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Posted on January 15, 2021

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects an estimated 15% of the world's male population. Researchers also project its prevalence to affect 320 million men by 2025. If this forecast comes to pass, it will signify a two-fold growth from the 150 million ED patients back in 1995.

In North America alone, more than one in five men have erectile dysfunction. While it's more widespread among older men, ED symptoms also exhibit in men younger than 40.

If you're one of these folks, an online Canadian pharmacy can be your sexual health's saving grace.

Ready to learn how exactly buying ED meds from a Canadian Pharmacy online benefit you? Let's get right into it then!

Canada's Prescription Drugs Have Always Been Affordable

Especially if you compare their cost with the neighboring United States.

In the US, consumers shell out at least four times more for medications than in other countries. There were even times in which they paid 67 times more for the same drug. For this reason, 79% of Americans find US prescription drugs to be unreasonable.

Previous studies have confirmed that even patented drugs in Canada are at least 40% lower than in the US. However, a reputable online Canadian pharmacy sells both branded and generic drugs. So, you can just imagine how much more you can save if you purchase all your meds online.

Considerable Savings When Buying Viagra and Cialis in Canada

From 2012 to 2017, the cost of Viagra (branded sildenafil) in the US rose by 190%. That's a $243 increase from $127 to $370 per monthly prescription. The cost of Cialis (branded tadalafil), Viagra's rival, also rose by 187% from $127 to $365 during the same period.

Fast forward to 2020, and Viagra's average price per pill still averages about $80 in the US. As for Cialis, it stands at around $70 per 5 mg tablet.

Buy branded Viagra from a trustworthy Canadian Pharmacy online, and you can get four tabs for as low as $60. That places the average cost per tablet at a mere $15. You can save more if you go with a 32-tablet supply, which costs as little as $380, or $11.80 per tablet.

With a reputable Canadian pharmacy, Cialis prices can cost as low as $150 for 28 tablets with a 2.5 mg dose. Most doctors prescribe this as the starting daily dose for patients with ED. However, if your Cialis prescription is 5 mg, you can save even more with 28 tablets costing only $115 in total.

Do note that these rates for Viagra and Cialis in Canada are for the actual branded products. Viagra is from Pfizer, while Cialis is from Eli Lilly.

If you do the math, you can see that Viagra from a Canadian pharmacy can cost up to five times less than in the US. On the other hand, Canada's Cialis online prices can be about 14 times less than the going rate in the US. Those huge savings should be enough reason to buy from a licensed Canadian pharmacy.

Availability of Lower-Cost Generic ED Medications

Generic drugs can cost 80% to 85% less than their branded counterparts. However, they are just as potent as their branded predecessors. They use the same ingredient (or an equivalent) to deliver the same effects.

The main reason generic drugs are cheaper is that they are no longer "new" inventions. Generic drug makers pattern their products from existing branded medications. Therefore, they spend fewer resources on research, marketing, and distribution.

Safety and Efficacy of Generic Drugs in Canada

In Canada, all generic drugs must comply with Health Canada's stringent protocols. Health Canada then tests these medications for safety, efficacy, and quality. Only after these processes can a generic drug receive approval from the department.

As such, generic drugs available from licensed Canadian pharmacies are safe and effective. The same applies to ED medications, such as generic Cialis and generic Viagra.

Do note that generic ED drugs still require prescriptions, much like the branded ones. Although they are far more affordable, Health Canada still heavily regulates them. As such, you'd need to have a valid doctor's prescription to buy generic ED medications online.

Generic Viagra in Canada

Viagra's generic drug counterpart is sildenafil. Aside from erectile dysfunction, it also helps treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

Sildenafil works by helping boost circulation to the penile blood vessels. Keep in mind that problems with blood vessels are among the chief causes of ED. After all, the penis can't get erect or maintain an erection if there's too little blood flow.

Sildenafil's effects take about half an hour to one hour to kick in. However, it's safe to consume for up to four hours before having sex. You do need to feel sexually-aroused for the drug to work, though.

If you buy online generic Viagra in Canada, you can get a four-tablet supply for as low as $16, or $4 per tab. That's a staggering $11 price difference per tablet if you compare it with branded Viagra.

Generic Cialis in Canada

Tadalafil is Cialis' generic version, and like sildenafil, it's also a vasodilator. It helps treat and manage the symptoms of ED by boosting blood flow to the penis. Patients also take tadalafil to help ease the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Tadalafil differs from sildenafil in that it has a longer "half-life." This means that it stays in the blood and the system longer. Tadalafil's half-life is 17.5 hours, while sildenafil's is four hours.

For this reason, you don't have to take tadalafil right before sexual intercourse. The longer window gives you more freedom to time when you want to have sex. However, it does need about one to two hours to take effect from the time you take it.

Generic Cialis online can only cost you $20.50 for 30 pieces of 2.5 mg tablets, which is about $0.68 per unit. If your prescription is for 5 mg, the price hikes up a bit to $28 for 30 tablets, which is still only $0.93 per unit. All in all, you can save over a hundred dollars for a month's supply if you switch from Cialis to generic tadalafil.

Lower-Priced Branded ED Medication Alternatives

If, for some reason, you don't want to take generic Viagra or Cialis, you may want to go with a branded substitute. Your alternative to Viagra is Revatio, which uses sildenafil too and is also from Pfizer.

Revatio's 20 mg tablets can go for as low as $6.54 per unit if you buy 90 tablets at a time. That's almost a $10 difference compared to Viagra's typical $16 per 25 mg tablet.

A lower-cost alternative to Eli Lilly's Cialis is the branded Adcirca, also from the same maker. Adcirca has a relatively lower price at $15.86 per unit of 20 mg tablets (if you buy a 56-tablet supply).

Affordable Levitra Straight From the Source

Levitra is another erectile dysfunction treatment that uses vardenafil as its active ingredient. Vardenafil is like sildenafil and tadalafil in that it's also a PDE5 inhibitor. In this way, it also works by boosting blood flow to the penile blood vessels.

Branded Levitra is from Bayer. In the US, one 20 mg tablet of the branded drug costs about $75 on average. From a reputable Canadian pharmacy, four tablets of the same Levitra can cost as low as $58, or $14.50 per unit.

In studies that compared vardenafil with sildenafil, the former showed a greater potency. It also didn't affect color perception, which is a rare side effect of sildenafil. However, researchers noted that the two drugs have the same efficacy in treating ED.

Generic Vardenafil for More Substantial Savings

If your doctor permits, you can switch from Levitra to generic vardenafil. As with all generic drugs, vardenafil from a licensed Canadian pharmacy is also a lot cheaper.

For example, a supply of 10 tablets of generic vardenafil 20 mg can only cost you $25 in total. Broken down, that's only $2.50 a piece, compared to the branded version's per-unit price of $14.50.

Buying in Bulk Can Save You Hundreds More

A 90-day supply of medications for personal use is the maximum allowed by law in most countries. This means you can buy up to three months' worth of ED prescriptions. So long as your prescription is valid, you can take advantage of this for bigger savings.

For starters, most medications cost less when bought in bulk. This also applies to erectile dysfunction medications.

Suppose you buy a 4-tablet supply of Viagra from a Canadian pharmacy, which can cost $64 or $16 apiece. If you purchase 88 tablets in one go, you would only pay $12.50 per piece, for a total of $1,100.

So, over the course of three months, you could save $298. That's a staggering savings of $1,192 for an entire year.

With Cialis, the savings are a bit smaller, as this brand is already cheaper than Viagra. However, opting for an 84-tablet supply can still save you $60 over the course of three months. That adds up to a savings of more than $240 for an entire year.

More Savings With Online Canadian Pharmacy Coupons

If this is your first time ordering from an online Canadian pharmacy, be sure to check for coupons. You may be eligible for discounts ranging from $10 to $20 on your first purchase. Reputable e-pharmacies also offer drug-specific discounts, such as on Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

If you take other prescription meds, make sure you scout for these discounts, too. Every dollar makes a difference, and most coupons are worth $10 at least. All those discounts can add up to hundreds of savings per year.

Lower Cost Medications Means Better Prescription Adherence

According to the CDC, almost one in four people in the US are on at least three prescription drugs. More than 12% of the nation's population even have to take five or more of these medications!

If you're one of these patients, you may be having a hard time adhering to your prescriptions. You may be skipping some of them due to their high costs. Not only is this unhelpful to your health, but it can also be unsafe if you suddenly stop taking them.

A licensed online Canadian pharmacy can help by ensuring your prescriptions stay filled. Again, that's because their high-quality products cost far less, so your money goes a long way. Remember: A one-month supply of ED drugs in the US can be enough for a 12-month supply with Canada's low prices.

With that said, consider shopping online if you need to take other meds aside from your ED ones. The savings you can get with your ED medication refills may even be enough to offset your other meds' costs. 

Fixed Shipping Rates

You can expect a flat shipping rate whenever you buy your ED meds from a reputable Canadian pharmacy. You'd pay less than $10, but you can order up to 3-months supply of each prescription. The number of items per order won't affect your shipping costs.

Suppose you need to order ED medications plus a few other prescriptions. You wish to have each of your prescription drugs filled for three months. So long as you place a single order for all of them, you will only pay one fixed shipping rate.

So, over the course of a year, your total shipping costs would only be about $40 ($10 for each quarter). If you order once a month, your shipping costs will tally to $120. Buying in bulk, therefore, nets you an extra $80 savings.

Live Your Life to the Fullest With High-Quality, Low-Cost ED Meds

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that a reputable online Canadian pharmacy can help you with your ED. You can save so much money with lower-cost ED medications. These massive savings, in turn, can help you adhere to your other prescriptions.

Here at PricePro Pharmacy, you can expect only high-quality prescription drugs. If you would like to know more about our ED medications, one of our resident pharmacists will be happy to help. Get in touch with us now so you can start taking back control of your sexual health!

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