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How to Save Money on Prescription Medications

save money on prescriptions

Americans spend on average around $1,200 each year for prescription medications.

Plenty of people are unable to afford the cost and as a result, go without the medications that their doctor told them they need.

How can you get the medicine you need without spending more money than you can afford?

If you want to save money on prescriptions that you need to be healthy, keep reading to learn about how you can make that happen.

Why Are Prescriptions So Expensive?

Pharmaceutical companies used to claim that their high prices were due to innovating new products. They argued that the new and improved drug options on the market were more expensive because they were better.

A 2019 study is suggesting that the main reason for the rising costs is that companies are raising the price of drugs that have already been on the market. This is especially true for name-brand drugs.

Rising costs are being driven by pharmaceutical manufacturers and not by the increase of new products on the market.

The study found that between 2008 and 2016, the price of name-brand oral drugs went up by 9% each year. Injectable drugs cost went up by 15% each year.

Some of the increases appear to come from the entry of new medications that do similar things to the market, but generally, that’s not the case.

Americans that don’t have insurance are more likely to skip getting a prescription filled at all because they are not able to afford these rising costs. Even some Americans that do have insurance are unable to afford their prescriptions.

How to Save Money on Prescriptions

With all of the expenses attached to getting prescription medications in the United States, many people are looking for a way to get well without breaking the bank.

1. Ask for the Cash Price

When you have insurance, you probably don’t think about how much medication would cost if you don’t use it. It makes sense that insurance would decrease the cost, right?

In some instances, you actually pay more when you attach it to your insurance. You can ask the pharmacy how much the cost of the medication is with insurance and how much it costs without it.

2. Patient Assistance Programs

If you use a search engine to look up patient assistance and the medication you need, you may find that the manufacturer offers help with purchasing their medication.

It may be a program or a coupon that you can use from the company itself or from the umbrella group the company belongs to.

This is not always the best method to use because there are some stipulations. For instance, you may only be able to get an amount to cover a couple of months of the medication. You may not be able to qualify if you get government assistance.

Using these programs allows manufacturers to write off this assistance on taxes, so there may be higher insurance premiums nationwide to cover the cost of the aid.

3. Talk to Your Doctor

If you are unable to afford your medication, you should speak with your doctor about this. They are well aware of the cost of medications and want you to be able to afford what they prescribe whenever possible.

Speaking with your doctor about your insurance and getting it to work for you as best as possible is a great idea. You can tell them that you prefer to have lower copay drugs or generic drugs whenever it is possible.

4. Use an Online Pharmacy

Shopping online is one of the best and quickest ways to compare the prices of prescription medications. You can save a lot of money this way.

Many online pharmacies offer big discounts, especially if you are buying a lot of one drug or buy a drug often for maintaining a condition.

You are able to fax, mail, or upload your prescription to the online pharmacy and order online. The medication will then be delivered right to you or a local store, depending on the pharmacy you choose.

Price Pro Pharmacy is a great option if you live in the United States and want to get discounted medications shipped to you from a certified and licensed Canadian pharmacy.

5. Look for a Generic Option

If you know you will be taking a medication and that there is a generic option for it, request that your prescription be made out in the generic name instead. These cost much less than name-brands and do the same thing.

There are rules that specify if a name-brand drug can be manufactured and then sold in its generic form later. These rules may change the price and status of the medication.

You also want to look out for over the counter options that may work for you. Some of the allergy medications that used to be prescription-only, such as Claritin, can not be bought over the counter.

There are also medications that are both over the counter and prescription depending on the dosage.

It is important to do your research about this and find the solution that works best for your wallet. Generic and over the counter medications can save you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Ask for Samples

Your doctor may have some full-size or small-size samples available to give you if you ask. They won’t usually offer them up unless they know that you are interested in them.

For maintenance medications, like an inhaler or blood pressure medication, your doctor is likely to have something on hand to give you.

Even if they give you a name-brand to sample, you can still ask for a generic prescription if it is available for that medication.

Ready to Fill Those Prescriptions for Less?

It is easier to save money on prescriptions now than it was in the past with the use of online pharmacies.

You need your medication and shouldn’t have to wait for it because it is too expensive for you to have right now. Use an online pharmacy to get the medication you need and save money at the same time.

If you want to check out Price Pro Pharmacy, read more about us online. It’s easy to search for your needed prescription medication when you’re ready to order!

Do You Need a Prescription to Order Meds Online?

do you need a prescription

Americans spend roughly $1200 per year per person on pharmaceutical drugs. Some families spend that much per month alone on certain drugs, especially those that they need to stay alive.

Fortunately, there is a cheaper alternative: by buying pharmaceuticals from registered pharmacies in Canada.

Those who have never done so before may be wary of the whole process. Is it real? Are the drugs counterfeit? Do you need a prescription in order to purchase the drugs?

In this blog post, we'll go over what you need to buy prescription drugs from a pharmacy in Canada, saving yourself both time and money.

Why Buy from a Canadian Pharmacy Online?

One of the biggest reasons to purchase from an online pharmacy is convenience. No matter where you're ordering the prescription drugs from, they'll arrive at your door safe and sound in a matter of days. While this may not help you if you need medication for an acute condition, those who need on-going pharmaceuticals can definitely benefit.

We all live busy lives, and picking up a prescription can just be one extra hassle we're not looking forward to. If this can save you even a few extra minutes, it's absolutely worth it.

Why Buy from a Canadian Pharmacy Online? Money-Saving Opportunities

Americans spent over $330 billion on pharmaceuticals in 2017, more than any other country in the world. It is well known that their Canadian neighbors often sell their medication for a much cheaper price, especially since Canadians who don't have private insurance are expected to pay out of pocket.

As such, buying from a Canadian pharmacy can mean that you'll save a pocketful of money that you can use on almost anything else. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your, or your children's, well-being in order to afford medication. Shopping abroad makes that a reality.

Do You Need a Prescription to Order Drugs Online?

Absolutely. In order to get any prescription drugs online from a reputable pharmacy, you'll need to get a prescription first. You can then either mail in the prescription or allow the pharmacy to contact your doctor's office with permission to dispense the medication.

Any reputable online pharmacy will have this requirement. While it's likely you can find online pharmacies that don't make you show a prescription, these are likely illegal. Additionally, you should not trust a pharmacy that does not require you to give them your prescription.

Without a prescription, you could, conceivably, get any drug they wish to give you. If you're not a scientist yourself, you have no guarantee of knowing that what you're getting is the real deal. As such, you should always go with a pharmacy that requires a prescription over one that doesn't. And yes, that even goes if your great-aunt Margaret says she's used the pharmacy. Recommendations do not equal legitimacy.

Other Things to Be Aware of When Ordering Drugs Online

When ordering pharmaceuticals online, especially from Canada, it is important that you know what you're doing. As such, we've listed a few considerations you'll need to make before you enter your credit card information.

While a pharmacy that doesn't require a prescription is a huge red flag, we've got a few others you need to be aware of.

The Pharmacy Isn't Verified

Any pharmacy you order from should be verified via Pharmacy Checker. This is an independent way to ensure that the pharmacy you're ordering from is actually what it claims to be. You can find a pharmacy with a nice looking site that requires you to send a prescription but still isn't verified. Don't let yourself be taken for a ride and end up parting with your money for either no product or fake medication.

They Won't Speak to Your Doctor

A real pharmacy that operates with genuine pharmaceuticals has no problem contacting your doctor. In some cases, doctors can even send prescriptions to pharmacies without your intervention, meaning you'll be able to get the medication when you need it without having to be a go-between.

PricePro Pharmacy will always speak to your doctor about a medication and will allow them to phone in your prescriptions. This is because they're a legitimate pharmacy who cares about its customers.

They Won't Speak to You Over the Phone

Another way to verify a pharmacy is to speak to them over the phone. A genuine pharmacy will have someone available and will have no issues answering your questions. From enquiries about how to order your medication to side effects the medication can cause, they should answer your questions during business hours.

A pharmacy that has no one manning their phones is a huge red flag. This is especially the case if they have established hours on their site, but never pick up or will not return any messages you have left them.

Use Caution When Ordering Medication Online

So, do you need a prescription when ordering medication online? The resounding answer is yes if the pharmacy is legitimate. If the pharmacy is not legitimate, they may not require that you provide anything. In that case, it's a good idea to cancel your order or to not go with them in the first place.

If you're looking for a genuine Canadian pharmacy to order from, try PricePro. We have virtually every medication you could possibly need at a reasonable price. If you're ready to make the leap and order from us, contact us today. We have staff waiting for your call.

Florida to Allow Importing Canadian Pharmacy Medications as Cheaper Alternatives

canadian pharmacy

Has the price of prescription medication been costing you too much money? No matter what you do, you cannot escape exceeding the amount covered by your insurance.

Florida is now the latest state which is allowing imported medications from a Canadian pharmacy to help reduce your rising prescription costs.

This ongoing prescription medication cost issue is called the doughnut hole. It happens when Medicare Part D enrollees enter a coverage gap.

Their normal copayments for prescription medications go from 25% of the drug cost to a much larger percentage.

What does this new Florida legislation mean to you and your prescription medication costs?

Canada Pharmacy

Any Canada pharmacy can now send their drugs to a Floridian resident at a reduced cost.

The percentage of persons of all ages who were uninsured in 2018 is about 9.4% (30.4 million). That percentage does not include the elderly who have Medicare Part D.

Medicare Part D helps pay for the elderly population’s prescription costs. But Medicare Part D has doughnut hole gaps. These doughnut hole gaps cost the elderly more money for each prescription after they pass an artificial cost bar.

Floridians were eager to find answers to the rising costs of prescription medication. So the state legislature and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushed for those answers.

They understood this has been an ongoing issue in Florida for a long time. It looks like an answer has arrived. Floridians can now get their prescription medications from Canada pharmacies.

On June 11th Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill which allows Floridians to import their prescription drugs from a Canada pharmacy. Floridians can do this whenever needed.

There are components of the bill which still need federal approval. But no one in the Florida legislature or the Governor expects any issues delaying the bill.

As a rule, it is illegal to get your prescription drugs from Canada by having them imported. It doesn’t matter where you live in the United States. But, federal officials, on the whole, don’t enforce the ban.

The US tends to understand Canadian drugs are much cheaper than the same drug here in the United States. They also understand the prescription needs of the elderly population or at-risk populations.

Canada’s lower prescription costs are due to limiting how much money pharmaceutical companies can charge.

Canadian Pharmacy Online

Cheaper Canadian prescription drugs have resulted in Canadian Pharmacy online services like ours to be your trusted source for safe and affordable medications.

Many Floridians now buy their prescription drugs through Canadian pharmacy online services. This helps them get major cost savings.

Ordering from a Canadian Pharmacy Online

Floridians do need to be aware of some general federal rules and regulations. Anytime they order drugs online through a Canadian pharmacy they need to understand;

  • The ordered prescription drug should be used to treat a serious condition.
  • The consumer has a legal and valid prescription for the drug.
  • The drug being imported is for the consumers use and no one else.
  • You cannot sell or promote the drug you receive to others in the United States.
  • There is no unreasonable risk to others posed when importing your drug to the United States.
  • You can never import more than a three-month supply of most medications imported.
  • The needs to be a name and address of your medical provider on an online ordering form.

Canadian Pharmacy

There are some Canadian pharmacies more reputable than others. It is important to read some of the reviews of various Canadian pharmacies before ordering from them.

We have done some research for you and listed some of our Canadian pharmacy research results on our blog. There are many different variables about what makes a reputable Canadian pharmacy and what doesn’t.

Be wary of Canadian Medication Storefronts

In Florida, there is a new outreach offering to prescription users. They are called Canadian Medication Storefronts. These storefronts are marketed as an alternative for you so you can access cheaper prescription medication from Canada.

But many of them are not what they seem. We are listing some important things to look for the next time you consider a storefront operation.

This is vital information as not all Canadian storefronts provide safe medication. Here are some things to look for when you order your prescription medication from an online storefront Canadian Pharmacy;

  • In Florida, the storefronts are now found in retirement areas. The storefronts advertise as being able to help you buy from a Canadian pharmacy.
    • In essence, they have marketed themselves as a resource for those who cannot afford to pay US cost rates for their prescriptions.
  • Most of these Canadian pharmacy storefronts state they save consumers 60-70% off their US drug prescription cost.
  • Storefront owners in Florida say they only use Canadian pharmacies certified by government agencies.
    • Or at the very least certified by a Canadian oversight nonprofit association.
  • Storefronts for Canadian pharmacies only help consumers order chronic condition medications. The chronic condition medication must meet general federal regulations.
    • However, the FDA states some storefront pharmacies carry unsafe and risky products. Their prescription products were poorly manufactured, can be outdated or improperly stored.

Canadian Pharmacy Purchasing Statistics

If you are part of the over 5 million people who buy drugs from foreign pharmacies there is a way to purchase safe prescriptions.

There is a projected 49.5% growth anticipated U.S. senior population by 2030. Of those senior population numbers, about half will be seeking solutions for out-of-pocket prescription drug costs with you.

Many will turn to a Canadian pharmacy for help in keeping their prescription costs at a reasonable level. The rate of the populations will increase to a higher percentage level if the US doesn’t come up with some workable solutions.

Florida has already figured out the ongoing prescription cost dilemmas. We are there for Florida state senior citizens and their population at large in prescription needs.

Contact Us Now

We are also there for any other state residents in need of obtaining legal prescription medication at lower costs.

We are the best Canadian pharmacy. We comply with all regulations and we only offer the safest and most reasonable brand and generic drug choices. We care about our customers and offer verified testimonials on our website.

Don’t wait one more day to order your prescription drug from a verified and trusted Canadian pharmacy. You should never have to choose between which health concern or medication is most important to pay.

Every prescribed medication you have is important to your health. Let us help you obtain what you need so you can enjoy the quality of your life without having to sacrifice a thing.

How to Use Prescription Coupons


Are you looking for free prescription coupons?

Wondering if these are even safe to use?

There are several ways you can save money on your prescription medications by using RX coupons, but some discount coupons for prescription medications are extremely misleading.

While they may save you money in the short term, they could wind up costing you a fortune in the long run.

That’s because certain vendors offering prescription coupons don’t care about your personal safety or protecting your sensitive and confidential information while others take great efforts to do both.

So to help you decipher between all your options, we’ll be sharing our best tips for using RX coupons the safe way in this guide.

Before You Apply for RX Coupons, Read This

Every American wants to save money on prescription medications.

But compromising your personal identity to do so isn’t worth it — or even necessary.

So before you decide to perform a Google search to find “discount coupons for prescription medications” or “free prescription coupons,” you should know what you may be getting yourself into.

Many times, websites promoting free RX coupons will ask for your personal information before sending you the discounts.

While this may seem innocent at first, these companies are actually using your personal information to gather important details about you so they can market other products to you later on.

And if the company receiving all your information is less than reputable, they may pass along your confidential information to a third-party site that’s neither secure nor trustworthy.

There are much better and safer ways to save money on your prescriptions without putting yourself in danger.

And they don’t usually include manufacturer discounts as you’ll see next.


What About Manufacturer Discounts and Savings Cards?

Manufacturer discount coupons and prescription savings cards can be tempting to use.

With these, drug manufacturers offer coupons for their brand-name prescriptions or they’ll issue you a savings card promising to reduce costs each time you refill your medication.

Again, this may seem like a good idea initially.

But once you take a closer look, you’ll find a hidden agenda that’s not in favor of protecting consumers.

For one, these offers are usually just an introductory rate that eventually ends.

And when it does, the price of your prescriptions may increase significantly; in many cases, well above what most people can afford.

On top of that, you may see savings on the front-end with manufacturer discounts, but these could come back to bite you later on when it comes to your insurance.

See, while the manufacturer’s coupon saves you money, your insurance could be charged the difference in price, which we’ll discuss in detail next.

To offset these cost increases, your insurance may raise your premiums or charge you directly for the cost of the brand-name drug.

And this new rate is not a pre-negotiated discounted rate your insurance provider worked hard for.

Instead, it will be the full retail price, minus the miniscule coupon discount.

These key details are usually tucked away in the fine print of manufacturer discounts and your insurance plan, which many people don’t spend enough time reviewing before they apply a discount code to their prescription refill.

Make this mistake and you’ll be hit with unexpected costs later down the line.

And finally, you may not even be able to use those prescription coupons depending on the type of insurance you have.

Here’s Why Prescription Coupons Cannot Be Combined with Some Insurance Plans and Federal Programs

Did you know some insurance providers and certain states such as Massachusetts won’t even let you use RX coupons?

Federal programs like Medicaid and Medicare will not allow you to redeem prescription coupons either.

But what are the reasons for this?

Are they just trying to earn as much profit as possible?

Not exactly.

As mentioned earlier, prescription coupons give insured patients a significantly lower bill when they pick up their refill, but the cost may be passed on to your insurance provider regardless.

Rather than being able to use pre-negotiated lower rates for prescriptions, your insurance provider may be charged “hundreds or thousands of dollars more” with the full retail price (as opposed to their discounted rate).

When this happens repeatedly over time, your insurance provider may lose its discounts on both generic and brand name drugs since the agreed upon demand isn’t being met.

And that reduces their bulk discount and how they get lower rates in the first place.

So you could end up paying full-price for your prescription drugs once your RX coupon expires, which means any cost savings you earned will quickly disappear.

And it’s not just private insurance companies that face these challenges.

Both Medicare and Medicaid must deal with a similar situation.

Many drug manufacturer coupons entice patients to choose a more expensive option than the generic choice that works just as effectively.

If you decide to go with the more expensive version through the manufacturer, Medicare and Medicaid will deter you from doing so by not covering your entire bill for the prescription.

This means they’ll charge you for whatever the coupon didn’t cover since you chose to go with the costlier medication.

Now, you may think you’ll be stuck paying full price for your prescription medications just because these types of RX coupons are essentially a catch-22.

But there are better options for saving money as you’ll see next.


How to Save Money on Prescription Medications Using the Right Kind of RX Coupons

Here’s how you can lower the costs of your prescription medications without compromising your personal identity or causing your insurance rates to go up:

#1: Ask for Generic Versions

As tempting as RX coupons and prescription savings cards can be, don’t be fooled or tricked by their misleading allure. These programs are usually only applicable for high-cost brand-name medications.

You may not necessarily need these (unless your doctor has specifically mentioned this) so a better option is to use generic medications whenever you can.

Rather than paying top dollar and receiving a small discount on an already high priced brand name version, you’ll see a significant price difference right away and without compromising the efficacy of your treatment.

And whether you decide to go generic or brand-name, you’ll save even more money by using an online Canadian pharmacy.

#2: Use Canadian Pharmacies to Save Up to 80%

Canadian pharmacies can help international and US citizens save money on prescription medications.

While they don’t accept US-based insurance policies, you may not even need to use yours.

Thanks to universal healthcare, the prices of prescription medications are drastically lower — usually a fraction of the cost and as much as 80% off — across the border.

As long as you don’t purchase more than a 90-day supply, you can take advantage of these savings by using an online Canadian pharmacy to refill your prescription medications, even as a US citizen.

Not only that, you can combine these low prices with an RX coupon if this is your first time ordering from a Canadian pharmacy.

#3: Take Advantage of First-Time Purchase Coupons Before You Place an Order

First time RX coupons are a little different than a manufacturer’s coupon.

While they both can save you money on the initial transaction, the former won’t affect your insurance and you won’t be hit with charges later on to reimburse the difference.

These RX coupons do fall off after your first transaction, but even still, they can be a nice way to save money on your first 90-day supply.

Plus, you can do this without involving your insurance company or getting penalized with rate increases for simply trying to save money on your prescription medications.

A Better Way to Save on Prescriptions: Ordering from an Online Canadian Pharmacy

Using an online Canadian pharmacy, especially one that’s trustworthy and offers first-time prescription discounts, will help you save money without putting your insurance premiums or confidential information at risk.

You’ll end up saving more than any manufacturer coupon could ever do for you.

And if you do decide to take this route, you can also apply a first-time RX coupon to your order, which won’t affect your insurance in any way either.

So if you’re finally ready to see just how much money you can save, visit a reputable online Canadian pharmacy today.

Can You Get an Online Prescription for a Canadian Pharmacy?


Have you recently read that many US citizens are turning to Canada to save money on their prescription medications?

Wondering if that’s safe, really worth the money, or even possible?

While the safety issue was covered in this guide, and the cost savings was evaluated in this one, we haven’t yet discussed how Americans can get a prescription to use at a Canadian pharmacy.

That’s why this guide is centered around that topic to help you understand your options when it comes to filling your prescriptions across the border.

We’ll also talk about whether or not you need a new prescription and the pros and cons of two different routes you can take here.

Before we dive into those, you should know what it takes to fill your prescription medications in Canada as a US citizen.

How to Obtain an Online Prescription to Use a Canadian Pharmacy

After reading the aforementioned guide on how to save money on prescription medications by using a Canadian pharmacy, you may be wondering how to go about getting your first prescription filled.

The next question that often comes up here is: Can I use the same prescription my doctor gave me in the states to place an order at a Canadian pharmacy?

And the answer is both yes and no.

The prescription your US doctor gave you can help speed the process along. But it’s not enough to get the job done.

In Canada, by law, a Canadian doctor must write the prescription in order for one of our pharmacies to dispense the medication. This means that you’ll need an online prescription from a Canadian doctor.

Wondering how you can get one if you’re a US citizen? You have a few options here.


#1: Use a Doctor Online for a Virtual Consultation

One route you can take without having to physically cross the border to obtain an online prescription that’s valid at a Canadian pharmacy is to visit a Canadian doctor virtually.

With this, you’d simply find a doctor across the border who is able to meet over the phone or through video conferencing and schedule an appointment just like you normally would.

During this initial meeting, you’d have a similar one-on-one visit with the Canadian doctor, the only difference is that you would both reside in different countries and you, therefore, wouldn’t be in-person for this visit.

Using this conversation, along with your medical history and possible blood work as well as lab tests, your virtual doctor would then diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan to meet your needs, including prescribing you the medications they see fit.

You could then use these prescriptions to fill your order at a Canadian pharmacy.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this option is that many US insurance providers don’t offer coverage for these visits.

So while the prescription medication may be drastically cheaper, your cost per visit could vary from a US-based doctor’s visit where you would only pay a small copay.

Because of this, many people prefer this next route instead.

#2: Use Your US Doctor’s Prescription in Conjunction with a Prescription Referral Company

An alternative option is to get most of the heavy lifting done in the states.

By this, we mean that you’d visit your normal, primary care doctor as usual and s/he would provide the prescriptions you need to treat your conditions.

But instead of handing off the prescription to a local pharmacy, your doctor would send it to a Canadian pharmacy.

From there, you can use a prescription referral company such as ours to help complete the transaction.

With this, our team of doctors will review your US-based prescription, along with your medical records, and then, once approved, we’ll write you a prescription that’s valid at a Canadian pharmacy.

The difference between this route is that you can help keep your costs down on both ends, prescriptions and doctor visits.

Instead of using a Canadian doctor and paying for a visit that may not be covered under your insurance, you can continue to see your usual in-network provider and pay the same copay as you normally would.

And when it comes time to fill your medication, you can then move on to using a Canadian pharmacy, instead of one locally, which will help cut your costs further.

In many cases, it’s cheaper to use a Canadian pharmacy, even if your insurance doesn’t cover it.

Plus, you’ll also save time with this route since you won’t have to spend countless hours sifting through Canadian doctors trying to find one who will work with you and one that you would feel comfortable with.

You also don’t have to lose that rapport you’ve built with your current provider either.

By this point, another common question that comes up here is: What about using a pharmacy online in the states? Can’t I just save money doing that?

To answer this, it pays to have a better understanding of the difference between:

Using a Pharmacy Online vs Visiting an Online Pharmacy

It may sound similar at first but there are some key differences between the two.

Local chains like CVS, Walgreens, and Costco, for example, offer their customers the convenience of ordering their prescriptions online.

This is known as using a pharmacy online. Instead of visiting their local pharmacy branch, you could plug in your information online or sign into your online account to refill your prescription electronically. When your medication is ready, you have the option to pick up the prescription in store or have it sent to your home address.

Your insurance provider may have also incentivized mail-order prescriptions by offering you a small discount when you choose this route.

The problem is that online prescription drug rates aren’t much cheaper than what you’d find in person. So this is essentially just another way to use your pharmacy.

On the flipside, with an online pharmacy, there are usually no physical locations (similar to Ally bank or 1-800 Contacts) or expensive overhead costs which gives these companies the ability to pass the cost savings down to its customers.

And that’s not all. Online pharmacies are also generally located in countries that have universal healthcare, or more affordable options, such as Canada.

These prescription drugs sold from online Canadian pharmacies can be as much as 80% off.

So while your insurance provider is offering a small discount to use their preferred pharmacies online, you may see a significantly lower price tag when you use an online Canadian pharmacy instead.

Online pharmacies also work well for people who are prescribed medications that their insurance doesn’t cover.

Your doctor may be partial to a specific and expensive drug and if your insurance doesn’t accept it or offer a generic alternative, you could be stuck paying a high out of pocket cost.

But, if you turned to a Canadian pharmacy, you wouldn’t need your insurance and the prescription may end up only costing a fraction of your full-priced US version.

Plus, you can even also use RX coupons on popular medications, saving you even more money.

Keep in mind, since the FDA cannot regulate companies outside of its US jurisdiction, it’s up to you to do your research and find a reputable online pharmacy worth using.

There are many “rogue” online pharmacies out there that may not be safe to use so it’s worth spending the extra time doing your homework here.

Fortunately, this guide on the topic can help you do just that and shows you how to avoid scams and sift through Canadian pharmacy reviews to find trustworthy companies to use.

Get an Online Prescription from a Canadian Pharmacy Today

Now that you have a better understanding of what it takes to fill your prescription medications using a Canadian pharmacy, you can start saving money today.

To do that, be sure to check out a list of our most popular RX coupons first or browse through our complete list of medications available in Canada, where drugs are much more affordable.

It’s also a good idea to browse through multiple Canadian pharmacy reviews to get a better idea of any company you choose before making a purchase. Be sure to check out our guide on the topic for more information.

How to Save Money on Prescriptions By Using a Canadian Pharmacy


Did you know you can purchase prescription medications online using a Canadian pharmacy, even as an American?

Wondering why you’d want to do that?

The short answer is this simple move can help you slash your prescription costs down to a fraction of what you may be paying at pharmacies in the states.

And in certain cases, you can save as much as 80% off your prescriptions by taking this route.

For many people, this sounds too good to be true and raises a lot of questions, such as:

  • Is buying prescription medication from Canada legal?
  • Is it safe?
  • Can an online Canadian pharmacy be trusted?

To help you sort through the confusion, this guide will be your resource to answer those questions and more.

So let’s start with the biggest burning question most people have when it comes to ordering prescription medications online:

Are Canadian Pharmacies Legal for Americans to Use?

While there a lot of misconceptions about the process, the FDA’s policy is that U.S. citizens can cross the border and bring back Canadian drugs as long as they are for personal use, and no more than a 3-month supply.

And ordering your medications online from a licensed Canadian pharmacy is allowed with similar rules; as long as you purchase no more than a 3-month supply and have a valid prescription from your doctor, you can do so without facing repercussions.


Keep in mind though, just like back in the states, it’s illegal for you to buy those discounted medications and then resell them.

When it comes time to fill your prescription, you’ll go through the same process you normally would with your medications — except instead of dropping your prescription off at your local pharmacy, you’ll submit it online or mail it in to have your order delivered to your house (more on this later).

Why Are Americans Turning to Canadian Pharmacies in the First Place?

As you may have already experienced, the cost of healthcare, and prescription medications specifically, is growing in the US at an alarming rate many people simply can’t afford to keep up with.

Here’s an example using the popular epinephrine shot, or EpiPen:

These pens are used to treat severe anaphylactic shock in people experiencing what could be a deadly allergic reaction.

These pens are life-saving for thousands of Americans and yet the out-of-pocket cost per injectable pen increased a whopping 535% from 2007 to 2014.

So instead of patients paying their usual $94 per pen, they were hit with a $609 price tag.

Yet across the border in Canada, the price remained constant at about $100 per EpiPen.

While we won’t get into the specifics here, the reasoning is straightforward: here in Canada, we have universal health care.

This means our health care, from prescriptions to doctors visits and surgeries, are covered by a federal system similar to Medicare.

Because of this, we’re able to keep the costs of prescription medications at a reasonable price instead of experiencing 500 or even 6,000% increases and intense swings in price.

And you don’t need to be a Canadian citizen to reap these perks.

While you can’t cross the border and enjoy free healthcare yourself, you can take advantage of the cost-savings that come with Canadian prescriptions, even as an American.

By ordering your medications online through a Canadian pharmacy like PricePro Pharmacy, you’ll capture the same steeply discounted rate (in some cases up to 80% off) without having to relocate north.


And, as long as you cap your refills at 90-days and don’t seek out narcotics or other illegal drugs, you’ll fall right within the legal limit.

Many US-based companies have already started taking notice of this route and have been offering medications from Canadian pharmacies to their employees for over 10 years, with some saving as much as $200,000 annually.

These cost-savings are being transferred to employees in the form of lower prescription prices and less money spent on healthcare, which may be equivalent to a small bonus in certain cases.

Before you consider making your first purchase, there are a few more questions to answer, starting with this popular one:

Are Prescription Medicines from Canada Safe?

Since the FDA cannot control the medicines sold outside of the US borders, it’s up to you, the consumer, to determine whether a company is reputable and safe to work with.

So when you’re assessing whether an online Canadian pharmacy is worth using, keep an eye out for any of the following red flags:

  • The company does not require a prescription by a registered healthcare provider.
  • The pharmacy lacks a US and/or Canadian licensed pharmacist to answer questions.
  • Prices are significantly lower than other pharmacies, even other Canadian ones.
  • There’s no real, physical address or phone number listed online.

Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean all Canadian pharmacies are considered unsafe.

Ones that are licensed and approved by the proper regulatory authorities (both in the US and Canada) can sell the exact, safe medications you’re used to taking.

And despite being a Canadian-based company, trustworthy pharmacies are also in compliance with the FDA’s policies, including the 90-day supply maximum, so every transaction is considered compliant.

Finally, reputable companies also won’t export narcotics or controlled substances as they are against the law.

What Do I Need to Do to Get My Medication Filled?

We’ve made this step easy for you at PricePro Pharmacy.

Canadian-Pharmacy-MedicationTo start the process of filling your prescription, start by searching for your specific medication.

You can also see a list of our most popular ones here:

Canadian-Pharmacy-Popular-MedicationOnce you find your medication, click on its name and you’ll see a list of dosage options and pricing.

You’ll also see our RX coupons for certain medications that you can use if you’re a first-time buyer.

Canadian-Pharmacy-Save-MoneyAfter clicking the right dosage and adding it to your cart, you’ll be ready for our easy and secure checkout process.

Once your order is paid for, we’ll ask you to send a copy of your prescription via email, fax, mail, or through our online form so we can verify your prescription, which is exactly what your local pharmacist does.

As long as everything is approved, we’ll process the order and ship it out to you. If you’re in the U.S., you’ll receive your order anywhere from 8 to 18 business days.

You also have the option to transfer your prescription over from your local pharmacy.

With your consent, we’ll contact your doctor to request an updated prescription and we’ll process your order as normal.

It’s that simple!

To initiate the transfer process, get in contact with one of our representatives by calling us toll-free at 1-855-776-0079.

Start Using a Reputable Canadian Pharmacy Today

With your better understanding of how Americans can safely use Canadian pharmacies, the last question is: Are you ready to start saving money on your prescription medications?

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on refilling prescriptions in the states, you could be saving up to 80% on the same name-brand and generic drugs you’re already used to taking.

By using a reputable, licensed, and trustworthy Canadian pharmacy, you’ll save both money and time since your medications will be delivered right to your door (for a flat fee of $9.95) safely and securely.


Top 9 Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

Pharmacists are much more than just the people who distribute drugs to patients - they also offer a wide array of patient services that are dedicated to providing accurate knowledge to patients. When it comes to asking your pharmacist questions, you’ll need to have a stable game plan in place so you can equip yourself with the confidence and knowledge you need to take your medications properly.

make a list of questions for pharmacist

Forming a strong network of healthcare professionals that are knowledgeable, professional, and supportive of your healthcare goals is key to taking care of yourself as someone who regularly takes prescription drugs, or as someone who is navigating the pharmacist/patient relationship for the first time.

Today’s market dictates that you’ll likely be able to ask your pharmacist questions in person or online, so it’s important to detail your inquiries perfectly so you’re getting the correct information. A reputable and professional pharmacist will have no problem answering any of your questions. In this post, we’re detailing some of the most important questions to ask a pharmacist.

What’s the Medication Called?

Knowing how to read and interpret your prescription medication labels is key to understanding what you’re taking, and therefore, how it will ultimately benefit you. Each medication has two names: a brand name, and a generic (common) name. For example, Tylenol is the brand name under which a company sells and markets the drug, while acetaminophen is the generic/common name that describes the active ingredient.

Labels will state both drug names, your name, the intended dose of the medication you’re to take, and the number of times you're supposed to take your dose each day. Ask your pharmacist questions about reading and understanding the medication label so you know what you’re taking and understand that basics of your prescription.

What Does the Medication Do?

There are typically two different types of prescription medications:

  • Some medication cure illness/infection, like antibiotics.
  • Some medications are used to control symptoms, including pain killers.

Knowing what your medication is supposed to do will give you a better understanding of what it’s supposed to do for you as you take it.

How Should I Take my Medication?

how to take your medication

Asking your pharmacist questions about the specifics of taking your medication is likely to be the first important inquiry most prescription-fillers will have. Be prepared to ask specific questions about:

  • When should you take your meds?
    • Most medications are designed to be taken at specific times of the day, and need to be taken consistently. Others are more relaxed.
  • Should they be taken with/without food?
  • If your medication is taken orally, can it be crushed or does it have to be taken in pill form?
  • Should you refrain from operating any heavy machinery or driving while taking this medication?
  • Should you carry on your lifestyle as if nothing has changed?

How Long Should I Take My Medication?

how long should you take medication

Asking your pharmacist questions about the duration you need to take your medication is important because some medications take some time to kick in, and others act immediately. Likewise, some prescriptions are short term in scope, while others need to be taken for a lifetime.

Come prepared with questions to ask your pharmacist about the duration of time you need to stay on your medication, and how long is required to make a difference in your condition; for example, antibiotics typically require the entire course of treatment be completed to have a lasting effect. Even if you begin to feel better within a couple of days, or a week - it’s crucially important to know about the release and use of each medication you’re taking to better understand how it can help you adapt your use.

What are the Potential Side Effects on my Medication?

Some medication side effects are very serious, and can require immediate medical attention. Other medications may feature mild side effects that don’t require rushing to the hospital. Ensuring you’re aware of all the potential side effects is critical to confidently and safely taking your medications.

Your doctor likely won’t go over all of the potential side effects of the medications they prescribe to you, and sometimes the print literature or information available online can be overwhelming and confusing to first-time takers.

Asking your pharmacist questions about potential side effects not only educates you about the medications you are about to begin taking, but it will also help to put a personal touch on the entire process, eliminating the dry instruction-based tips and lists of side effects often included in medication brochures or printed info. You can also make a point to ask your pharmacist questions on how to deal with mild side effects, rather than stopping to take the medication all together.

Will This Medication React with my Other Prescriptions?

Come prepared with a list of any other medications you’re currently taking, and ask your pharmacist questions about any potential interference or negative reactions some medications may have with others.

How Will I know if the Medication is Working?

It’s important to ask your pharmacist to explain the approximate timeline from which your meds will begin to take effect, and how you can expect to feel and react when they do. This way, you’ll be prepared to monitor the drug’s activity and its impact on your specific situation - further, you’ll also be able to take positive action if you do not notice the medication begin to work.

What If I Miss a Dose?

We’re all human, and sometimes life and a busy schedule can get in the way of consistently taking your medications on time, contributing to a missed dose. Ask your pharmacist questions about potential repercussions of missing a dose of your prescription medication, and what it could mean for your recovery or treatment of a disease or condition.

As we’ve mentioned in this post already, some medications are required to be taken at very specific times in order to release active medicinal ingredients into your system at an optimal point - others are less strict - so knowing what your options are should you miss a dose is proactive information to be make yourself aware of.

How Should I Store My Medication?

Ask your pharmacist about how to store your drugs in the most appropriate way to prolong their shelf life, and maintain their effectiveness. As a general rule, most prescription medications should be stored in a dark, dry area at room temperature. There are other medications that will require constant refrigeration.

Knowing how to accurately store your medications will hugely impact other aspects of its effectiveness and ability to help you - when stored properly, medications will work more consistently with what you’re expecting them to do, helping your doctor and pharmacist to accurately judge your progress. Improperly storing a medication could lead your healthcare team to unnecessarily prescribe different meds should they expire or underperform.  


Asking your pharmacist questions is part and parcel to being a responsible and engaged prescription medication patient. Knowing full well all of the possible side effects, when, how, and why you’re taking the meds you’re taking is elemental to giving yourself the tools to take care of your body and your overall well being in a way that makes you happy, comfortable, and confident with your situation.