Avapro (Irbesartan)

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    Avapro (Irbesartan) Product Information

    Avapro, or generic Irbesartan, is a high blood pressure medication. This medication can also be used to treat kidney problems caused by type 2 diabetes. Avapro works by relaxing the blood vessels, allowing your blood pressure to decrease.

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    Avapro is manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis and we provide it in these dosages: 75 mg, 150 mg and 300 mg tablets. We carry both the brand and the generic Irbesartan tablets. This medication is available for shipment from our licensed dispensing pharmacies in Turkey, Canada or the United Kingdom.

    Order's shipped to the US from Canada or the United Kingdom would take an estimated 7-10 business days while orders shipped from Turkey would take approximately 10-18 business days to be delivered once shipped. The tablets are available in pack sizes of 28 tablets.

    If you need assistance in forwarding your prescription, or setting up your order, we can be reached toll free at 1-855-776-0079. We also have agents available to help you via live chat, which you can find on our website.

    What is Avapro used for?

    Avapro is prescribed for hypertension, better known as  high blood pressure.

    As an angiotensin II receptor blocker, Avapro keeps the blood vessels relaxed and dilated. When these vessels are narrow, the pressure of the blood increases.

    When Avapro is taken, it reduces the blood pressure, and it decreases the activity of the angiotensin II chemical that causes blood vessels to become narrow.


    Avapro should be taken the way your doctor directs.

    When it comes to dosage, you should have an initial dosage of 150 mg once daily if you suffer from diabetic nephropathy. If well tolerated, you can take a maintenance dose of between 150 mg to 300 mg once per day.

    If being taken to treat hypertension, then the same initial and maintenance dosages should be taken.

    This medication can be taken with or without food and you should have your blood pressure checked regularly. Even if your symptoms improve, continue taking Avapro as directed by your doctor.

    Irbesartan Side Effects

    Avapro may cause some side effects and it is good to be aware of these. The most common side effects are mild and not alarming.

    They include:

    • Heartburn
    • Stomach disturbances
    • Fatigue
    • Diarrhea

    Report severe side effects like little to no urination, lightheadedness, lack of appetite, vomiting or pain in your lower back or side. Your doctor might adjust your dose or prescribe a safer alternative.


    Avapro is an effective medicine when taken correctly and safely. To ensure it works for you, make sure you take some precautions prior to use. So, let your physician know if you:

    • Have diabetes and taking a medicine that contains aliskiren. Good examples of such a medicine include Tekamlo, Amturnide and Tekturna.
    • Are pregnant or looking to conceive.
    • You drink alcohol as combining it with Avapro can lower your blood pressure to an unsafe level
    • Are taking potassium supplements or another salt substitute
    • If you start taking Avapro, be alert to notice symptoms of kidney failure: muscle pain, weakness, unusual fatigue and dark colored urine
    • Let your doctor know about any other medicine you are taking, including lithium

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