Why Are Canada Drug Prices So Much Lower Than America’s? Your Questions, Answered

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Posted on June 29, 2020

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canada drug prices

The United States accounts for a third of the global biopharmaceuticals market. This makes it the biggest national market in the world.

This industry produces the drugs that millions of Americans rely on to survive every day. However, the retail prices of these drugs are prohibitively high in America.

For this reason, many of the patients using these medications have been sourcing their prescriptions online. Because Canada drug prices are so low compared to those for American medicines, you can save huge money by getting your treatments online.

Read on to learn more about why Canada drug prices are so low.

Why Is Medication So Expensive in America?

America has far fewer corporate regulations in many areas than other countries do. One such area is the pharmaceutical industry.

Where other countries impose caps on the prices pharmaceutical companies can charge you for prescription medications, the United States allows the market to set its price.

This means that consumers pay far more than in other places whether they pay for their drugs directly or through an expensive health insurance policy.

Will American Medications Get Cheaper?

Despite long-running campaigns involving activists like Bernie Sanders, the American pharmaceutical industry has resisted reform in the area of price regulation. Having been successful up to now, this resistance is unlikely to change in the immediate future.

However, public pressure is beginning to mount on lawmakers in this area. More and more Americans have become disgruntled at what they see as profiteering on the part of pharmaceutical companies.

Why Are Canada Drug Prices Lower?

Canada is a good example of a country in which prices are far more favorable for those in need of prescription medications.

The national government in Canada pay for the prescription drugs Canadian residents need. A government board decides what medicines qualify for this scheme. Any treatment they feel is too expensive, they will reject.

This means that the average cost of filling a prescription in a Canadian pharmacy is far lower than filling the same prescription in America. Some drugs in our pharmacy cost as much as 80% less than their American equivalents.

What’s Different About Canadian Drugs?

Many people worry that if they buy drugs online from a Canadian pharmacy, they’ll be getting a different or inferior treatment. This is not the case.

Major medications around the world contain the same active ingredient in the same amounts. This means you’ll enjoy the same benefits from medicine you buy from an online pharmacy as from a brick-and-mortar store in America.

However, packaging requirements change from one jurisdiction to the next. Your medication is likely to look quite different when it comes from a Canadian pharmacy than it would if you bought it locally, at least before you open it.

What Medications Can I Get Online?

Our pharmacy has a similar range of medications to most American pharmacies. Below are some of the most popular products we stock:

  • Advair Diskus, a popular asthma treatment.
  • Lipitor, a medication for those trying to lower cholesterol.
  • Viagra, a treatment for male impotence.
  • Xarelto, a blood thinner.
  • Welbutrin, a treatment that is effective in treating the symptoms of depressive disorders.

We also stock generic pharmaceuticals. These are treatment options that become available after the patent on a branded medication runs out and competitors can use the medication’s active ingredient in products of their own.

Generic products are required to have the same quantity of active ingredients as the original, branded medications. However, they may use different kinds of filler material.

If you have a prescription that specifies that you should receive a generic medication or name the active ingredient rather than a particular brand, we can fill your prescription with generic medicines. If you want to save money on generic medicine, ask your doctor to facilitate this.

The Advantages of Buying Online

There are a number of reasons why the online pharmacy industry is growing so rapidly in America. These extend beyond just the cost savings.

We’ve looked at a few of the most significant benefits of the online pharmaceutical industry here.


Online pharmacy shopping can save you time and effort as well as money. Rather than traveling to and from a pharmacy and potentially waiting around until your prescription is filled, you can buy, pay for, and receive your drugs without having to leave the house.


The COVID-19 pandemic has given buyers another reason to consider online pharmacies. Brick-and-mortar pharmacies can make it very difficult to maintain social distancing protocols.

By buying online, you’re helping to keep yourself, your family, and those around you safe from the threat of the virus.


Many physical pharmacies struggle with storage space. Because they are usually situated in urban areas, they can’t afford to give over a huge amount of their property for this purpose.

Because online pharmacies do not have this problem, their selection of drugs tends to be better. They’re also less likely to run out of popular treatments than brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

Saving Money & Time By Buying Online

Canada drug prices are proving too good for many Americans to ignore. At a time when our health is more at risk than ever, access to affordable healthcare treatments is a necessity.

If you have a question about buying treatments online or if you want to learn more about the medications we stock, contact us today.

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