out for, as well as five tips for navigating Canadian pharmacy reviews, to help you find a company to supply your prescriptions without putting your personal information or health at risk.

Before diving into the specific questions to ask when it comes to online reviews, you’ll need to first evaluate the company itself.

Here’s how to do that:

14 Red Flags to Pay Attention to When Ordering Prescriptions Online

As we showed you in this guide, it is possible to save money on your prescription medications as long as you find and use a trustworthy Canadian pharmacy.

However, this final part of the solution tends to overwhelm many people.

How can you really tell if a Canadian pharmacy fits the bill, especially if you don’t live there to view the operations or speak to a pharmacist in-person yourself? Should you just blindly trust all online pharmacies equally?

Unfortunately, there are online pharmacies posing as legitimate operations when in reality they’re not even close to being so.

This doesn’t mean all online Canadian pharmacies fall under this category, however. Many are completely safe and trustworthy.

So how do you find the gems amidst the rocks?

The best way is to evaluate every online Canadian pharmacy you’re considering using this 14-point process. And if you spot any of these warning signs, turn the other way and don’t make a purchase. Doing so may compromise your personal information, as well as the safety of your health, so this should be taken seriously.

Click away if you notice any pharmacies you’re evaluating displaying these red flags:

#1: They don’t require a valid prescription from a registered healthcare provider or physician for a purchase.

#2: Instead of using a prescription, they ask you to fill out a health questionnaire.

#3: The company does not provide or give you access to a licensed pharmacist to answer questions about your medications.

#4: Prices seem substantially lower than any you’ve seen advertised at other Canadian pharmacies.

#5: You received spam email chain letters offering steep discounts on prescription refills from the site.

#6: The online pharmacy disregards the FDA’s 90-day supply limit and gives you the ability to order as many refills as you want at once.

#7: The company has not been verified by an independent third-party such as Pharmacy Checker.


#8: The online pharmacy website is not a secure transaction portal.

If you don’t see the letter “s” added to the beginning of the URL, or it’s missing the padlock symbol with the word “Secure” next to the web address, do not trust the site.

Without these important safeguards, your personal information is at risk for scammers to grab.

#9: If there’s no physical address you can verify, or working phone number you can call, pay attention to these red flags immediately as they signal a business that doesn’t want to be traced or tracked down. Shipping costs are another way illegitimate pharmacies lure you in and take advantage with little to no extra fee at all, to trigger incentive to save money.  

#10: They may offer you too-good-to-be-true prices on medications only to gouge you on exorbitant shipping costs later. Instead, look for online Canadian pharmacies that offer flat rate shipping so you know exactly what it’s going to cost each time.

#11: If the pharmacy sells controlled substances, narcotics, or highly-addictive medications, take your business elsewhere as you may be dealing with a rogue operation.

#12: Any pharmacy that also sells drugs which are illegal to use in the United States should not be trusted either. Also, while generic versions of your medications are generally offered to save money, other medications should not be used as a substitution for your prescription without your doctor’s consent.

#13: So if the online pharmacy is out of your prescription and a generic version, and they offer you a new prescription altogether, verify this with your doctor before completing the purchase.

And finally, as with any online purchase, you should always check the customer reviews.

We’ll explain this in more detail next, but for now, you should look to see if the pharmacy you’re evaluating even has any customer reviews at all.

#14: If they don’t have customer reviews, it could be a sign they’re either too new for you to form a complete picture of their business or they’re probably hiding something.

For more tips on how to decipher between a legitimate online pharmacy and a rogue one, be sure to check out this guide when you’re done here.

So if the pharmacy you’re considering doesn’t show any of these warning signs by this point, your next step is to evaluate their customer reviews.

What to Look for When Browsing Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

When shopping online for clothes, electronics, or other goods, it’s fairly easy to spot fake reviews.

But this is a little tougher when it comes to gauging the reputation of an online pharmacy you may be thinking of purchasing from.

So how can you effectively spot the fakes and determine whether a pharmacy can be trusted?

See if you can answer these questions:

#1: Are Their Reviews on an Independent Third-Party Site or Just Their Own?

The company’s website shouldn’t be the only place you search for reviews.

You’ll want to perform a search on the potential pharmacy and type in their “name + reviews” in the search bar to see what else comes up.

If the Canadian pharmacy reviews you’re seeing only live on the company’s website, they could be copied and pasted in or made up altogether.

A trustworthy pharmacy will have their reviews on verifiable websites like Google and Yelp as well. Make sure to audit these additional reviews as you gather all your information. This extra step ensures you’re seeing a complete, accurate picture instead of the one-sided one the company wants you to see. You’ll also want to check if they have a healthy mix of different types of reviews too.

#2: Are There Only Glowing 5-Star Reviews?

Customer service hiccups are bound to happen so you shouldn’t discredit a company for having 1- or 2-star reviews from time-to-time, especially if the company worked to remedy the situations (see tip #3).

However, if you’re only spotting vague 5-star reviews that mention “everything was great” and “will order again,” you should practice caution.

Amazing customer testimonials that barely explain what customers specifically liked about the company or product are highly suspect. False reviews are a real problem and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

But how the company handles and responds to reviews may be even more telling.

#3: Did the Company Respond to Reviews Both Good and Bad?

Active responses from online pharmacy reps are a good sign the reviews are legitimate and the company is handling their customer service well. Sift through these responses and see how the company behaved in both good and bad situations.

Noting how other customers have been treated will help you gauge whether you’ll also feel comfortable being a customer of this business yourself.


#4: Look for Specifics Within the Reviews

From there, you should sift through the individual reviews to see what people are actually raving or complaining about.

Were the representatives helpful? Are people complaining about the accuracy of their medications? Is the shipping a problem? What are people highlighting first?

Spend time reading a variety of 1-5-star reviews to get a better feel for the answers to those questions.

It’s also a good idea to notice what people are praising or upset over since this is usually their primary driver for writing their review.

Fluke incidents, such as delayed shipping due to holidays or bad weather, should also be accounted for.

Make sure you can tell the difference between the 1- and 2-star reviews from customers who may have experienced a one-off incident and those complaining of a repeated issue.

Check the lower-rated reviews one more time to answer those questions.

It’s also important to branch out from the pharmacy’s website to see what else people like you are saying.

#5: Does the Company Have an Active Social Media or Online Presence?

While it’s not necessary for an online pharmacy to post pictures on Instagram every day, it’s comforting to find companies who are willing to post and engage with their customers on interactive forums like Facebook.

In addition to a social media page with active subscribers (as opposed to bot followers), you’ll want to see if your online pharmacy shares resources for patients ordering prescriptions from them.

Blog content, helpful infographics about medications, and email newsletters all signal a company that cares about their customers enough to help or educate them.

Similarly, a company that doesn’t have these offerings may not care as much.

Navigate Canadian Pharmacy Reviews with Ease

Ordering your prescription medications online shouldn’t be overwhelming.

And hopefully, this guide has helped you see that it doesn’t have to be when you know what to look for.

By paying attention to these 14 warning signs, and answering those 5 questions as you read Canadian pharmacy reviews, you’ll have a better gauge on whether a company is trustworthy and worth using.

Remember, not taking these precautions could put both your identity and health at risk.

Rather than compromising, choose an online Canadian pharmacy you can trust!


Understanding Healthcare in Canada: Why Drugs and Prescriptions are Cheaper


Do you wish your prescription drugs were cheaper to fill?

In a recent Kaiser Health Survey, 80% of Americans said the costs associated with prescription medications were “unreasonable,” and that the government is “not doing enough” to help remedy the situation by reducing drug costs.

What’s even scarier is that 1 in 4 people reported having trouble simply affording their medications.

Yet just north of the US border in Canada, the picture is completely different.

A whopping 86.2% of Canadian citizens surveyed admitted that they would rather strengthen their public healthcare system instead of converting it to a for-profit one like the US has.

That’s probably because 85.2% of people in Canada over the age of 15 are “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their healthcare system.

So why are these views so different between these two neighboring countries?

The healthcare system of each country is at the root of the matter, which is exactly what we’ll discuss here. While we won’t get into politics or any debates, we’ll show you why it’s cheaper in Canada to buy prescription drugs than it is in the US — and what you can do about it.

Let’s start by understanding the sheer magnitude of the situation to put everything in perspective first.

The Cost of Prescriptions in Canada vs the United States

If you thought the price of your prescription medications is already too high, you may be surprised to learn the real price difference when compared to those in Canada is even more astronomical.

Using four popular name-brand prescription medications, you’ll see that:

  1. A prescription of three Advair Diskus sells for roughly $1,227 in the United States. In Canada, the same drug sells for $450.00 for 3 Diskus — a difference of over $750.
  2. Celebrex sells for $18 per pill in the US. A Canadian pharmacy would only charge around $1.64 per dose.
  3. Eliquis also has a striking price difference with an average cost of $424.65 for 60 tablets in the US and just $150 for the same amount in Canada.
  4. The blood sugar medication Januvia has a price tag of $435.14 for 30 tablets in the US and only $140 in Canada — an almost $300 upcharge.

These medications are used to treat a variety of different conditions —  such as asthma, arthritis, strokes, and diabetes — which shows these high prices aren’t just affecting one sector of prescription medicines or a small slice of the population.

So the question then becomes: Why are the prices for prescription medications so outrageous in the United States?

It all comes down to one big difference in the way our healthcare is managed.


Universal Healthcare & Prescription Prices: Here’s Why Drugs are Cheaper in Canada

You’re probably already familiar with how health care works in the states.

Individuals pay a monthly premium to a private healthcare insurance provider in return for a certain amount of medical coverage.

Certain factors depend on how much you pay for your coverage, such as:

  • Where you live
  • Your income
  • How you’re obtaining coverage (such as through an employer or an individual plan)
  • How high you want your deductible to be
  • The amount of insurance you’re looking for

Each of these choices will determine how expensive your monthly premium will be.

Medicare, the federal health insurance program, is generally used instead of other private healthcare plans for those over 65, people with disabilities, and anyone else who is retired and on a fixed income.

In both cases, the amount you pay for coverage is determined by the level of coverage you can afford.

However, this is not the case here in Canada where drugs and important medical services are covered by a universal healthcare system.

With this federal system, our government works on behalf of its citizens to set realistic prices for prescriptions and other healthcare services.

So when a drug manufacturer tries to pitch a prescription that’s too expensive, our drug review agency, known as the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB), will refuse its approval for sale until the price comes down.

Not only that, the same board also informs Canadian citizens of upcoming prescription trends so they’re not hit with unexpected price increases out of nowhere.

The PMPRB also regularly checks these prices to ensure they’re still at a fair market value.

They even compare these prices to those in other countries to gauge whether it is fair relative throughout the world, not just locally in Canada and compared to the US.

Since many drug manufacturers don’t want to lose Canada’s business, they generally work out lower rates to sell the same medications you’re buying in America for much less across the border.

This system is similar to how Medicare operates since the federal government runs it — but it’s very different in application due to its cost structure.

Instead of lobbying on behalf of individuals, Medicare is forbidden by law to interfere with any negotiations between drug makers and insurance companies.

And once a price is set, Medicare tacks on another 6% to help offset the reimbursement costs to doctors which means individuals are responsible for about 20% of the cost of the medication.

So if a medicine ends up being around $1,000 per prescription, a Medicare payee would be responsible for $200 if they don’t have any other coverage options.

And this isn’t the only aspect hurting Americans. Canada’s buying power also works in your favor too.

In the states, insurance providers, hospitals, and other medical facilities all compete with drug manufacturers to come up with a rate that’s affordable to their needs. This means the price varies based on a company’s buying power.

So a small hospital in a rural part of Alabama may pay more than a hospital in New York pays, for example, simply because their volume needs are much lower. And just like bulk discount at the grocery store, prescription medications work the same way here.

In Canada, drug manufacturers only have to negotiate with a smaller pool: the government.

Since they don’t have as much flexibility with the price, they either agree to the Canadian government’s terms or their product loses out on an entire population, which most manufacturers wouldn’t dare to do.

It’s a combination of these reasons and more which are to blame for why prescription medications in the states are exceptionally high even on Medicare.

While it may take several years for the United States to adopt a similar system of universal healthcare (a conversation for a different day), you don’t have to wait that long.

As a US citizen, you can take advantage of a small portion of this universal healthcare by ordering your prescription medications from an online Canadian pharmacy.


Save Money On Your Prescription Medications

We’re not suggesting you jump in your car and cross the border for free healthcare, however, you can do something else to save money.

By ordering your prescription medications online, through a trusted Canadian pharmacy, you’ll be able to save up to 80% off — even before any RX coupons are applied to your order.

Current estimates report that as many as 5 million Americans have already purchased drugs outside of the United States.

Even further, a recent survey discovered that when asked how people think providers should keep medical costs down:

  • 86% of people surveyed want drug manufacturers to show the breakdown of their drug prices.
  • 82% want Medicare to be able to negotiate for lower prices.
  • 71% would like to be able to buy their prescription medications from Canada.

Buying prescriptions across the border isn’t the only international health trend growing in popularity though.

Many people are also physically traveling to other countries to seek medical treatment based on these internationally low medical costs.

What is Medical Tourism?

The term medical tourism means exactly what it sounds like.

Medical tourism is when people travel from their home country to another to receive medical, dental, and/or surgical procedures and treatments.

People embark on these medical journeys for different reasons.

Some are looking for more affordable health care options while others need to receive specialized treatments they may not have access to or be able to afford in their homeland.

It’s estimated that between 14-16 million people cross international borders for medical tourism purposes.

And the average cost per medical tourism visit ranges from $3,800 to $6,000.

Roughly 1.4 million Americans will travel each year for medical tourism and the industry is predicted to grow by an average of 15-25% per year.

It’s clear to see international borders are not stopping people from receiving the medical care they need at a price they can afford.

But you don’t have to leave your home to save money when you buy prescription drugs from Canada online.

Are You Ready to Save on Your Prescriptions?

While we can’t help you with medical tourism, we can offer you lower rates on the same prescription medications you’ll find at your local pharmacy in the states.

Our rates are up to 80% off for certain prescriptions — even compared to prices you’ll pay after Medicare.

Browse our complete list of medications today to see what’s available with a prescription to US citizens just like you.

Insurance and RX Coupons: What’s Covered, What’s Not?


Can RX coupons really help you save money on your prescription drug costs?

And will you be able to combine RX coupons with your US-based medical insurance to purchase your prescriptions and medication refills from an online Canadian pharmacy?

If these questions have been on your mind, this resource will give you all the answers you need. We’ll cover:

  • Whether a Canadian pharmacy accepts US-based insurance
  • How to save money on prescriptions despite your coverage plan
  • The truth about how RX coupons work
  • Tips to help you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses even more

Can You Use Your US-Based Insurance to Cover the Costs of Prescriptions in Canada?

While your doctor’s prescription is the same whether you’re filling it in the states or in Canada, the case is different when it comes to your insurance.

US-based and other international healthcare plans are not accepted in Canada, which means you are responsible for the total cost of your prescription at check out (unless you’re using our Flex RX plan).

However, you may be eligible for reimbursement depending on your insurance plan’s terms.

This is why we always include a detailed receipt with every order, which can then be submitted to your healthcare provider to see if they’ll pick up the difference.

To find out if your insurance plan covers medication reimbursement, you’ll need to contact your specific provider and discuss your plan’s fine print. Don’t get too discouraged if you find out your insurance plan won’t cover the costs of your prescriptions if you fill them in Canada.

Many prescription medications are drastically cheaper — in some cases up to 80% off — across the northern border.

And that means you may be able to save money on your prescriptions without your insurance company’s help.

How to Save Money on Prescriptions by Using a Canadian Pharmacy

As we talked about in this guide, the costs associated with prescriptions in the United States only continues to grow without any signs of stopping.

But that’s not the case in Canada.

Thanks to universal healthcare in Canada, prescriptions and other healthcare related expenses are kept at a reasonable and affordable rate.

And these reduced prices on prescriptions aren’t just for Canadian citizens either.

As a US citizen, you can purchase your prescription medications for your own use in Canada.

So while the same EpiPen may cost you over $600 in the US — and after insurance pays their portion — you’ll only pay around $100 using a Canadian pharmacy.

And this is just the out-of-pocket cost due at checkout.

If your insurance covers medication reimbursement, your cost could be even lower.

This is why so many Americans are turning to Canada drugs when it’s time to refill their prescriptions instead of using their local pharmacy in the neighborhood.

With online Canadian pharmacies, you’ll find the same name-brand medications and generic prescriptions you’ll find at home, just for up to 80% off.

Again, this huge cost difference is without using insurance.

Another option to offset your out-of-pocket expenses that may not be reimbursed by your insurance provider is to search for and use RX coupons.

Save Even More Money With RX Coupons

If you’re a first-time buyer, you can take advantage of eligible RX coupons to help you lower the cost of your medications further.

This one-time discount is applied right at checkout once the coupon code is entered.

So if your first-time order meets the minimum requirement of $50.00, you can save even more money by using one of our coupons for our 17 top-selling medications.

Now if you do decide to use one of those RX coupons, you may be wondering:

Can You Pair RX Coupons with Your Insurance Coverage?

RX coupons are applied to your order at checkout.

Since Canadian pharmacies don’t accept US-based or international healthcare insurance plans, you cannot use your coverage to pay for any part of your prescription costs during the online purchase.

However, certain insurance companies may provide reimbursement for your medications when you order them from an online Canadian pharmacy.

Your RX coupon will be instantly applied to your order at checkout to lower your total amount.

Once your prescription is paid for, you can then submit the total amount from your receipt to your insurance provider to see if they’ll cover it.

Since it comes off the total before your insurance pays (again, if they do), you can technically combine your RX coupon with your insurance plan’s reimbursement to pay even less for prescriptions than you are now. In some cases, the coupon may also help you meet the reimbursement requirements so you can get complete coverage.

The RX coupons are applied to your order regardless of whether your insurance picks up all, part, or none of the tab.

Find a Canadian Pharmacy that Price Matches

Here at PricePro Pharmacy, we believe everyone has the right to access affordable prescription drugs.

And while our prices are usually the lowest out there, you may come across one that’s even more affordable.

If that’s the case, and the price quote adheres to the following standards, we’ll price match it to ensure you get the lowest possible rate without sacrificing on quality or safety.

To be eligible for a prescription price match:

  1. The pharmacy with the lower price must be accredited and licensed
  2. Shipping fees must also be included in the total price you’re quoted
  3. Competitor promotions and specials are excluded
  4. Price quotes must be provided and valid at the time you’ll be placing an order
  5. Competitor products must also be in stock
  6. They must also ship to the US

If your price meets that criteria, we’ll help you save even more money on your prescription medications.

And if you find that your out-of-pocket cost is still higher than you can afford right now, especially since you may be ordering a 3-month supply at once, you may be eligible to use our Flex RX Payment Plan.

Here’s How a Flex RX Payment Plan Works

We created our Flex RX plan to help spread out the costs of placing your refill orders for prescription medications.

Here’s how it works:

  • Half the cost of the medication, along with the flat rate shipping charge of $9.95 USD, is due upon ordering.
  • The other half of your payment is split over two monthly payments.
  • So your next payment, or the second one, is not due until 30 days after your initial purchase.
  • The third payment is due 60 days after your purchase.

Using that $100 EpiPen example again, here’s how your payment plan would break down if you ordered on March 1st:


As you can see, the price of the EpiPen ($100) and the flat rate shipping charge ($9.95) equals $109.95.

However, if you choose our Flex RX plan, you’ll only need to pay half the cost of your prescription ($50) plus the shipping charge ($9.95) to total just $59.95 at the time of checkout.

To cover the outstanding balance of $50, you’ll have one payment of $25 due in 30 days and another payment of $25 due 30 days from that.

Plus, there are no interest or service charges with this flexible payment option so you won’t pay a penny more to use this service as long as you make on-time payments.

Late or missed payments are subject to a 17.9% compounded interest rate so it is important to keep your due dates in mind.

And remember not all medications are eligible for this payment option either.

To see if yours is eligible for a Flex RX plan, visit this page which lists all of the Canada drugs available to US citizens.

Once you click on your medication and add it to your cart, you’ll see the option to pay using a Flex RX program at checkout:


Click the box to see your payment terms and you’ll know exactly what’s due upon ordering, as well as over the next two billing cycles:


Combine all these options and it’s easy to see why so many Americans are finding ways to cut their costs of refilling their medications with Canadian pharmacies.

Save Money on Your Prescription Medications Today

By ordering your refills for prescription medications using an online Canadian pharmacy, you may be able to slash your out-of-pocket expenses by as much as 80% in some cases.

So even if your insurance doesn’t cover medication reimbursements, you’ll still save significantly more than using your insurance coverage to purchase your prescriptions from a pharmacy in the states.

And if you are covered for reimbursements, you may not pay much at all for the same name-brand or generic prescriptions you know and are used to taking.

Plus, with RX coupons and Flex RX payment plans, you can reduce how much you’ll pay out-of-pocket when placing your orders — especially on your very first one.

This saves you money in the long run and ensures your 3-month supply isn’t too much of a financial hit in the short term either.

So if you’re ready to start saving money on your medications, check out our list of RX coupons now.


How to Save Money on Prescriptions By Using a Canadian Pharmacy


Did you know you can purchase prescription medications online using a Canadian pharmacy, even as an American?

Wondering why you’d want to do that?

The short answer is this simple move can help you slash your prescription costs down to a fraction of what you may be paying at pharmacies in the states.

And in certain cases, you can save as much as 80% off your prescriptions by taking this route.

For many people, this sounds too good to be true and raises a lot of questions, such as:

  • Is buying prescription medication from Canada legal?
  • Is it safe?
  • Can an online Canadian pharmacy be trusted?

To help you sort through the confusion, this guide will be your resource to answer those questions and more.

So let’s start with the biggest burning question most people have when it comes to ordering prescription medications online:

Are Canadian Pharmacies Legal for Americans to Use?

While there a lot of misconceptions about the process, the FDA’s policy is that U.S. citizens can cross the border and bring back Canadian drugs as long as they are for personal use, and no more than a 3-month supply.

And ordering your medications online from a licensed Canadian pharmacy is allowed with similar rules; as long as you purchase no more than a 3-month supply and have a valid prescription from your doctor, you can do so without facing repercussions.


Keep in mind though, just like back in the states, it’s illegal for you to buy those discounted medications and then resell them.

When it comes time to fill your prescription, you’ll go through the same process you normally would with your medications — except instead of dropping your prescription off at your local pharmacy, you’ll submit it online or mail it in to have your order delivered to your house (more on this later).

Why Are Americans Turning to Canadian Pharmacies in the First Place?

As you may have already experienced, the cost of healthcare, and prescription medications specifically, is growing in the US at an alarming rate many people simply can’t afford to keep up with.

Here’s an example using the popular epinephrine shot, or EpiPen:

These pens are used to treat severe anaphylactic shock in people experiencing what could be a deadly allergic reaction.

These pens are life-saving for thousands of Americans and yet the out-of-pocket cost per injectable pen increased a whopping 535% from 2007 to 2014.

So instead of patients paying their usual $94 per pen, they were hit with a $609 price tag.

Yet across the border in Canada, the price remained constant at about $100 per EpiPen.

While we won’t get into the specifics here, the reasoning is straightforward: here in Canada, we have universal health care.

This means our health care, from prescriptions to doctors visits and surgeries, are covered by a federal system similar to Medicare.

Because of this, we’re able to keep the costs of prescription medications at a reasonable price instead of experiencing 500 or even 6,000% increases and intense swings in price.

And you don’t need to be a Canadian citizen to reap these perks.

While you can’t cross the border and enjoy free healthcare yourself, you can take advantage of the cost-savings that come with Canadian prescriptions, even as an American.

By ordering your medications online through a Canadian pharmacy like PricePro Pharmacy, you’ll capture the same steeply discounted rate (in some cases up to 80% off) without having to relocate north.


And, as long as you cap your refills at 90-days and don’t seek out narcotics or other illegal drugs, you’ll fall right within the legal limit.

Many US-based companies have already started taking notice of this route and have been offering medications from Canadian pharmacies to their employees for over 10 years, with some saving as much as $200,000 annually.

These cost-savings are being transferred to employees in the form of lower prescription prices and less money spent on healthcare, which may be equivalent to a small bonus in certain cases.

Before you consider making your first purchase, there are a few more questions to answer, starting with this popular one:

Are Prescription Medicines from Canada Safe?

Since the FDA cannot control the medicines sold outside of the US borders, it’s up to you, the consumer, to determine whether a company is reputable and safe to work with.

So when you’re assessing whether an online Canadian pharmacy is worth using, keep an eye out for any of the following red flags:

  • The company does not require a prescription by a registered healthcare provider.
  • The pharmacy lacks a US and/or Canadian licensed pharmacist to answer questions.
  • Prices are significantly lower than other pharmacies, even other Canadian ones.
  • There’s no real, physical address or phone number listed online.

Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean all Canadian pharmacies are considered unsafe.

Ones that are licensed and approved by the proper regulatory authorities (both in the US and Canada) can sell the exact, safe medications you’re used to taking.

And despite being a Canadian-based company, trustworthy pharmacies are also in compliance with the FDA’s policies, including the 90-day supply maximum, so every transaction is considered compliant.

Finally, reputable companies also won’t export narcotics or controlled substances as they are against the law.

What Do I Need to Do to Get My Medication Filled?

We’ve made this step easy for you at PricePro Pharmacy.

Canadian-Pharmacy-MedicationTo start the process of filling your prescription, start by searching for your specific medication.

You can also see a list of our most popular ones here:

Canadian-Pharmacy-Popular-MedicationOnce you find your medication, click on its name and you’ll see a list of dosage options and pricing.

You’ll also see our RX coupons for certain medications that you can use if you’re a first-time buyer.

Canadian-Pharmacy-Save-MoneyAfter clicking the right dosage and adding it to your cart, you’ll be ready for our easy and secure checkout process.

Once your order is paid for, we’ll ask you to send a copy of your prescription via email, fax, mail, or through our online form so we can verify your prescription, which is exactly what your local pharmacist does.

As long as everything is approved, we’ll process the order and ship it out to you. If you’re in the U.S., you’ll receive your order anywhere from 8 to 18 business days.

You also have the option to transfer your prescription over from your local pharmacy.

With your consent, we’ll contact your doctor to request an updated prescription and we’ll process your order as normal.

It’s that simple!

To initiate the transfer process, get in contact with one of our representatives by calling us toll-free at 1-855-776-0079.

Start Using a Reputable Canadian Pharmacy Today

With your better understanding of how Americans can safely use Canadian pharmacies, the last question is: Are you ready to start saving money on your prescription medications?

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on refilling prescriptions in the states, you could be saving up to 80% on the same name-brand and generic drugs you’re already used to taking.

By using a reputable, licensed, and trustworthy Canadian pharmacy, you’ll save both money and time since your medications will be delivered right to your door (for a flat fee of $9.95) safely and securely.


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