Who Can Get Prescription Drugs From an Online Canadian Pharmacy?

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Posted on March 2, 2021

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Experts estimated global prescription drug spending to be at least $1.3 trillion in 2020. Of this, they projected the United States alone to account for almost 27%, or $350 billion. They also forecasted an annual global increase of 3% to 6%.

All these demonstrate how crucial prescription drugs are in today's society. However, they are as expensive (if not more so) as they are important to public health.

This is especially true in the US, where consumers spend over $1,000 each year on prescription meds alone. In fact, the per capita drug expenditure in the US has risen by over 1,000% from 1960 to 2017.

If you've grown tired of the high cost of prescription drugs, you might want to order them online. An online accredited Canadian pharmacy can help lower your health costs.

However, ordering prescriptions online still comes with a few requirements. Knowing these can help you figure out if online medication delivery services are a good fit for you.

We'll talk about who can take advantage of these online prescription drug services, so be sure to read on!

Patients With a Valid Prescription

Patients with a valid physician's prescription can order from an online Canadian pharmacy. The keyword here is "valid," which means that the prescription must be from a licensed doctor. Also, a prescription is only valid for one year from the date a doctor wrote and issued it.

In the US, licensed doctors are medical degree holders with a state-issued license. The law doesn't require them to take the board certification, but most doctors do. All in all, there are only a little more than 1.02 million professionally active physicians in the US as of 2020.

If you live in the US, your prescription is valid if it comes from one of these active doctors. A legit online pharmacy always confirms physician identities. Pharmacy representatives validate each doctor's name, signature, and license number.

Other clinicians, such as licensed physician assistants (PAs), may also write prescriptions. The scope of their prescribing power depends on the state they work in, though.

For instance, PAs in California and Idaho can write prescriptions for Schedule II to V drugs. However, in Arizona, PAs can only prescribe up to a 30-day supply of Schedule II and III drugs. They can't issue refills without a supervising physician, either.

Please note, too, that the prescription itself must be in writing, either on paper or in digital form. What's important is that it's on a legal, official prescription document. These have the RX label on them, the doctor's complete information, and their signature.

Why Are Prescriptions Necessary?

Prescription medicines usually treat major or more severe medical conditions, such as diabetes. For this reason, they tend to be more potent than over-the-counter drugs. Therefore, the primary reason for requiring prescriptions is consumer safety.

There's also the issue of medication misuse, regarded as "illicit drug use" in the US. In 2018, almost a fifth of people aged 12 and older in the US committed this act. This problem would be far bigger if valid prescriptions aren't mandatory.

Valid prescriptions also help patients safely treat, manage, or recover from their illnesses. After all, these documents also contain directions for the medication's use. They indicate how many times a day (and sometimes, even the time) patients must take their medicine.

Are Prescriptions Mandatory for All Medicines?

Please be aware that fake online pharmacies do exist. One surefire way to tell you're dealing with a scammer is if they tell you that you don't need to give them a copy of your Rx.

A written prescription is always needed for all prescription medicines. The only medicines that don't are "over-the-counter" drugs. Dietary or nutritional supplements also don't require a valid Rx.

So, always be on your toes when shopping for medications online. Buy only from an online pharmacy that employs a licensed pharmacist. You must be able to speak to the pharmacist whenever you contact the pharmacy itself.

How Do You Send a Prescription to an Online Pharmacy?

The easiest way is to upload a digitized copy of the Rx itself to the site. Don't worry, as a reputable online pharmacy uses SSL website certificates. These are web technologies that allow for safe and secure online connections.

You can also email or snail mail a copy of your Rx to the pharmacy itself. Keep in mind that legit online pharmacies also run out of brick and mortar facilities. This means they have physical locations that you can physically visit and mail your Rx to.

Consumers Who Need Access to Quality Yet Affordable Meds

The US spends at least twice more per person on health expenditures as many other OECD countries. For instance, in 2018, the per capita health spending in the US amounted to $10,637. Of this, $1,397 went toward prescription drugs and medical goods.

On the other hand, the average health spending of comparable countries was only $5,527 per capita. Such countries include Canada, the UK, and Sweden, to name a few.

One reason Canada's drug prices are lower than that of the US is that the US has no drug price regulations. Moreover, the US doesn't "haggle" with drugmakers over price appropriation. By contrast, Canada (as well as other comparable countries) steps in if a drug seems too pricey.

So, if you no longer want to deal with exorbitantly-priced meds, you might want to buy them online. Just be sure to choose one of the best online pharmacies in the Great White North. This means ordering prescriptions only from a certified and licensed Canadian company.

People in Need of Prescription Drugs for Personal Use

Each country has various drug importation laws in place, but all aim to keep illegal drug sales at bay. More than that, these stringent rules help keep residents safe from dangerous drugs. Adulterated medicines and supplements are an example of such harmful products.

In some cases, the US may allow personal importation of prescription medicines. The keyword here is "personal," so it shouldn't be for "further sale or distribution" into the US market. If you bought it under your name, then you must be the one to take those medications.

Moreover, the medicine must not come with an unreasonable risk, especially safety. The consumer (in this case, the patient) must also put into writing that the medicine is for personal use. Another key requirement is that the drugs' quantity doesn't go beyond a 90-day supply.

With that said, be sure you only order a 90-day supply of your meds from an online Canadian pharmacy. Again, you'd need a valid doctor's prescription for this. Your prescription must also say that you can get at least a three-month supply of the medicines.

Individuals in Need of Refills but Wish to Avoid the Crowds

The CDC believes that the mutant B.1.1.7. COVID-19 strain is now present in most states. It's the strain believed to be 50% more contagious than the original or "parent" strain. Experts are still figuring out if this strain can lead to more severe symptoms or illnesses.

In any case, this is a stark reminder of how it's best to stay at home as much as possible. However, this can be tricky if you need to get an emergency prescription refill. After all, you shouldn't skip your meds, especially not if it's for a chronic health condition.

The good news is that reputable online Canadian pharmacies offer next-day delivery services. If you are in Canada, be sure to place your order on or before 12:00 PM Pacific Time. You can then request the pharmacy to ship it to you the following day.

If you live outside of the Great White North, order at least a week before you run out of supplies. Canadian Express takes about three to five business days from the shipment date.

If you don't need an emergency refill but still want to avoid going out, a regular shipment may suffice. This usually takes between seven and 12 business days from the date of shipment. Tracked shipments are a bit faster, as these take only about five to 10 business days.

Patients Who Want to Ensure 100% Medication Adherence

In one survey, 53% of 1,001 patients admitted to purposefully missing a prescription dose due to its cost. Millennials were at the top of the list, with 61% of them saying they missed a dose for this reason. Middle-aged patients weren't that far off, with 57% of them revealing they've done the same.

This study, along with many others, proves how the high cost of drugs isn't doing much to help people get better. After all, medication adherence is key to controlling chronic health problems. It's also vital in treating acute or short-term illnesses.

The Consequences of Non-Adherence

Non-adherence can be dangerous, even deadly to those with chronic illnesses. It may also be racking up at least $100 billion in preventable medical expenditures each year. 

Another common consequence of poor medication adherence is drug resistance. A perfect example is the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). WHO now considers AMR as one of the world's top 10 public health threats.

AMR occurs due to misuse and abuse of antimicrobial medicines. One can "misuse" them by not completing the antimicrobial prescription.

Either way, pathogens that develop AMR cause infections that are harder to treat. They also increase disease transmission, so more people get sick from them.

Non-adherence can also give rise to multiple drug resistance. This can happen if one takes a certain drug for a short period and then takes a different one right after.

So, for your own safety, please be sure always to take your meds as prescribed! This way, you can reduce your risks of developing more serious conditions. 

How an Online Canadian Pharmacy Can Help

Meds from reputable online Canadian pharmacies can be up to 80% cheaper than US prices. They also offer various discounts and deals, such as those for first-time buyers. You'll also find coupons for most branded drugs, most of which offer savings from $10 to $20.

Since these prescription drugs cost far less, you won't have to force yourself to skip a dose again. You can avoid putting yourself and your health at risk due to non-adherence. Best of all, you can take better control of your health once more.

Those Looking for a Discreet Way to Order ED Medications

Researchers estimate that erectile dysfunction affects 3% to 76.5% of men worldwide. However, the actual numbers can be much higher, seeing as some may choose not to reach out to their doctor about it. One possible reason is that their ED may be a big source of embarrassment.

This is why some experts suggest that only 10% of men with ED receive treatment.

The thing is, having ED can be a vicious cycle, as worrying about it can aggravate symptoms. On the other hand, ED can result from excessive levels of stress. What's more, age is not the only cause; there are at least 10 other possible ED culprits.

The good news is that ED is manageable and even treatable with medication. In some cases, even just major lifestyle changes can already reverse the symptoms. However, since underlying conditions can also cause ED, it's still best to see your doctor.

If your physician diagnoses you with ED, you don't have to go to a local pharmacy to get your meds. As with most other prescription medicines, you can order them online. So long as you choose a legit Canadian pharmacy, you can expect quick and discreet delivery of your ED meds.

Don't Make Your Health Wait Any Longer

Online Canadian pharmacies can help out almost anyone who needs low-cost prescription drugs. This can be you, provided you have a valid prescription and that you intend to use them for your own well-being. Just make sure you don't order more than a 90-day supply at a time to avoid border issues.

If you order from us here at PricePro Pharmacy, we'll help you get access to low-cost prescription meds. Connect with us now, and we'll be happy to assist you in regaining control of your health!

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