Can Americans Buy Drugs From Canada?

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Posted on June 12, 2020

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America is the land of the free and one of the only countries that promote freedom of speech and equality. There is much to love about such a country.

But, America has its faults. 

One of the major problems in America is the amount of debt it's in. This includes the overinflated healthcare system. The price of living as an American is having to pay much for insurance and medication than anywhere else. The average US citizen spends over $1,000 on prescriptions annually. 

Americans can save thousands when they buy drugs from Canada. It's an excellent alternative for those who need drugs but cannot afford it. Maybe you don't want to be abused by the American system any longer. 

You can learn how to access drugs with your prescription in Canada after you finish reading this. 

Is Getting Prescription Drugs in Canada Legal? 

It seems as if America doesn't want its citizens to enjoy lower prices as they force ridiculous prices to us. You cannot legally buy prescription drugs anywhere, even our neighbor, Canada.

There are a few reasons why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided against this. 

  • It is the FDA's responsibility to validate every drug that enters the US is authentic and safe. When prescription drugs fall outside this order, there is a gap in this. 
  • When a drug is made in Canada and has been FDA approved there, rules in Canada are followed. This means no recourse can be done in the US in the event there's a problem 
  • Certain drugs used for experimental purposes are likely to be inadequately tested. You will literally, be taking life in your own hands.
  • Certain drugs have been discontinued in the US, but may still be up for purchase in Canada. Because there is usually a major reason for it to be discontinued, it is best not to get it elsewhere. 

Although it is not legal, it is often overlooked for those who buy prescriptions in Canada for themselves. It's also easier for those who decide to use online shipments.

At the moment, the US is making plans to allow prescriptions from Canada. With this coming into effect, American citizens will be legally permitted to purchase prescription drugs through any method at Canadian pharmacies. 

Until this law is complete, you may get the prescriptions at your own discretion. 

The "Loophole" to Get Prescriptions for Personal Use in Canada

The FDA is extremely strict at enforcing rules in importing foreign drugs as many people attempt to resale it for profit. However, they are less strict about enforcing those rules to people who get prescription drugs in Canada for personal use.

So long as you do not buy dozens of batches at a time (no more than a 90-day supply), you will not spark any red flags. It is impossible to get assess to a surplus of drugs anyway. 

When you have a valid prescription, you are given single or small-dosage amounts by a doctor. If you did need a refill, a new prescription is required. 

Buy Drugs From Canada in the US

The first thing Americans may think of when considering buying their prescription drugs from Canada is if its even possible. It certainly is. 

As healthcare costs rise in the US, Canada offers better prices for brand name prescriptions and also because: 

  • There are certain prescription drugs offered in Canada, but not America
  • There are some drugs that require a prescription in America, but not Canada 

While you can save money getting your prescription from Canada, you should only order them from reputable providers. The only way you can order prescription medications online is with a valid prescription. 

Before a medication is given to you from Canada, a security check by the online pharmacy is performed. Licensed pharmacists will also ask if you have any allergy concerns and find potential drug interactions.

This check is taken for every order made from Canada to the US. It ensures safety for customers who decide to get the prescription online. 

Going Directly to Canada

If you don't mind doing the legwork or have a pre-planned trip to Canada, you can purchase it while there. The only difference is having to go through and pass the "claims" area during the importing process. 

US Customs and Border Protection are required to make sure illegal goods are seized before you can leave or enter. Be prepared to do the following when you travel: 

  • Have no more than a 3-month supply for personal use
  • Declare your prescription purchases because if customs finds it without a declaration, expect penalties.
  • If your item appears suspicious, it may be taken so be sure to keep drugs in its original container 

A trip to Canada would not be worth it if you can't take it home with you. You will not be stopped when you follow these rules. 

Finding Affordable Prescriptions as an American 

Most Americans say they go to work to pay their bills. There is little left to spend on themselves after they're paid. A single person can expect to pay $200-300 a month on health insurance. Even with an expensive insurance plan, you are expected to pay a good chunk on your prescription.

This complication doesn't only cause debt, but it can compromise one's health. Not being able to get a drug you need because it's too expensive is a situation that should never happen. 

You could save a lot of amount of money when you buy drugs from Canada instead. Put that money you would have spent on you and treat yourself. 

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