Save Your Cash: 9 Medications That Are Cheaper at Canadian Pharmacies Than in the US

Canadian pharmacies

In the United States, costs for brand name prescriptions jumped 127 percent between 2008 and 2014. This is why 80 percent of Americans have their prescriptions filled with generics

But not all medications can be filled with a generic. This is costing America billions. For instance, the prescription of Xarelto alone made Bayer and Johnson & Johnson 6.5 billion dollars last year.

If you want to keep that money in your pocket, discover how much you can save with these 9 medications that are cheaper at Canadian pharmacies.

Is it Legal to Use Canadian Pharmacies?

It is legal to use Canadian pharmacies in America, and millions of Americans do it to save thousands of dollars a year. There are however some restrictions as put forth by the FDA.

In the United States, when you are buying medication from Canadian pharmacies, you are under the purview of the FDA, the United States Customs and Border Protection, as well as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

You still need a valid prescription from an American doctor to purchase from Canadian pharmacies, and you can only purchase a certain amount of prescriptions at a time.

You must travel with your medication in its original prescription bottle, and you can not travel with more than 90 days worth of medication.

If you are traveling for longer than 90 days, you can have more sent to you while you are away. There are special regulations for opioids and painkillers that you should know about before you are purchasing opioids from Canadian pharmacies.

Senator Bernie Sanders has recently introduced legislation that may change some of these regulations.

Getting Your Prescriptions from Canada

Depending on what medications you take, purchasing from Canada could result in huge cost-savings. Here are the top 9 medications that Americans need most, which cost less in Canada, by the thousands of dollars.

1. Gleevec for Cancer Treatment

The medication known as Gleevec is a cancer treatment that can cost Americans as much as $6,200 a month. The generic name of this medication is known as Imatinib.

You can get generic Gleevec for as little as $552 for 30 tabs in Canadian pharmacies.

2.  Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of American men suffer from erectile dysfunction on occasion, and there is the old adage that “it happens to every man” at least once in their life. Pfizer says, there’s a medication for that.

The only caveat is that in America, the medication for that is known as Viagra and it could cost you as much as $60 to $70 per pill.  Even generic versions in the United States, sold under the name of Sildenafil, can cost $30 a pill.

That cost may not seem high if you only need it for emergencies, but if you purchase Viagra or Sildenafil regularly, it could negatively impact your life a number of ways.  In Canadian pharmacies, however, you are going to see the costs much lower, with Viagra as low as $11.25 per dose in its generic version known as Sidenafil.

3. Cymbalta for Depression

Depression impacts millions of Americans daily and costs the health care system billions. Cymbalta is frequently prescribed to treat depression.

In the United States, this medication could cost you as much as $200 monthly, which may not seem high. But if you are on a fixed budget, as millions of Americans are, even $200 a month is outrageous.

Try filling this medication in Canadian pharmacies, and you may see this medication cost as little as $50 a month. There is also a generic form of Cymbalta available.

4. Xarelto to Prevent Blood Clots

Hundreds of thousands of Americans get hip or knee replacements every year. One of the medications prescribed for this is Xarelto, to prevent life-threatening blood clots.

This medication in America can cost as much as $550 monthly, which is why Bayer and Johnson & Johnson make billions from this medication annually.

In Canada, Xarelto or Rivaroxaban is available for a fraction of the cost.

5. EpiPen for Allergic Reactions

Everyone knows at least one American friend or family member of theirs that needs an EpiPen for emergency assistance for allergic reactions. That may even be you!

Without insurance, this medication could cost you several hundred dollars for one life-saving dose.

In Canada however, two EpiPens alone could cost as little as $200.

6. Invokana for Diabetes

Invokana is a medication used to control levels of insulin in diabetics. It works to inhibit a glucose transporter in the blood and allows glucose to leave the body in the urine.

This medication alone generates billions of sales in America and a supply of 30 pills could cost as much as $500 in the United States. In Canadian pharmacies, you are going to pay at least half of that.

7. Tecfidera for Multiple Sclerosis

A huge advancement in the treatment of multiple sclerosis came with the advent of Tecfidera. With that advent, Tecfidera began producing billions in revenue for its manufacturer Biogen.

That is because, in America, Tecfidera costs over $6,000 for 60 pills. That amounts to over $100 per dose.

In Canada, you can get that medication for a quarter of the cost, at over $25.00 a pill, or a 60 day supply for just $1,100.

8. Advair for Asthma

Advair is an asthma medication that is bringing billions in for its manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline. It is an inhaler that is often needed in emergent situations.

In America, you will pay over $400 per inhaler, and that is often with a coupon or insurance! In Canada, you can get that prescription filled for less than $100.

9. Januvia for Diabetes

Januvia is a medication for diabetes that works to inhibit proteins that increase insulin in the blood. It is often used with the commonly prescribed metformin, which decreases sugar production in the blood.

In the United States, this medication could cost as much as $400 monthly. But that will cost you as little as $100 monthly.

Start Saving on Prescriptions

Canadian pharmacies are being used by Americans all over the world, and in the United States. You could save thousands monthly by purchasing your monthly prescriptions in Canada, and even more money when you buy generic from pharmacies in Canada.

Be sure you follow FDA regulations and guidelines and don’t bring any more than a 90 day supply into America through these pharmacies. That is true whether you are transporting them into the country yourself, or whether you are ordering from Canadian pharmacies.

Even for medications that cost you thousands, you can purchase in Canada with pharmacies that offer payment plans.

Try a no obligation search by medication name or medical condition in Canada today, and save money on your prescriptions at Canadian pharmacies tomorrow.

Play It Safe: 8 Tips for Finding a Reliable Online Canadian Pharmacy

Every year, approximately 45 million Americans forego filling their prescriptions because the cost of medication is too high.

Does this sound familiar to you? If you’re having a hard time paying for your medication, there are other options for you to try.

One of the best options is to work with an online Canadian pharmacy. This allows you to get medications at a lower price and in a more convenient way.

Before you start working with an online pharmacy, though, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right one.

Listed below are eight tips that will help you find an online Canadian pharmacy that’s safe and reliable.

Why Use an Online Canadian Pharmacy?

There are lots of perks that come with filling your prescriptions through an online Canadian pharmacy.

The most obvious benefit is the fact that medications are much more affordable in Canada than they are in the United States. That’s not the only reason to take this approach, though.

The following are some of the other benefits online Canadian pharmacies have to offer:

Easier Access

If you want to enjoy lower Canadian drug prices without having to take a trip to Canada, an online Canadian pharmacy is the best way to go.

When you take this approach, you can shop for medications from the comfort of your own home and find what you need without having to visit several different pharmacies. 

Easy Price Comparison

It’s easy to compare prices when you’re shopping through an online pharmacy, too.

You don’t have to worry that a specific medication is available at a lower price at a different pharmacy because it’ll be easy for you to do your research from your computer.

Easier Education

When you shop through an online pharmacy, it can be easier for you to educate yourself on specific medications, too.

When you’re buying medications from a brick and mortar pharmacy, it’s not always easy to talk to the pharmacist, especially on busy days.

Shopping online, though, allows you to research medications and get the information you need on your own.

More Privacy

Shopping through online pharmacies gives you more privacy, too.

If you’re purchasing highly personal medications like Cialis, for example, you might feel more comfortable getting your prescription filled online and delivered to your door.

Finding a Reliable Online Canadian Pharmacy

Clearly, there are lots of reasons to use an online Canadian pharmacy.

It’s important to note, though, that there are some risks, too. If you want to avoid getting wrapped up in a pharmacy scam, you need to make sure you’re doing your research and working with a trustworthy pharmacy.

Listed below are some questions you can ask that will help you in your search:

1. Do They Require a Prescription? 

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask when filling prescriptions online.

A reputable online pharmacy will require a valid prescription from a physician before they’ll provide you with the medication you need.

Look for a sign that this is the case, and check to make sure they have easy-to-follow instructions that will allow you to send them your prescriptions. 

2. Do They Have Unusual Prices?

It’s true that Canadian online pharmacies offer lower drug prices than American pharmacies. At the same time, though, if you notice prices that are unusually low, this may be a sign that you’re dealing with an untrustworthy company.

Remember, if the prices seem too good to be true, they very well might be.

3. Does it Have a Physical Address?

Even though you’re shopping online, the pharmacy should still have a physical address. Check their contact information to see if you can find an address easily.

Make sure that it’s a street address, too. A P.O. box is a sign that the pharmacy is located somewhere other than where their name implies.

4. Are They PharmacyChecker Approved?

When you’re considering a particular online pharmacy, you need to make sure it’s approved by the PharmacyChecker Verification Program.

This program verifies the validity of pharmacies and online pharmacies throughout Canada, as well as the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and India.

In order to be approved through this program, a pharmacy must meet a variety of strict accreditation standards, including only filling prescriptions from licensed physicians and offering pharmacist consultations.

5. Is the Site Secure?

You should make sure that the pharmacy’s website is secure, too. The easiest way to find out if this is the case is to look at the website URL.

The website URL ought to start with “https://”. The “S” in this case stands for “secure”. You should look for a lock icon next to the URL, too.

This shows that the company prioritizes your security and has taken steps to keep your personal information safe.

6. What’s Their Privacy Policy?

It’s a good idea to learn about the pharmacy’s privacy policy as well. This will help you to ensure they’re not sharing any of your personal information.

When you’re looking at an online pharmacy’s website, check to see if they give you easy access to their privacy policy.

7. Can I Contact Them?

Make sure the pharmacy has a good customer service program in place, too.

When you call the pharmacy or send them an email, do you receive a response promptly? When you’re calling, do you get to talk to a real person?

If the answer to either or both of these questions is “no,” that’s a big red flag.

8. Can I Find Customer Feedback?

Social proof — in the form of reviews and testimonials — is essential for any business, but it’s especially important for online pharmacies.

Check the pharmacy’s website to see if they give you access to customer reviews. You might want to look into reviews from third-party sites, too.

Work with an Online Canadian Pharmacy Today

There are plenty of benefits that come with using an online pharmacy. 

In order to enjoy these benefits, though, you need to make sure you’re filling your prescriptions with a reputable pharmacy.

If you want to work with an online Canadian pharmacy that meets all the requirements listed above, PricePro Pharmacy is the one for you.

Start filling your prescription with us today, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about how we work.

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Buying Generic Cialis Online

Being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED), otherwise known as male impotence, can have a huge impact on the intimacy of a relationship. What was once a close, satisfying sexual partnership, can become distant and even induce anxiety. Luckily, the past couple of decades have opened the door for treatments that not only help with sexual performance, but also build on the spontaneity and connection couples would like to enjoy together.

Compare Cialis and Generic Cialis


With erectile dysfunction medications rising in demand, it’s no surprise their prices are rising as well. In the United States, it’s not unheard of to pay upward of $12 a tablet—and that’s for the lowest doses of Cialis. When added to the financial burden of the cost of living, stagnant wages, and other out-of-pocket medical costs, it’s no wonder Americans are seeking alternative ways to afford Cialis at a price they can afford. There are cautions to consider before buying generic Cialis from Canada or other online pharmacies. Before we discuss those, however, let’s talk about Cialis—what it is, how it’s different, and whether or not you should buy its generic equivalent over the brand name medication.

What is Cialis?

My now, most people have at least heard of Cialis, but not everyone knows what it really is. Cialis is a medication used primarily to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and other sexual health problems in men. It can also be prescribed to treat symptoms related to enlarged prostate, such as urgency and frequency of urination, or problems with the flow of urine.

When most people think of erectile dysfunction, they typically think of Viagra as the go-to prescription, but over the past decade, this has started to change. Cialis has now become the #1 ED drug, in terms of user (and partner) satisfaction.

How is Cialis Different from Other ED Drugs?

All erectile dysfunction medications do the job of enhancing the sexual experience of its user and their partner. However, the way Cialis measures up to the other drugs in its classification is what makes it such an appealing medication.


When comparing Cialis up against other medications in the ED market, Cialis has a more welcoming perception than say, Viagra. The reason for this has to do with the longer life of the medication, as opposed to others. Rather than popping a pill and needing to get busy within the next couple of hours, Cialis stays in the system for up to 36 hours—with its typical timeframe being 17.5 hours. Every person will experience the effects of Cialis differently, so it’s important to see how the medication affects you.

However, this longer duration has gifted Cialis with the nickname “the weekend pill” and for good reason—it allows for natural spontaneity to take place in regard to romantic entanglements. That being said, Cialis takes effect just as fast as Viagra—allowing it to do its job in as little as 30 minutes to an hour. The only medication that can beat this is Stendra, which takes effect in as little as 15 minutes.


As with any medication, Cialis isn’t without its side effects. However, they are very comparable to all of the other ED medications, such as Viagra and Levitra. The most common side effects patients who take Cialis experience include: headache, indigestion, back pain, muscle aches, nasal congestion, facial flushing, and dizziness.

In very rare cases, a condition known as priapism can occur, which leaves the user with an erection that last far longer than it should—4 hours or more. While this is more common with Viagra, it can still occur with Cialis. Should this happen, you would want to get in touch with your doctor immediately—and definitely stop taking Cialis until you have identified the cause.


When it comes to sexual satisfaction, men and women often have a difference of opinion on which medication works best. Viagra has dominated the market for the past 20 years, and as we discussed, it’s often the first ED medication both sexes think of. However, Cialis has surpassed it in terms of overall sales and satisfaction—for both men and women.

Taking the pressure off of performance and placing it back with connection, couples are able to get back into a place of sexual confidence. Ultimately, it means a more satisfying experience together. This is why more men have been turning to Cialis over other ED medications on the market.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine even confirmed this. 100 heterosexual couples were blind-trialed for 24 weeks on both Viagra and Cialis (in 12-week alternating treatments). What they found was 79.2% of women preferred their partner to use Cialis over Viagra thanks to the more relaxed, spontaneous sexual experiences they encountered with their partners.

Ultimately, you will need to see how your body responds to each medication and choose the one that works best for you and your partner.

Should You Buy Generic Cialis Over Brand Name Cialis?

In the past year, more than 86% of prescriptions written are for generic medications and yet, there’s still plenty of confusion over whether or not they are as effective. To clear this up, it’s best to start simply with this: generic equivalent medications provide the same therapeutic dosage as their brand name counterparts. The biggest difference between them is simply whether or not there is a patent protecting the drug. When a new drug is approved, a patent is put in place to allow the manufacturer time to recoup the costs associated with development, marketing, and distribution of the drug—and typically lasts 20 years.

When a patent expires, it allows other companies the opportunity to manufacture the medication. However, because they no longer have to go through the expensive approval processes, they can manufacture the drug at a fraction of the cost. Which is why generic medications are cheaper.

From 2017-2018, name brand drug prices on the top 200 medications (Cialis included), rose 5.5%. It might not seem like a lot, but when your medication already costs $380 for a 30-day supply, 5.5% works out to be an additional $20.9. Generic medications, on the other hand, have dropped by 2.8%—which is a welcome change for many people.

So, with all that being said, generic Cialis, also known as tadalafil, has been on the market for the past year. In that time, it has grown to be one of the most popular erectile dysfunction medications for both men and their partners. While it is still more expensive than generic Viagra (sildenafil), the benefits of the medication we’ve already gone over seem to outweigh the cost differential.

How Does the Cost of Generic Cialis in Canada Compare to the US?

When you buy from an accredited online pharmacy that is legally operating in Canada, you are getting the exact same medications you would get if you bought them in the United States—just at a cheaper price.

Right now, the average cost of the 30-day, 2.5mg dosage of Cialis is $380 in the United States is $380, which works out to being $12.66 per tablet. The generic version, on the other hand, averages $100 for a 30-day supply, or $3.33 per tablet.

However, here at PricePro Pharmacy, a 28-day supply of the 2.5 brand name Cialis is $150, or $5.36 per dose. The generic tadalafil is only $20.50 for the 30-day dose, which works out to $0.68 per tablet. You can save even more on both by getting a larger quantity prescription of 90 days—which drops the price to $4.64/dose (brand name) or $0.58/dose (generic). Plus, you can save an additional $10 by using our Cialis coupon at checkout.

A Caution About Buying Cialis Online

If getting brand name Cialis or its generic equivalent, tadalafil, online is appealing, you do want to exercise a bit of caution. Erectile dysfunction medications like Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra are all targets for scams because there is no shortage of people looking to save as much money as possible on these drugs. For some with less than noble intentions, it means making a quick, easy, and often anonymous buck. Unfortunately, a scam of this sort can mean taking counterfeit medications with potentially dangerous side effects.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember not all online pharmacies are what they seem, and unfortunately, this includes Canadian Pharmacies as well. Check out our recent article on avoiding scams, and be sure to pay attention to the following tips when hunting for an online Canadian Pharmacy to trust.

Prescription Required

One of the most common reasons people resort to buying Cialis online versus in person has to do with privacy. For many men, admitting they have erectile dysfunction is a difficult pill to swallow on its own. Compounding it with a doctor visit to confirm, and having your local pharmacist, who may know you on a personal level, in on this issue isn’t typically appealing.

While it might seem like you’ve hit the jackpot when an online pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription to fill your ED medication, this is a huge red flag. Most erectile dysfunction drugs are prescription only; meaning nearly all require a doctor’s prescription to be filled—even from an online pharmacy. VIAGRA connect is the exception to the rule, which is only available in the United Kingdom. Credentials is an internationally recognized organization that independently verifies contact details, pharmacy license, country of licensure, licensing body, other verified dispensary pharmacies, if financial information is secure, that you need a prescription for prescription medications, and more.

To find out if the online pharmacy you’re considering is verified, look for the oval seal with their verification credentials linked to it. However, don’t just take the seal at face value. Click the seal and it will bring you to and provide you with all of their verifications and validity date.

Not only is PricePro Pharmacy verified, but we are also TrustGuard Business verified as well. TrustGuard takes things a step further with in-depth 3rd party verification specifically for our business and how we operate.

Secure Shopping Cart

When you put your confidential credit card information into an online order form, the last thing you want is to have those details stolen. A reputable online Canadian pharmacy will utilize SSL Security with 256-BIT encryption, as well as shopping cart protection. We utilize Norton’s Shopping Guarantee, which protects every customer with ID Theft Recovery Assistance, price protection, and a satisfaction guarantee. Always check to make sure the online pharmacy you choose has special security in place to protect your private data and keep you safe from identity theft.

Price Savings for Generic Cialis in Canada

 If you’re looking for the best way to save money on your ED medications, there are plenty of options available, but you do need to be cautious. Be selective on which online pharmacy you trust, and search for the verifications and credentials we discussed. For the same therapeutic dosage as brand name Cialis, generic tadalafil is the more affordable option for most people. Patients save 50% or more simply by purchasing generic. When buying the medication from a reputable, verified Canadian Pharmacy, you can save even more.

In our Canadian Pharmacy, Cialis costs as low as $0.68 per dose—as opposed to $3.33 in the United States for the exact same pill. If you’re looking for Cialis or its generic equivalent, you can get it right here in Canada by ordering online with PricePro Pharmacy—for 80% off the United States prices. Don’t forget, you can save an additional $10 off your Cialis order by using our online coupon. Saving money on your medications should be easy, painless, and affordable, which is why many customers just like you have purchased Cialis from our pharmacy. We have your privacy, safety, and best interest in mind always.

Viagra Coupon – How to Save Money by Ordering Viagra Online

To help offset the price of your next Viagra prescription refill, we’re offering a special $10 Viagra coupon for all first-time orders.Here at PricePro Pharmacy, it’s our mission to provide the lowest possible prices when it comes to prescription medications and this coupon is just another way for us to help our valued customers.We’ve even made clipping the actual coupon easy too. You don’t have to mail anything in or wait for a cashback check to come in the mail weeks later. Simply copy the RX coupon code VIA10 at checkout and it will instantly deduct $10 from your first order.

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How to Save Money by Ordering Eliquis from Canada

Are you tired of how much Eliquis costs you each month?

Wondering if there’s a better alternative or even an Eliquis coupon you can apply to your next prescription refill to cut down your expensive out-of-pocket price?

The good news is there are better options available. While there aren’t any generic versions of Eliquis, there are ways you can save money each month, as you’ll learn in this guide.

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How to Use Prescription Coupons

Are you looking for free prescription coupons? Wondering if these are even safe to use? There are several ways you can save money on your prescription medications by using RX coupons, but some discount coupons for prescription medications are extremely misleading. While they may save you money in the short term, they could wind up costing you a fortune in the long run. That’s because certain vendors offering prescription coupons don’t care about your personal safety or protecting your sensitive and confidential information while others take great efforts to do both. So to help you decipher between all your options, we’ll be sharing our best tips for using RX coupons the safe way in this guide.

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3 Reasons Why Canadian Pharmacy Prices Set the Benchmark of Drug Pricing

Did you know the average American pays about $9,000 per year in health insurance while Canadian citizens only fork over $4,569 on average? That’s almost half the cost for an entire year of medical coverage for simply living in another zip code. But what does this hefty expense actually cover? The costs of medical tests and annual visits, sure. But most of it goes towards covering the high prescription drug prices in the United States. Even though you’re still paying out-of-pocket each time you pick up a prescription, your insurance provider is paying even more.

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Can You Get an Online Prescription for a Canadian Pharmacy?

Have you recently read that many US citizens are turning to Canada to save money on their prescription medications? Wondering if that’s safe, really worth the money, or even possible? While the safety issue was covered in this guide, and the cost savings was evaluated in this one, we haven’t yet discussed how Americans can get a prescription to use at a Canadian pharmacy. That’s why this guide is centered around that topic to help you understand your options when it comes to filling your prescriptions across the border.

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Avoiding Scams: 5 Tips for Navigating Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Can you really trust online Canadian pharmacy reviews? If you’re trying to save money on prescription medications, you may already know using an online Canadian pharmacy is the best way to go. But if you live in the states, you may not feel comfortable switching pharmacies when all you have to evaluate these companies is their digital, online presence. So if you’re stuck at this point, this guide will give you the confidence you need to find a Canadian pharmacy you can trust.

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Understanding Healthcare in Canada: Why Drugs and Prescriptions are Cheaper

Do you wish your prescription drugs were cheaper to fill? In a recent Kaiser Health Survey, 80% of Americans said the costs associated with prescription medications were “unreasonable,” and that the government is “not doing enough” to help remedy the situation by reducing drug costs. What’s even scarier is that 1 in 4 people reported having trouble simply affording their medications. Yet just north of the US border in Canada, the picture is completely different.

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