Complete Checklist to Buy Medication Online Safely

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Posted on September 4, 2020

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buy medication online

The conveniences of shopping for different products online attract people of all ages.

But what about those who want to buy medication online?

There are all sorts of horror stories of people who have been given the wrong prescription, or those who have fallen for fake online pharmacy schemes. This can lead to even worse issues, such as identity and credit card theft.

So what can you do to ensure that you aren’t going to be scammed?

Here are some tips for making sure that when you buy medication online, you are doing so safely.

1. Items Real Online Pharmacies Always Need

Any legitimate online pharmacy will require all of the same information as a brick and mortar pharmacy. This is to both secure your identity and to ensure that you are getting the correct medication.

Here is a list of the basic things that any online pharmacy will need to sell your medication safely:

  • The pharmacy in question will require a valid prescription from your doctor or healthcare physician
  • A real online pharmacy will be required to have been approved and licensed by your state board pharmacy, or something similar
  • They MUST have a licensed pharmacist on staff who can answer any questions about the pharmacy and your medications
  • The pharmacy MUST provide a valid address in your country of origin, as well as a telephone number

If the online pharmacy that you are considering purchasing from is missing one or more of these items, then it is likely that they are a rouge pharmacy, and you should not give them your information. Other signs that it may not be an actual pharmacy include:

  • Having prices that seem far too good to be true
  • Send spam that offers cheap prices for medications you did not ask for/do not need
  • Allow you to buy medication without asking for or needing a prescription
  • It is unlikely that any trustworthy online pharmacy will ship worldwide; make sure they only deliver to the country they are found in

When in doubt, trust your instincts; if you believe that the website is false, it’s better to continue your shopping elsewhere.

2. How to Tell If Your Medication Isn’t Safe After Purchase

If you have already purchased medication online, and aren’t sure whether or not you can trust that it’s safe, there are a few steps that you can take to find out.

  • Your medication either doesn’t have a label with your name on it, or the name is misspelled/not your name
  • The name of the medication itself is missing/incorrect
  • The dosage doesn’t match the prescription or isn’t listed
  • It looks different from the medication you usually get from the pharmacy; if the shape, color, or letters on the pills are off, do not take them
  • The expiration date is missing, incorrect, or illegible

If any of these are true, or if the bottle of medication appears to have been tampered with or opened, then do NOT take it. This is also true if the bottle is missing a label entirely, or if there is no information about the medication inside, such as a warning label or ingredient information.

3. Reasons to Buy Medication Online

As long as you are ensuring that your online pharmacy is legitimate, then there are a host of reasons why you should buy your medication online!

Purchasing Medication Online is Cheaper

Due to the fact that your insurer can purchase medication directly from the provider when purchasing online, they are often able to buy it in bulk, meaning that you are going to get your medicine at a much lower cost! Some online pharmacies will even provide coupons for certain medications to make them even more accessible for shoppers.


Most people shop online because of the convenience it provides; when you’re able to buy your prescription from anywhere, buying medication online just makes sense!

Not only that, but with the medication being delivered right to your door, you don’t have to worry about making a trek out while you’re feeling ill. If you live alone and can’t muster up the strength to leave the house, then buying medication safely online is the right choice for you.

Automatic Refills

There is possibly nothing more convenient than a pharmacy remembering your exact prescription and delivering your medication straight to you as soon as your last bottle runs out.

With online stores, you won’t have to constantly show your prescription information and wait ages for it to be approved. Instead, the pharmacy will hold your information safely online until you are ready for them to send your refill.

Buying in Bulk

Most online pharmacies will give you a 90-day prescription at a time; this means less worry about refills for you. Just one trip to the online store and you’re set for up to three months!

24/7 Help from Pharmacists

Most online pharmacies will provide access to a registered pharmacist that can answer any questions you might have about your medications all day, every day. Even if your local pharmacy is closed for the night, one quick stop online will provide you with an answer to any questions you might have.

Safe Online Purchases Ahead

Now that you’ve discovered the best and safest ways to buy medication online, there’s no need to worry about rouge pharmacies or being scammed out of your hard-earned money.

Do you have any stories about your own experiences buying medicine online? Do you have any tips for others who might want to find their own online pharmacy?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Comment down below with your ideas, and continue reading our blog for more information on health care.


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