About Our Online Canadian Pharmacy

At PricePro Pharmacy, we believe no one should have to choose between buying groceries to feed their family or prescription drugs to save their life. This is why we started PricePro Pharmacy, located in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada, servicing our American neighbors to the south with affordable prescription medications. We understand the importance of finding a reputable, trustworthy online pharmacy for your prescription medications. Our customer reviews speak volumes to our reliability and customer service, take a look!

PricePro Pharmacy prides itself in our outstanding patient care and customer service available through email, phone or our live chat located on our website. (available from 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday - Friday and 8:00am - 2:00pm Saturday) If you have any medication specific questions and would like counselling, then a consult can be scheduled with one of our licensed Pharmacists.

We understand that ordering prescription medication online is not comparable to ordering clothing online; therefore, it is important to look for trust signals that ensure your ordering with a legitimate online pharmacy. We require a prescription for all orders placed and each of these prescriptions and medical profiles are thoroughly reviewed by multiple Pharmacists to ensure patient safety. All of are accredited Canadian Pharmacies and International partner Pharmacies are fully licensed and governed by their respective Pharmaceutical body. PricePro Pharmacy is also PharmacyChecker.com verified and approved to ensure that all prescription medications are dispensed from a licensed Pharmacy, financial information submitted is secure, and complete privacy of your personal and medical information is maintained. Each order placed with us is backed by Norton Shopping Guarantee and Trust Guard Business verification. At PricePro Canadian Pharmacy we are proud to be your source for safe and affordable prescription medication.

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Who we are

PricePro Pharmacy is an online Canadian Pharmacy consisting of a group of individuals with the goal of providing you with the biggest discount on prescription drugs on the market. Our team consists of Value Maximizers and Patient Care Reps who love what they do because they make a difference. For those who are curious, a Value Maximizer is a person dedicated to sourcing the safest and highest-quality prescription drugs at the lowest possible prices. In addition, our Patient Care Reps are here to help you place your online prescription order, track your package, and answer any questions you may have.

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What we do

We source the safest and affordable name brand and generic prescription drugs from Canada and other countries that are known for having a safe pharmaceutical supply chain. We then give you the opportunity to purchase affordable medication by working with our certified Canadian Pharmacies and licensed International partner pharmacies to fill your prescriptions. We are deeply committed to patient care and work hard to provide you with better service than your local pharmacy. We also comply with all United States pharmacy rules when dispensing to our patients in the U.S.
We do not dispense medications containing narcotics or controlled substances.

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Why we do it

We do all of this because we care. We also think that everyone has the right to access affordable prescription drugs. We care about the people who must make the hard decisions between buying groceries to feed their families or getting medication to save their lives. We care about making a difference, and we take pride in knowing that we help families save money while taking care of their health.

We do it while complying with FDA's policy of allowing importation of 90-day supply of medications for personal use.