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How Can I Order Medication Online From a Canadian Pharmacy?

Author , posted on April 16, 2024

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order medication online

About 131 million adults in the U.S. rely on prescription medication, equating to around 66% of the population. With the rising cost of prescription drugs, many Americans are facing financial challenges in accessing the medications they need for their health and well-being. 

A Canadian pharmacy can provide a cost-effective way to order medication online. However, not every online pharmacy is created equally. You need to understand the risks and potential pitfalls of ordering medication from uncertified online pharmacies.

Want to learn more about how to safely order medication online from a Canadian pharmacy? Keep reading here below. 

Research and Choose a Reputable Pharmacy

Choosing a reputable Canadian pharmacy is important for ensuring the quality and safety of the medication you order online. Check that the pharmacy requires a valid prescription from a licensed healthcare provider before processing your order. 

A reputable Canadian pharmacy will be licensed and display that they are accredited by PharmacyChecker.com. PharmacyChecker is an international pharmacy verification program that oversees the medication quality and authenticity of online pharmacies. You should verify that the pharmacy has a legitimate physical address in Canada. 

Look for customer reviews and ratings to help gauge its reputation. Avoid online pharmacies offering unusually low prices or suspicious prescription drugs without a prescription.

Obtain a Prescription

If you don't already have one, it's important to obtain a prescription. Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider. Discuss your symptoms and medical history to determine if medication is necessary.

Your healthcare provider will conduct an examination and may perform tests. If medication is prescribed, ask for a written prescription. Ensure the prescription includes the medication name, dosage, and instructions.

Ask about the differences between drug compounds, name-brand prescription drugs, and generic drugs. Generic drugs often have the same formulations as name brands, but they cost 80-85% less

In some cases, you can request an electronic prescription from your healthcare provider to expedite the process. Confirm that the prescription is valid to order medication online. Keep a copy of the prescription for your records.

Do not order medication without a valid prescription to avoid legal and health risks. Reputable online pharmacies also will not fill certain controlled substances. Check to see which medications you can order from a Canadian pharmacy ahead of time.

Select Your Medication

Selecting your medication is the next step after you obtain a prescription. To select your medication, visit the online pharmacy's website and search for the medication prescribed by your doctor. Ensure you choose the correct medication name, dosage, and quantity as per your prescription.

Read the medication description and any available information about side effects or precautions. You should verify that the selected medication is in stock and available for purchase. Then, add the medication to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Always make sure to double-check your prescription order to ensure accuracy before completing the purchase.

Check the Price and Shipping Details

Checking the price and shipping details is a critical step in the process of ordering medication online. Review the total cost of the medication including any shipping fees. If possible, compare prices with other pharmacies to see that you're getting the best price.

On top of their already low prices, a Canadian pharmacy can have additional coupons on certain prescription drugs so you can save even more. Some online pharmacies may even offer new customer promotional coupons. 

Check the estimated delivery time and available shipping options such as standard or express shipping. Consider any additional fees for expedited shipping. Ensure the pharmacy ships to your location and verify the shipping address you provided.

Read the pharmacy's shipping policy for information on delivery times and tracking options. Factor in shipping costs and delivery times when making your decision. Then, verify the total cost and shipping details before finalizing your order.

Place Your Order

To place your order, make sure you have the proper medication in your cart and proceed to checkout. Enter your shipping address and payment information accurately. Again, it's a good idea to review your order to ensure you have the correct medication, dosage, and quantity selected.

Confirm the total cost, including any applicable taxes and shipping fees. Once you complete the transaction, wait for a confirmation email with your order number. 

Submit Your Prescription

Your order will not be fully processed without a valid prescription. To submit your prescription, scan or take a clear photo of your written prescription.

Upload the prescription image to the pharmacy's secure website or mail it to the Canadian pharmacy. Alternatively, you may fax or email the prescription directly to the pharmacy.

Ensure the prescription includes all required information, such as the medication name, dosage, and your healthcare provider's information. Make sure the prescription is legible and complete.

Some pharmacies may require additional information or forms to be filled out. Wait for confirmation from the pharmacy that your prescription has been received and processed. 

Track Your Prescription Order

Track your order by locating the tracking number provided in the confirmation email or on the pharmacy's website. Visit the shipping carrier's website and enter the tracking number to view the delivery status.

Monitor the tracking information for updates on the estimated delivery date and any delivery attempts. Contact the shipping carrier or the pharmacy's customer service if you encounter any issues or delays with your delivery.

Follow Up with Your Doctor

Once you receive your medication, you should schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor. Discuss the effectiveness of the medication and any side effects you may be experiencing.

Your doctor may adjust your dosage or prescribe a different medication if needed. Follow your doctor's instructions carefully and notify them of any concerns regarding your medication.

Order Medication Online Worry-Free from PricePro Canadian Pharmacy Today

Maintaining your health and well-being is vital. If you need to order medication online, it can seem like a daunting process. But with these tips, you can ensure that you receive high-quality medication from a reputable online pharmacy. 

PricePro Canadian Pharmacy is fully verified and approved by PharmacyChecker.com. You can trust that all of your medications are dispensed from a licensed pharmacy. Your personal, medical, and payment information is also kept secure.

Let PricePro help you save money on your prescription drugs. Contact us to get started on your order today.

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Payment Options for Filing Your Online Prescription

Author , posted on December 1, 2022

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Online Prescription

During 2020, e-commerce sales in the United States increased by 43%. This spike in shopping online was primarily driven by lockdowns and social distancing. 

Now that the world has eased many restrictions, e-commerce still remains at all-time highs. The reason? It is easy, affordable, and accessible for many individuals.

An online prescription is no exception. Shopping for online medication could save you hundreds on your prescription, especially through a Canadian pharmacy. Luckily, in our complete guide, we will review some common ways you can pay for your medication and stay safe online, so keep reading for more information! 

Online Prescription Payments

There are several payment options you have for online medication, although not every pharmacy will have these options available. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most common medication payments:

  • Credit or debit cards
  • Electronic checks
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Insurance

Medical insurance is one of the most commonly used methods in the United States. There are a few advantages to using insurance, such as:

  • Lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Filing through insurance can go toward your deductible

Unfortunately, even with insurance, medications can still be costly. There are also certain medications that insurance won't cover. Even switching from brand-name drugs to some generic versions can limit insurance coverage on common medications.

Around 49% of lower-income adults had difficulties with health insurance plans not covering a prescribed medication. That number remains at around 32% for middle-income adults. 

Does Insurance Cover Your Pharmacy Online?

There are online pharmacies in the United States that you can use with your insurance. However, you will run into similar issues as you would with standard pharmacies and insurance coverage.

High prescription costs and varying insurance coverage are primarily what push many Americans to Canadian pharmacies. Here are some of the advantages of using an online Canadian pharmacy:

  • More affordable
  • Accessible
  • Easy-to-use

In some instances, there may also be a wider medication selection. However, this is dependent on the pharmacy and what they dispense. In Canada, American medical insurance is not accepted, but you can save the receipt and submit it.

Another key piece of information is the type of medication you need. For example, controlled substances might not have online availability for safety concerns. 

What Are Safe Payment Options Online?

Typically, credit cards are one of the safest online payment options. They have excellent consumer protection. Additionally, the consumer typically holds minimal to no liability in fraudulent purchases.

Debit cards are slightly riskier. While they hold some similar advantages as credit cards, money is pulled directly from your account. If you have the option, pick a credit card over a debit card for online medication. 

The downside of third-party payment services like PayPal is fees. Merchants accrue some fees for accepting PayPal. This may deter some sites from accepting users with PayPal.

Lastly, you have electronic checks. Using electronic checks is another relatively safe way to purchase medication online. It also eliminates the need to mail in paper checks.

Compared to credit cards, it also results in fewer fees. All you will need for an electronic check are the following:

  • Your name
  • Payment amount
  • Routing number
  • Account number

Next, you will want to look more closely at the website. Do they provide additional security features like a Security Socket Layer (SSL)? An SSL certificate encrypts a web server and browser. 

It helps secure any transactions or information passed between the two. Typically, you will find websites with an SSL certificate on the URL. Websites with "https" are more secure than those without the "s" at the end. 

Improve Credit Card Safety

Many individuals use their credit cards when shopping online. The first step to improving credit card safety is using a secure site. But there are other ways to boost security and limit fraud, including:

  • Using only private devices (e.g., personal smartphones, tablets, or laptops)
  • Do not use public WiFi
  • Use virtual credit card numbers, if possible
  • Use your credit card's security features (e.g., two-factor authentication, alerts)

Lastly, if you use a laptop, you can update your firewall and security. On your phone or tablet, ensure you keep your apps up-to-date and regularly check your account.

Experts also advise that you use complex passwords and update them frequently. By following these steps, you can mitigate hackers and stolen credit card numbers. 

Are Online Canadian Pharmacies Safe?

Like any online shopping, you must be careful of fraudulent sites. First, you can follow some of the tips above, including checking for an SSL certificate. 

A Canadian pharmacy should follow similar safety protocols with dispensing medication as your run of the mill pharmacy. Some other safety aspects to look for include the following:

You can also check out online reviews and review their site in depth. You should easily find information regarding payment options, security, prescription refills, contact information, and more. 

Save Money on an Online Prescription

Refilling an online prescription saves you time and money in the long term. It is more accessible and helps many individuals avoid long trips to the pharmacy. 

Your local pharmacy could also have inflated prices and limited stock options. An online pharmacy, such as PricePro Pharmacy, has a large selection and secure site to make shopping for affordable medication easier. 

With additional security layers, you can easily use your credit card or e-check without worry. If you are ready to get started, visit our medication list to find your prescription!

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How to Find the Best Online Canadian Pharmacies

Author , posted on November 18, 2022

Category: Ordering Questions

best online canadian pharmacies

Did you know that approximately 18 million Americans can't afford their medication? High prescription medication prices can make it difficult to take care of your health. When it comes to paying for your mortgage or refilling a prescription, you might choose the former. 

What if we told you there are simple ways you can save money on prescriptions? The answer comes from online Canadian pharmacies. Yet, the market for online pharmacies is constantly expanding. 

For that reason, we have compiled a complete guide on how to find the best online Canadian pharmacies. You need a pharmacy that is reputable and certified. Keep reading on and learn more about our five helpful tips for finding a new pharmacy and why online pharmacies are safe ways to save money on costly prescriptions. 

What Are Online Canadian Pharmacies?

Online pharmacies function similarly to your standard, run-of-the-mill pharmacies. They dispense prescription and over-the-counter medication and employ skilled and qualified individuals to consult, such as pharmacists. 

One of the big differences between online Canadian pharmacies and others is that your medication may be dispensed from other countries. For example, other countries might offer lower prices, and you can select an order from countries like the UK, New Zealand, or Australia. 

Additionally, there are limitations to purchasing controlled substances through online pharmacies. Sleeping aids and other habit-forming drugs are usually not available online for safety concerns. 

Is It Safe To Buy Medication Online?

You should always exercise safety when purchasing medication online. Here are a few helpful tools before you get started:

  • Check for certification
  • Does the site ask for prescription verification?
  • Does the site utilize encryption software? (e.g., SSL Security)
  • Can you speak directly with a pharmacist?

If a site does not ask for a prescription or does not allow you to speak directly with a qualified pharmacist, you should avoid purchasing medication through that site. An online pharmacy should follow similar safety protocols for dispensing and prescribing medication. 

Health Canada is who regulates pharmacies across Canada. They help with approvals and controlled substance regulation, including how Canadian pharmacies operate. 

Are Online Pharmacies Cheaper?

There are several options when you perform a simple google search for pharmacies in Canada. Online pharmacies have a few advantages over American pharmacies, primarily with price comparisons. 

Annual drug spending in the United States tallied $457 billion annually. Compared to Canada, pharmaceutical prices are nearly 218% higher. 

One of the reasons that the United States has higher drug prices is the lack of federal regulation on price caps. Combined with lengthy patents, brand-name drugs own a large portion of the pharmaceutical market.

Researchers found that while brand-name medication encompassed 11% of prescription drug volume, it equated to 82% of spending. In Canada, there are several price caps and greater opportunities for generic medication that may not be available in the United States. 

Purchasing generic medications is one way you can save hundreds on your prescriptions. If federally approved and available, Canadian pharmacies should have generic and brand-name options available for purchase. Since regulatory standards are similar, you can rest assured that these are safe and efficacious drugs. 

How To Find the Best Online Canadian Pharmacies

Now that you know a bit more about online Canadian pharmacies and how they operate, how can you find the best one? Here are a few simple ways you can narrow down your searches:

  1. Check online reviews
  2. Check which medications they offer
  3. Check for discount codes
  4. Check shipping fees and locations
  5. Is the website user-friendly? 

If you follow these five steps, you should find a pharmacy that fits your needs. Ultimately, your online pharmacy should also have cheaper prices than local pharmacies. Keep in mind that Canadian pharmacies cannot accept insurance. 

While you could submit forms to your insurance afterward, most expenses are out of pocket. Luckily, the cost-savings often outweigh what insurance would cover.

And while it is not included on this list, always ensure your pharmacy is verified and approved. You will usually find this feature on the "About" page or somewhere similar. 

1. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews give you an excellent idea of a company's reputation. If a company does not have a tab for online reviews, you can try a Google search. 

Online pharmacies' online reviews should have overall ratings and customer satisfaction. You can dive deeper and explore exactly what other people have to say about the process.

It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to start your search. However, it should not be the only tool used since they might not shed light on the types of medications sold or where they ship. 

2. Medication Options

If you need a controlled substance, you will have to shop through a local pharmacy. Most Americans use more than one prescription medication. 

Experts found that people using three or more prescription drugs during the past 30 days was nearly 24%. Additionally, individuals using more than five prescription drugs was nearly 13%. 

It is likely that some (if not all) of your prescriptions are available through an online pharmacy. When you find a site that you have an interest in, search for the generic or brand-name drug first. If it is not available, you might want to look at other sources. 

It may also surprise you that some pharmacies will have generic options not found in the United States. If patents last longer in the United States, it limits the production and sales of generic medications. Yet, other countries might have already reviewed and approved a generic counterpart. 

3. Discount Codes

Discount codes are another great money-saving tool. Not all online pharmacies will have similar codes, and there are two ways to check for this:

  1. Review the website
  2. Search for a drug

First, some pharmacies, like PricePro Pharmacy, have their discount coupons listed at the top of their site. You can scroll and find the medication coupon that you want. Or, you can find coupons for first-time users or first-time orders. 

Searching for a drug is another option. When you search for a medication, it should have valid coupons available. If not, you can always email or call the number listed on the site. 

4. Shipping Fees and Location

Shipping fees can sneakily tack on expenses to your medication order. What once seemed like an affordable prescription refill could be much more costly. First, ensure that your online pharmacy ships to the United States by checking its website, reviews, and FAQs. 

Under the FAQ tab, you will likely find more information on shipping costs. Some pharmacies offer expedited or express shipping for an additional charge. One way to save money is to only use pharmacies that offer standard shipping rates. 

Standard rates can save you more money on multiple refills. Remember that medications will not arrive immediately. It is essential you plan ahead on your orders unless you want to pay for express shipping. 

5. Is The Website User-Friendly?

Lastly, you want a website that is user-friendly. Since it is not the most important characteristic, we included it as number five on this list. Spending more time navigating a website and running into errors is frustrating. 

You need a pharmacy that allows you to easily select and purchase your medication. An online support team or email is useful if you run into snags along the way.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to test this without visiting the site yourself. Narrow down your list to two or three before reviewing their site. 

Deciding on Your Pharmacy

PricePro Pharmacy is an online Canadian pharmacy that dispenses hundreds of different medications. The benefit of PricePro Pharmacy is we have several generic options and coupons that can save you even more money on your medication. 

Experts predict that generic medication can save nearly 20 to 70% on your overall costs. Additionally, PricePro Pharmacy makes shipping and fees easy with set rates.

No matter how many medications you purchase, you will only pay one standard shipping fee. And if you need your medication right away, express shipping can deliver overnight. 

Start Saving Money Today

Have you ever wondered if an online pharmacy could save you money on your prescriptions? In short: yes, it can!

Switching to a Canadian pharmacy could save you even more. Now that you know a few helpful tools to find the best online Canadian pharmacies, it is time to get started. 

At PricePro Pharmacy, we have simplified the process. Simply search for your medication, select your dosage, and upload your prescription. After review and verification, you can enter your billing and shipping information. Check out our medication list today and start saving money!

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How To Save Money on Your Prescriptions With an Online Pharmacy

Author , posted on November 16, 2022

Category: Ordering Questions

A survey from 2021 revealed that 32% of Canadians used an online pharmacy for their medications. Indicating that this option is growing in popularity among customers.

Many people have to have some form of medication that they need to buy. Many people have to buy multiple medications every month for their health.

Now using an online pharmacy is a great alternative for many people. Not just because it is convenient but because it can also be cheaper.

Keep reading to find out how buying your medications online can save you money.

90-Day Supply Options

When you choose to buy your medications from traditional pharmacies you are limited. Your options are minimal, and there aren't many ways to save money.

An online pharmacy can help you with this by providing better options. One of those options is the possibility of buying medications in bulk.

Buying anything in bulk is going to save you money in the long run. When it comes to medications, you can often buy a 90-day supply for a more affordable price.

This may seem more expensive at first, but it will help you save money in the future. As you are paying less money for a larger amount of your necessary medication.

Many people choose this option as it makes the process easier. You don't have to think about your medication as much since you have a 90-day supply.

But it also comes with a lower copay, which will add up over time. Especially if that is a medication that you have to regularly refill.

Generic Brands

Getting an online refill for your medication comes with many money-saving benefits. It allows you to choose more generic brands that are the same kind of medication, only cheaper.

This is a great option that many people take advantage of. As online pharmacies allow you the opportunity to choose a generic brand that is more affordable.

These brands are often exactly the same as larger medication brands and have the same ingredients. But they will require a lower copay, which saves money over time.

This can be especially useful for medications that you have to refill monthly as this adds up. Or for more costly medications that have cheaper alternatives that are just as good.

Price Comparing

One of the best things about using an online pharmacy is the ability to compare prices. This is something that you normally would not be able to do with traditional prescriptions.

When using online refills, you can pick the most affordable pharmacy to trust. You can do your research and compare prices so that you are getting the best deal.

This can be very handy if you have certain medications that are more pricy or that you buy regularly. Especially if you are on a budget and need more cost-effective options.

Not only can you compare online pharmacies, you can compare medications. This is where generic brands can come in handy if you need the cheapest option.

You can shop around until you find the best prices for the prescriptions that you need. So that you have the most convenient and affordable option.

Discount Programs

For those who are struggling to afford their medications, discount programs can help. These programs work directly with drug manufacturers to offer better prices.

Many people choose this option if they have lost their prescription drug coverage. As discount programs can offer an alternative with more affordable prices.

Depending on the discount program and the prescription, this can help you to save a lot of money. Especially if you no longer have the assistance of coverage for these prescriptions.

There are many discount programs that you can look through. Allowing you to shop around until you find the best possible option for what you need.

Senior Savings

There are search tools available for seniors who have a limited income. Many seniors require several kinds of medications but also have limited resources to use.

There are tools available that can help you to find programs that offer options for seniors. These will often be similar to discount programs as they offer better prices.

Depending on the situation, you may also qualify for extra financial help. As medications can get expensive, especially if you have a limited income.

Some online pharmacy options may also offer special senior options for online refills.

Preferred Pharmacies 

If you want to save money, you should stick to the preferred pharmacies on your plan's network. Preferred pharmacies are often local pharmacies included in that network.

While home delivery is a common option for those using online refills, this won't always save you money. It may be more convenient, but there are other ways to save more money.

Picking up your prescription yourself from a preferred pharmacy is a great way to save a little extra. Especially if this is not a medication that you need delivered regularly.

For one-time medications and same-day medications, a preferred pharmacy is the way to go. It will help you to save a little money while being able to order the prescription online.

Money Saving Tips With an Online Pharmacy

If you have medications that you regularly need, you probably want to choose the cheapest option. Which is where an online pharmacy can come in handy.

As this allows you to choose cheaper medication options, better delivery, and discount programs.

Do you need to find an online pharmacy, so you can get your prescriptions in the mail? Contact us today at PricePro Pharmacy for affordable options for your medication.

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How to Safely Buy Medication Online

Author , posted on September 30, 2022

Category: Ordering Questions

How to Safely Buy Medication Online

If you live in the United States, you likely know how expensive American healthcare has become. An estimated 18 million Americans can't afford their medications, including life-saving prescriptions. 

The good news is that online Canadian pharmacies can help patients access affordable medications all over the globe. However, shopping for medication online requires caution.

We're here to tell you what to look for in an online pharmacy and how to buy medication online safely. With this guide, you can access affordable medication without worrying that your privacy or health is at risk.

Read on to learn everything you need to know to buy medication online the right way.

What Is an Online Pharmacy?

An online pharmacy is exactly what it sounds like. Legitimate pharmacies have the same capabilities as a brick-and-mortar pharmacy without the need to go to a brick-and-mortar location. This includes:

  • prescription fulfillment
  • automatic refill options
  • pharmacy consultations
  • notifications about your prescriptions
  • confidentiality and information protection

Instead, you can fill your prescriptions and have them sent straight to your home without ever stepping outside. That means that online pharmacies aren't just cheaper than brick-and-mortar pharmacies. They're more convenient and accessible to people regardless of transportation options, age, health status, and more. 

How do you contact an online pharmacy? As long as you provide your prescription, you can place your order over the internet, over the phone, or by chatting with an online representative. 

Do Online Pharmacies Have Any Limitations?

Online pharmacies can do a lot of the same things that brick-and-mortar pharmacies can do. Are there any limitations? There are a few that some patients should be aware of.

For example, there are some classes of medication that online pharmacies can't legally sell. This includes many prescriptions that require more supervision, like benzodiazepines (ie Xanax or Klonopin). Some patients may need to get some medications from their brick-and-mortar pharmacy, but that doesn't mean that you can't also fill certain prescriptions online.

Another difference is that many online pharmacies do not do drug compounding. Drug compounding is the process of combining or altering ingredients in one or more medications. Some people prefer compounded medications because they are formulated to target multiple illnesses or disorders. 

It's worth noting that only certain brick-and-mortar pharmacies participate in drug compounding. If you are seeking a drug compounding pharmacy, you will need to do additional research to find the pharmacy that can fulfill your needs. 

Why Online Pharmacies are Cheaper

We've talked about online pharmacies as a cheaper option than many brick-and-mortar pharmacies, especially those in countries like America. The question is, how do online pharmacies keep consumer costs low? Let's take a closer look by talking about low upfront costs, generic medications, and accessibility for uninsured or underinsured patients.

Low Upfront Costs

There are a lot of popular and familiar pharmacy chains in North America. Popular choices in America include CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. It's easy to assume that these huge corporations are making plenty of money and don't rely on customers to cover their upfront costs, but this isn't quite the case.

Chain pharmacies have to pay a huge staff as well as the rent and bills for thousands of buildings. Online pharmacies don't have the same obligations. In fact, many online pharmacies are able to fulfill their international customers' needs from one or a few locations, which helps to keep upfront costs low.

When pharmacies save money on upfront costs, customers benefit. 

Generic Medications

When we talk about common or popular prescription drugs, we tend to refer to them by their name brand. Name brand drugs are typically the first on the market of their kind. This is important when it comes to understanding drug pricing.

A new drug must undergo rigorous testing to:

  • get the formula right
  • prove effective at treating the intended disorder, disease, or symptoms
  • determine potential side effects and safety
  • meet government standards

All of this costs a lot of money, which is why buying a name brand drug can come with a high price tag. The good news is that after name brand drugs hit the market, generic drugs follow suit.

Generic medications use all of the same active ingredients as their name brand counterparts and also meet government standards. Most patients can take the generic versions of their prescriptions, which can yield some serious savings. Online pharmacies always offer generic medications, which come with an automatic price drop of up to 90%. 

No Insurance Required

In many brick-and-mortar pharmacies, especially in the US, having insurance is going to make a huge difference. Insurance companies often cover hundreds of dollars for their patients, allowing you to pay a small copay. However, many patients are uninsured or underinsured and can't rely on that coverage to afford their medications.

When you buy prescription drugs online, you pay low prices without insurance. If you have insurance, you may be able to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company by providing them with a receipt.

The best part? Many online pharmacies offer coupons that you can redeem when checking out. Each time you fill or refill a prescription, search for applicable coupons that could save you up to 80% on your order. 

Finding a Safe Pharmacy Online

Now, for the most important information in this guide. Let's talk about the key qualities you should look for in an online pharmacy, from the requirement of prescriptions to the protection of your information,. Make sure that every box is checked before you buy medication online. 

The Importance of Prescriptions

Some medications are sold over the counter and don't require a prescription. That includes medications like low-strength Ibuprofen, cold medicine, and topical creams like Neosporin. However, if a medication requires a prescription in person, it should require a prescription online.

A legitimate online pharmacy will always require proof of prescription for prescription drugs. That means that you will still need to head to your doctor as normal.

If an online pharmacy doesn't ask for a prescription, it's not safe to use. Doing so presents an ethical problem that could indicate other ethical problems, like mislabeling medications. 

Online Pharmacy Certification

The good news for consumers is that there is an easy way to verify an online pharmacy. Certification boards like Pharmacy Checker exist to take care of the hard work. They make sure that pharmacies:

  • require prescriptions
  • possess pharmacy licensing
  • prohibit the sale of controlled drugs to US consumers
  • meet security standards
  • offer pharmacist consultations
  • market themselves honestly

If you can't find any seals of certification, you can also head to websites like Pharmacy Checker and perform a search, yourself. If the pharmacy doesn't come up, you're better off looking elsewhere.

Online Security

When you go to the doctor, you want to know that your information is private. In fact, there are laws protecting that privacy, whether you're seeing your general practitioner, your dentist, or your pharmacist. You should have that same protection when you're buying medication online.

Buying medication online involves sharing your medical information, mailing address, and credit card information. A trustworthy online pharmacy will protect that. Make sure that your online pharmacy has encryption software like the Norton Shopping Guarantee or SSL Security. 

Talking to Pharmacy Employees 

One reason that consumers like to go to an in-person pharmacy? They want to talk to the pharmacist or trained pharmacy techs. 

Being able to have this contact is important. You may have questions about:

  • taking multiple medications at once
  • medication side effects
  • when to take your medication
  • whether or not you should take your medication with food
  • what could happen if you don't take your medication on time

An online pharmacy shouldn't prevent you from asking the questions you have for your pharmacist. Make sure that there are ways to get in contact with your online pharmacy, whether online or over the phone. 

Buy Medication Online With PriceProPharmacy

Trying to afford medications in countries like the United States isn't always easy. A lack of pricing regulations means that a lot of American patients are unable to purchase the medications they need to manage their health. The good news is that you can buy medication online at a fraction of the price, as long as you know how to do so safely.

We hope that our guide to buying medication online has proven helpful. Now, we want to take things a step further and offer our online pharmacy services.

If you're new to PriceProPharmacy, get started with our guide on how to order your medication. Ordering medication online is fast, simple, and affordable. 

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Prescription Services at Your Fingertips: How to Order Medicines Online

Author , posted on March 8, 2021

Category: Ordering Questions

at your fingertips

Did you know that, according to GlobalNewswire, the revenue of the global online pharmacy market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 20% between 2019 and 2025? More and more people are ordering medicines online these days, which is why we’re seeing this growth.

If you want prescription services at your fingertips, then you’re probably considering ordering medicines online. If doing this is new to you, you might have some questions, such as:

“What are the benefits of ordering medicines online?”

“Is my confidentiality protected when I’m ordering prescriptions online?”

“Do most online pharmacies deliver to everywhere in the US? Or only to certain states?”

Given how many questions you might have, you might be feeling confused. You might also feel frustrated by how in the dark you feel. After all, all you want is to find your prescriptions and order them at low prices while ensuring your safety when you take them.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. By giving you the benefits of ordering medicines online and showing you what you’ll get out of doing it, you’ll have all the information (and medications) you need. Read on to learn more.

Privacy and Confidentiality

One of the benefits of buying from an online pharmacy is that you get complete privacy and confidentiality. If you’re embarrassed about buying any of your medications from an actual person, or you don’t want a complete stranger to know about a serious health problem you’re experiencing, you can use an online pharmacy and not have to face anyone in person.

Order from the Comfort of Your Own Home

It’s also easier to order from the best online pharmacies instead of having to get showered and dressed to go out to the pharmacy and get your medications there. Whether you prefer to stay inside or are avoiding pharmacies because of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, you can now order without leaving your home.

Additionally, if you have a chronic health condition or are recovering from surgery, you might not be able to leave your home. Instead of having a family member or friend pick up your prescriptions for you, you can order them yourself and have them delivered directly to your home.

You Can Get Discounted Rates

If you’ve been paying for medications for a long time, you know how much the cost can add up over time. Given the nature of the American healthcare system and the complexities of insurance companies, it’s likely that you have additional payments you have to make on top of what your insurance provider covers.

With online pharmacies, you can get discounted rates. This is because many online pharmacies are based in Canada, where medications are cheaper because of their socialized healthcare system. Whether you need a brand name or generic drug, these will be cheaper than the drugs you pay for in the US.

Alerts and Reminders

Many online pharmacies will alert you when you need to take your medication. They’ll also send you reminders that it’s time to buy more because they’ll have your order history and know when you’re about to run out of a monthly or yearly prescription.

By getting these alerts and reminders, you won’t forget to take your medication. Depending on the medication you’ve ordered online, this can be a literal lifesaver.

More Access At Your Fingertips

At an ordinary pharmacy, they don’t keep a full stock of every medication because of storage limits. So, if you need a medication fast, you might have to wait longer for your medication to be delivered to them. You might even have to go to another pharmacy altogether.

With an online pharmacy, you don’t have this problem. Online pharmacies have no limit to how much stock they have, so you’ll have more access to the medications you need.

Online Support Solutions

If you’ve ever called a pharmacy to ask about what they have in stock, then you’re probably familiar with the annoying elevator music that comes on when you’re put on hold. Once you’ve finally gotten through, the pharmacist may be able to answer some of your questions—but considering that they might have physical customers waiting in line, they’ll be in a rush to answer them.

An online pharmacy will have online support solutions that make your purchasing process easier. Virtual assistants and online chat assistants will be there to answer any questions you have about what’s in stock.

Additionally, they can give you suggestions about other similar prescriptions, or give you advice on what to order if you have simple symptoms you need to deal with like pain management.


If you’re ordering from an online pharmacy for the first time, then you might have worries about its authenticity. You might be worried about the quality of the medications you’re buying. This is a big worry, considering that a fake version of a medication can be life-threatening depending on what you’re treating with it.

With online pharmacies, however, authenticity is guaranteed. They have quality assurance teams that check all the stock to ensure it’s made up of the right medications. You will be asked, when ordering, to upload your prescription.

Some of these pharmacies have doctors who work with them, who can prescribe your needed medications. If you aren’t sure about which online pharmacy to use, speak with your healthcare professional about those that are trusted.

Online Education

When you order your medications from an ordinary pharmacy, they might give you a little information about when to take the medication (for example, twice a day after eating), but you won’t get much more than that.

If you have any additional questions, they won’t have the time to answer them. They might not even have the answers if they’re a pharmacist with limited knowledge.

An online pharmacy, on the other hand, has the online space to give you all the information you need about your medication. They’ll provide information about using the drug, potential side effects, how it might interact with other drugs, and cheap alternatives you can buy.

Promotional Offers and Deals

In addition to being cheaper than the medications you buy from ordinary pharmacies, online pharmacies have additional offers and deals. Sometimes, there will be promotional offers offered, which you can get notified about in newsletters for customers.

Additionally, you can save money by buying your medications in bulk. There are also might be referral schemes or free shipping, depending on the online pharmacy you’re buying from.

How to Order Medicines Online

Now that you know all the benefits of ordering medicines from an online pharmacy, we’ll review the steps you should take to order medicines online. By following these steps, you’ll get the medication you need in a safe manner. You’ll also save money.

Identify A Legitimate Pharmacy

When you’re looking for the right online pharmacy for you, you need to know how to identify one that is safe to order from. There are several steps you can take to do this. You need to check that they:

  • Ask for a prescription upload when you order, one that has been given by your doctor or another professional in the healthcare industry
  • Are licensed to operate in your state; if they are based in Canada, then they should be licensed to operate in Canada
  • Have a licensed US-based or Canada-based pharmacist who can answer your questions throughout the ordering process
  • They have a street address that’s associated with them

Additionally, check if their website ends in “.pharmacy” if they’re based in the US. This is a sign that the US-based online pharmacy is safe to order from. If you have any doubts, speak with your healthcare professional about the sites you’re looking at.

Search for the Medication

Once you’ve checked to make sure the online pharmacy you’re ordering from is safe, your next step is to search for the medication on their site. Many online pharmacies will have a search bar to help you find what you’re looking for.

If you aren’t sure what medication you need, and what you need is an over-the-counter drug, you can speak with a representative about what you need. Most online pharmacies will have an online chat assistant who will help you with this. You can also email or call to find out which medication will suit your health needs best.

Additionally, many online pharmacy websites will have information pages on certain conditions and illnesses. On those pages, you can review which health issues or symptoms you’re most concerned about dealing with. Based on the information there, you can select the medication you want to order.

Add to Your Cart

Once you know which medication you’re going to order, you can add it to your cart, the same way you would when making any online order. However, in addition to selecting the medication, you’ll also select information such as the desired dosage and amount.

Check Out And Create an Account

After this, you’ll go into the checkout process. Many online pharmacies will require you to create an account. This is will make things easier for you when you order again. For security reasons, you will have to use your full name when creating an account. You will also have the option to receive news about offers and sales.

Upload Your Prescription

Once you’ve put in the order for your medication at your online pharmacy, you will be required to upload your prescription. There are different ways you can do this. The first is to take a picture with your phone or scan it, after which you can email it to the online pharmacy.

Some websites will also have an upload feature that makes this process easier. You can also fax your prescription. Finally, you can mail your prescription. An online pharmacy that gives you all these options is a safer choice than one that only has the email option.

Pay for Your Medication

The final step is paying for your medication. Many pharmacies will have you pay only once your prescription to be uploaded. Some will also require that you call to pay with your credit card.

Get Your Refill

Once you’re in the online pharmacy’s system, it’s easy to get your refill. In addition to them sending you a reminder with a link that sends you directly to a place where you can refill your order, there will also be a refill page on the website. Simply log in with your account and re-order.

Note that, if your prescription expires you will need to upload or send your new prescription for your next refill.

Need More Information?

Do you need more information on how to have prescription services at your fingertips? Maybe you want to learn about which medications you need are available online or you want to find the best online pharmacy for your needs.

Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help. At Pricepro Pharmacy, we have all the information you need when it comes to ordering medications online, including a guide on how to order and a blog where you can learn what you need. Contact us here to learn more.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Supplements Online

Author , posted on September 7, 2020

Category: Drug Information, Ordering Questions

buying supplements online


Did you know that, according to the New York Attorney General, major conglomerates such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and even big-time nutritional store GNC are selling fake supplements? 

Aside from those major chains, there are thousands of online retailers where you can try buying supplements online. If you want to know eight things to avoid, keep reading, and you'll learn what they are. 

1. Watch Out for Fillers

Many supplements contain fillers. Fillers are like fluff in a blog or website content. When you read something written with fluff, it's pretty much empty. That's what fillers are like. They do nothing for you.

They don't contribute any nutritional value. The only reason fillers are put in there is to stretch out the mileage companies get on their vitamins and supplements. Take protein powders, for instance.

Many protein powders have so many fillers all you feel is bloated after downing a shake. Instead of taking in clean protein, you're taking in extra crap that your body doesn't need.

Labels for supplements with fillers will have ingredients that aren't original to whatever vitamin or supplement you're taking.

2. Too Good To Be True

You know how the saying goes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you've ever watched a late-night infomercial about a "hot" new dietary fad, or supplement, you've undoubtedly seen the hyperbole.

They make their product out to be the end all be all of the fitness industry. These companies make bold claims that are usually not backed by any research. Heck, they even claim research studies support them without showing any proof. 

Most of the time, they're making these grand statements to charge two or three times as much for the product as they should be. Don't get sucked into this. 

3. Prices Too Low

On the other hand, some companies lowball their products. If they were any good, they couldn't possibly sell them for next to nothing.

That's because real high-quality products come from the best ingredients which aren't cheap to find or manufacture. These types of supplements barely have any nutritional value.

Not only are the ingredients not good for you, but the process they use to mix them together is also bad for you. 

4. Too Flashy

Is the T.V. commercial way too flashy? Are they trying to blind you with smoke and mirrors? You can dress up something any way you want, but when it's all said and done, if the product is terrible, it's terrible. 

The companies that engage in this practice overcompensate because they know their product is weak or inferior to high-quality supplements. 

5. Don't Always Trust the FDA

The FDA can't always be trusted. Plus, they don't actually approve dietary supplements, only new pharmaceuticals or drugs. The FDA doesn't review the safety and effectiveness of any products unless they're a new supplement.

If the supplement wasn't marketed in the US before October 15, 1994, then the FDA needs to approve it. They need to do so 75 days before the product hits the market. It should be noted that the FDA can monitor a product after it hits the shelves.

If for some reason, a health concern or an efficacy problem arises, the FDA can then start an investigation into the product and determine if it should remain on the market or not. 

6. Don't Forget These Ingredients to Watch Out For

There are many ingredients that you should keep an eye out for. You can even find these ingredients in some of the most popular supplement brands. Carefully reading product ingredients is extremely important. 


Aconite can cause heart problems, vomiting, shortness of breath, paralysis, and even death.


Chaparral might cause liver problems, kidney damage, and possible death, especially when mixed with other stimulants.


Not only does this ingredient sound bad, but it's also bad if taken with the wrong stimulants. It can cause heart palpitations and cardiac arrest.

Beard Moss

Beard Moss is also called Usnic Acid, Usnea, or Tree Moss. This ingredient can hurt your liver. 


When mixed with certain other ingredients, Germander can damage your liver, cause hepatitis, and even kill you.


Comfrey is something you should definitely stay away from. It might cause cancer, liver damage, and death. 


Coltsfoot is thought to be carcinogenic. It can also cause liver damage if consumed in higher amounts.  

Caffeine Powder

Caffeine can be good for you in the right amounts. But, if you overdo it or mix it with certain other stimulants, you can cause heart arrhythmia, seizures, cardiac arrest, and death.

7. Don't Forget to Check for Coupons

Often we leave free money on the table when we order things online. The same goes for supplements. Every time you go to your cart to checkout, you should always perform a quick search for coupons. 

You'll find that there's a coupon code for most things you order more times than not. It may take a few tries to find one that's active, but I assure you it's worth it.

Sometimes you can even get 40-50 percent off of a product, especially if it's your first time purchasing the supplement.

You'll typically find five, 10, or 20 percent off of any given supplement. So don't forget this tip before you hit the order or confirm button. 

8. Don't Forget About a Recurring Subscription

We've probably all fallen prey to this upsell tactic at one point or another. Some supplements come with an automatic recurring subscription, whether you want it or not.

Others will give you an extra five or 10 percent off if you sign up for a recurring shipment of their product.

Whether you have no choice or you willingly sign up for the recurring shipments or subscription, write down the date, you must cancel before you're charged for another month's supply.

Keep this near your computer or write it on your calendar as a reminder. 

Buying Supplements Online

When buying supplements online, there are some things you really need to watch out for. However, by doing so, you can make your experience a positive one. Contact us to see our online supplements or medications that best suit your needs.


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7 Reasons PricePro Pharmacy Is the Best Way to Order Medication Online

Author , posted on July 6, 2020

Category: Ordering Questions

pricepro pharmacy

Are you still making the long trip to a physical location to pick up your prescription medication? In 2020, that simply isn’t the optimum way of collecting the medication you need to keep going.

Switching to an online service has benefits all of its own, but did you know that PricePro Pharmacy itself comes with a plethora of benefits? If you didn’t, we’ve written this post to outline the 7 major ways why PricePro should be your go-to medication supplier today!

1. PricePro Pharmacy Provides Online Ordering Services

As we mentioned above, there are many benefits to ordering your prescription medication online in 2020. it’s more convenient, takes you less time, and is an efficient means of getting medication to you when you really need it.

At PricePro, we offer a dedicated online ordering service directly through our website. You can even use our sophisticated RX Upload page to upload your personal medication details directly and safely to us.

This way, we’re able to supply with the exact medication you need, without needing you to come in-person to a location every time you need your meds. Switching to online is easier than ever before, and is a major way in which PricePro has your medication covered.

2. PricePro Offers Additional Means of Ordering Prescriptions

We understand that some people really don’t like ordering things online. That’s why PricePro has additional means of ordering prescription medication directly from us.

We have a toll-free phone line manned by our expert staff where you’re able to order the medication you require over the phone. If you’d rather use a different online method, we operate a live chat service on our website.

This way you can message one of our staff members, who can assist you with the full ordering process. We even allow individuals to order through fax or email if that’s your preferred method.

This allows our customer’s full flexibility in how you want to order your prescription. We’ve worked hard to make each option as simple and easy as possible for all those in need of medication. We make it our mission to make prescription ordering easier for you, so you can focus on your health and wellbeing.

3. PricePro Pharmacy is a Licensed and Reliable Online Source

Sometimes people can be apprehensive ordering prescription medication online from companies who don’t appear trustworthy. We can understand this fear, but it’s not something you need to worry about when working with PricePro.

We’re a licensed provider of medication as an online service, and we work to provide only the highest quality brands and generic medicines available.

Not only that, but we employ only the finest, most knowledgeable staff to work on our team. Our staff will be able to talk everything through with you your order to ensure you’re getting the right medication you need.

4. PricePro Provides a Norton Shopping Guarantee

If you were still concerned in any way about ordering from PricePro, we’ve gone that extra mile to reassure all of our customers. We provider a Norton shopping guarantee on each medication we sell through our online service.

Norton’s guarantee means that you’re covered no matter what you buy. It also ensures our prices are fair for all of our products, and that they won’t change within 30 days of your purchase.

5. PricePro Prides Itself on Affordable Medication

At PricePro, we believe that everyone deserves access to the medication they need, whatever it might be.

That’s why we ensure the prices of all the medication sold on our website are fair and affordable. PricePro shoppers can enjoy savings of up to 80% by purchasing from our service rather than other providers.

That way you can get the medication you need at a price that won’t break your bank account every time you order!

6. PricePro Providers Further Financial Incentives

But we didn’t want to stop there when it came to providing a financial incentive for our customers. We also operate an extensive coupon service, through which even more savings can be made when buying through our service.

As long as you meet a minimum order of $50 you’re able to apply digital RX coupon codes to any order made with PricePro. That means you’re saving even more money, on top of the up to 80% saving you’re already making by purchasing through PricePro!

To find out more about our coupons and the savings you can make, be sure to take a look at our website here.

7. PricePro’s Reviews Speak For Themselves

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using PricePro is something we aren’t able to inform you of ourselves. Instead, you need only take a look at the numerous positive reviews PricePro has already received online.

We’re so proud to have received such positive feedback from our customers, and believe it to be a testament to the hard work we put in each and every day. By purchasing with PricePro, you know you’re going with a provider with a reputable track record evidenced by previous customers.

Where Can I Find Out More About PricePro and its Benefits?

So there you have it; those are the 7 major benefits to choosing PricePro for your medication and prescriptions. But we know you’ll likely have even more questions about the PricePro pharmacy that demand answers.

If you want to find out more about PricePro and how purchasing from us can benefit you, make sure to contact us directly. You can use either our phone line, email address, or live chat service to get in touch with one of our experienced team members.

They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and to guide you through the steps to making your first medication order with PricePro, today!

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9 Tips for Buying Acne Treatments Online Safely for Beginners

Author , posted on May 28, 2020

Category: Ordering Questions

buying acne treatments online

Did you know that acne is quite common? It affects 50 million Americans every year!

This pretty common skin condition has led doctors and dermatologists to create all kinds of options for acne treatments. With all of the available choices, it's hard to know where to begin. 

With so much of our lives moving online, it's only natural that people have begun buying acne treatments online. How could we know if these products are safe?

Keep reading to learn our tips for being safe when buying online.

1. Don't Trust Extremely Low Prices

Sometimes buying something cheap ends up costing us more in the long run. When you're looking at products online and the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is. 

When the cost of a medication is usually in the range of hundreds of dollars and you're seeing it for pennies and nickels online, avoid that website at all costs. This probably means that the site isn't following the strict medical guidelines that online pharmacies are required to adhere to.

Reputable discount pharmacies do exist on the internet, but they'll meet the following requirements on this list.

2. Licensed Websites Are a Must

A reputable online store will always list its licensing information on its website. If you can't find this information, stay away from that online store. The dangers of buying from an unlicensed store include receiving the wrong prescription or expired drugs.

Another way to check if a pharmacy website is licensed is to find if it has Digital Pharmacy Accreditation. This easy search can be done on the website for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

3. Valid Prescriptions Only

If an online pharmacy doesn't ask you for a valid prescription from a licensed doctor, then you shouldn't use their website for buying your prescriptions. The pharmacy could end up giving you the wrong drug which could negatively affect your health. 

When a pharmacy asks you for a valid prescription they are doing so to make sure you're getting the correct medication and dose. They also do this to prevent you from abusing prescription medications and making sure you're only taking what your doctor sees fit. 

This excludes over-the-counter medications that don't require a physician's order to purchase.

4. A Miracle Cure Claim Is a Red Flag

Websites that claim to be online pharmacies should never mention miracle cures. Many scam sites will offer drugs that "cure" illnesses like cancer. These false claims are evidence enough that these websites are not backed by medical professionals and should be avoided at all costs. 

These types of websites will only give you the wrong medical information and rob you of your money. This can cause some serious consequences for your physical health. Being taken advantage of in this way can also take a toll on your emotional health. 

5. Always Consult Your Doctor 

One of the most important tips for buying prescriptions online is to always talk with your doctor. Your medical needs should always be discussed with your doctor first, so talk to him or her before buying your medications online.

Your doctor might be able to help you navigate the online pharmacy market and lead you to some good websites to choose from. Your doctor may also be able to help you figure out if a website is following all of the guidelines for quality and safety and ease your anxieties about purchasing your medication somewhere new. 

6. Contact Information Grants Legitimacy

The risk of buying any treatments or medications online include not knowing if you'll get what you paid for. If you can't find any contact information on a website, that's not a good sign.

A physical address, phone number, and email address will give you a way to communicate with the website about your purchase. It will also allow you to reach out if you encounter any issues. No contact information usually means a site wants to steal from you.  

7. Never Buy a Prescription Without a DIN

A DIN (Drug Identification Number) is an eight-digit number that Health Canada gives to all prescriptions before they go on the market. A DIN makes sure the drug has been thoroughly evaluated before it's authorized to go on sale. 

Buying medication from an online pharmacy with a DIN will give you peace of mind that it's safe to take and has been approved by qualified medical professionals. 

8. Compare Prices Extensively 

When you buy from an online pharmacy it's important to compare prices. One of the benefits of buying treatments and medication online is that it's pretty easy to compare prices and find discounts so that you can get your prescriptions at the most affordable price!

You can also check to see if the online pharmacies take your insurance which can help you save even more money on your prescriptions. Make sure that you're also checking reviews from customers when comparing pharmacies, this will help you decide the best options to choose from. 

9. Never Give out Sensitive Information

Never give a website sensitive information like your bank account or social security numbers. If a website asks for this information in order to offer you lower prices, this is most likely a scam. You should also avoid giving these sites your personal medical information as it puts your privacy at risk. 

The Best Tips for Buying Acne Treatments Online

Buying acne treatments online or any other medication is a great resource to have. Buying your prescriptions online does come with some risks, however. The tips in the list above include some of the most important things to consider when buying products online. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about buying your prescriptions or acne treatments online. We'll be happy to help!