Betoptic S (Betaxolol)

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Betoptic S 0.25%

Product of United Kingdom
Manufactured by: Novartis
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Betoptic S 0.25%
Product of United Kingdom
Manufactured by Novartis
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Betoptic S 0.25%

Product of Canada
Manufactured by: Alcon
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Betoptic S 0.25%
Product of Canada
Manufactured by Alcon
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Betoptic S (Betaxolol) Product Information

People with glaucoma or high eye pressure can be prescribed Betoptic S. It is a prescription medicine for reducing high pressure in the eye.

It’s also marketed as betaxolol, the main ingredient in it.

Order Betoptic S Eye Drops Online

Betoptic S 0.25% is manufactured by Novartis as a product of the United Kingdom. The product of Canada is manufactured by Alcon. Both products contain the same dosage of 0.25% betaxolol. The medication is available in a 5ml bottle size starting at $32.00 cost for 1 bottle and $75 for 3 bottles.

There is no generic Betoptic S medication available on the market.

The estimated shipping time from UK and Canada is 7-10 business days to USA. There is a standard shipping charge of $9.95 per order.

A Betoptic S prescription is required to submit to process your order with our online pharmacy. The copy of the prescription can be faxed, emailed, or uploaded directly on the website.


If your doctor wants you to start taking Betoptic S, then they will give you some guidelines. To ensure that you succeed, take the medication exactly as the doctor wants. Usually, Betoptic  S is a suspension that is only designed for eye use. Don’t use it in any other way or give it to another person who has eye issues.

To achieve maximum results, use Betoptic S at the same hour every single day. As it is a solution, make sure you shake the bottle prior to usage. If you wear lenses, remove them prior to use and wear them again fifteen minutes after treating your eyes. The method of use includes the following:

  • Tilt your head backward
  • Push your lower eyelid down until you see a tiny pocket. Hold it with one hand and use the other to squeeze out a drop into the pocket
  • Close that eye for one to two minutes and make sure you press the corner of your eye with a finger. This will stop the medication from flowing out of the eye.
  • Wipe any excess medication from your eyelid.

Make sure you stop using this medication exactly when your doctor asks you and don’t skip it. If you forget taking your dose, take it the soonest you can recall. If it is almost time to take your next dose, skip it altogether.

Side Effects

There are likely to be side effects when using Betoptic S. It is good to be aware of these so that you can report anything you cannot bear.

The most common side effects are also the easiest to withstand. In the case of this medication, most people encounter eye pain. If it persists, then call your doctor.

On the other hand, you can suffer from severe side effects and you should tell your doctor about them.  These include any signs of an allergic reaction, including skin blistering, peeling, rash or hives, itching, reddening or swollen face, tongue or throat.  Some people may notice changes in eyesight, eye irritation, slow heartbeat, muscle weakness and involuntary weight gain especially around the legs and arms. These side effects should be reported to the doctor.


Before you start taking Betoptic S, make sure you can safely do it. Hence, discuss with your doctor about your health issues as some of these might affect their final decision. So:

  • Tell your doctor about your betaxolol allergy. If you are allergic to any other part of it or other things, tell them too
  • Do you suffer from heart issues, such as heart block, heart failure or slow heartbeat? If yes, inform your physician
  • Tell your doctor about your asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Inform the physician about any prescription or non-prescription medications you are on
  • If scheduled for an eye surgery or have an eye infection, tell your healthcare professional
  • Talk about your high blood glucose or diabetes.

Note that this medicine may make it harder to notice signs of low blood sugar or an overactive thyroid. As a result, you should be observed closely.

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The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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