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    Amerge (Naratriptan) – Product Information

    Amerge is a prescription medication designed for people who suffer from migraine headaches. If you want to learn more about it and how to buy Amerge online, call us  at PricePro Pharmacy today or browse below for more information.

    You can also start a live chat with our customer care team for quick answers. A valid prescription is required to process your order which can submitted by email, fax, or uploaded on the website. We can also reach out your doctor to request a prescription on your behalf.

    Amerge is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Inc..  We provide it in 2 dosages and these include: 1mg and 2.5mg tablets.  The active medicinal ingredient in Amerge is known as naratriptan. Our Canadian pharmacy also offers generic naratriptan in 1mg and 2.5mg strength. In the United Kingdom, Amerge is marketed under the name Naramig. The estimated shipping time from both Canada and UK is about 7 to 10 business days to USA. There is a standard shipping fee of $9.95 applied to your order at checkout. Currently we do not have an Amerge coupon though you can pay with check and save 5% on your order.  To discover more about our drugs and affordable Amerge price, click on the dosage boxes shown above.

    What is Amerge used for?

    Amerge is a medicine for curing migraine headaches. It will only treat an already active migraine headache and will not prevent another one from occurring. Hence, Amerge will offer the best results if it is taken as soon as migraine symptoms are suspected.

    Also known as naratriptan hydrochloride, Amerge is effective at what it is designed to do. Belonging to a class of migraine medicines called 5-HT agonists or triptans, Amerge narrows the blood vessels in the brain to stop a throbbing headache. When there is a migraine headache, some blood vessels widen abnormally, triggering unbearable symptoms.

    As soon as Amerge is swallowed, it constricts the widened vessels to their normal state. This action helps to reduce migraine symptoms. According to studies, Amerge can stop migraine-related pain in just four hours of taking the tablet.

    How is Amerge dosage taken?

    Your doctor will consider 3 factors when determining the best Amerge dosage for you. These are: the type of medicines you are taking, the diseases you are treating and age. If you are allergic to any ingredient in Amerge, your doctor might not prescribe it. If they do prescribe it, the likely initial dosage is likely to be 1mg or 2.5mg.

    If your migraine symptoms return or if you don’t get full relief from your dose, you can have another after 4 hours. However, you should not take an amount larger than 5mg in 24 hours.

    If you have mild to moderate renal impairment, don’t take more than 2.5mg per day. Start with a lower dose of 1mg and then increase it to 2.5mg depending on how well your system tolerates it. Those with severe renal failure should not take Amerge. As well, those with severe hepatic impairment should avoid Amerge.

    On the other hand, mild to moderate hepatic impairment can be controlled with a dose of 1mg to 2.5mg per day. Take your tablet with a full glass of water or other liquid. Avoid using this medicine to prevent a migraine attack as it will not work that way. Instead, take it when you notice symptoms of a migraine attack.

    What are the common side effects of Amerge?

    Amerge can cause some side effects and they can be mild or severe.The latter is less common or rare. The most common side effects when taking naratriptan include:

    • Dizziness,
    • Sleepiness
    • Fatigue
    • Paresthesia, tingling or burning
    • Throat or neck discomfort

    The above-mentioned symptoms are easy to manage by yourself or through the assistance of your doctor if you cannot bear them.

    What are the precautions of taking Amerge?

    If your doctor wants to prescribe Amerge for your migraine attacks, consider taking these measures:

    • Avoid Amerge if you are allergic to naratriptan
    • If there is an allergy you suffer from that is triggered by drugs, foods, chemicals or any other thing, let your physician know
    • Tell your doctor if you suffer from these diseases: heart disease, angina, hypertension, kidney disease, stroke,Wolff-parkinson-White syndrome, liver disease or TIA(transient ischemic attack).
    • Alert your doctor about any medicine you have taken in the past 24 hours. To be more specific, tell them if you have taken almotriptan, sumatriptan,zolmitriptan or a similar drug.
    • Let your physician know whether you suffer from basilar migraine or hemiplegic migraine.
    • This medicine is not for kids. Do not give it to your child; take them to a doctor instead.

    The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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