Abilify Solution (Aripiprazole)

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    Abilify Solution (Aripiprazole) Product Information

    Abilify Solution is a type of medicine used to treat people with a unique disease that causes them to see, sense or hear non-existent things. It can be prescribed in addition to antidepressant drugs, if they are not helping with your symptoms after weeks of treatment. There are other conditions that a doctor may prescribe this medication for.

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    This solution is made by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. and we provide it in 1mg/mL dosage.. The Abilify  Solution we carry is a product of the United Kingdom that ships from the United Kingdom as well. For order's going to the United States, it would take  7-10 business days in transit once shipped. Our standard shipping fee is $9.95, but if you would like a tracking number you can pay $15.00 instead.

    Our caring and informed representatives are available to assist you throughout the ordering process. You can get in contact with us by calling our toll free number 1-855-776-0079, or by using the chat feature on our website to talk to a live agent.  Provided with their contact details, we would also be able to reach out to your doctor on your behalf for a copy of your prescription, once an order has been placed.

    What is Abilify Solution used for?

    Designed for adults and children 13 years and older, Abilify Solution is a prescription medicine used to treat patients who see, hear or sense things that don’t exist. This condition causes victims to experience incoherent speech, emotional stress and anxiety, guilt, mistaken beliefs, and tension. Additionally, they tend to feel more energetic than usual; sleep less than normal people do, and talk really fast.

    The active ingredient in Abilify solution is Aripiprazole. It also contains  sucrose, parahydroxybenzoates and fructose. Each milliliter of Abilify has 200mg of fructose and 400mg of sucrose, so this medicine might not be suitable for you if you are intolerant to such sugars or allergic to parahydroxybenzoates.


    The most important point to keep in mind, is to take Abilify Solution exactly as directed by your doctor or pharmacist. The typical dosage for an adult is 15 ml once a day, and 10 ml if it is  being taken by a teenager. However, you should keenly follow your doctor's directions if they direct you to take less or more.

    To measure your dose correctly, use a calibrated cup or a 2ml calibrated dropper that is usually packed with the Abilify solution. For maximization of the drug’s effectiveness, take it the same hour every day. This will maintain a constant level of Abilify in the blood.

    Abilify can be taken with or without food, and even if you don’t like how the liquid tastes, don’t dilute it with  water or juice. Take your oral solution the way it is provided by your healthcare professional. If your symptoms go away, don’t stop taking the medication, but consult your doctor first, to ensure your safety.

    Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following overdose symptoms: rapid heartbeats, agitation, strange tongue and facial movements, and loss of consciousness. Finally, try not to miss a dose and if you do, take it the soonest possible as long as the next dose you have scheduled is not near.

    Side Effects

    Some people experience adverse effects when taking Abilify Solution, and some of them are severe and hard to endure. If you experience side effects that you cannot endure, have them treated by your doctor.

    On the other hand, if you notice common side effects, don’t panic as they might disappear soon. These include:

    • Anxiety
    • Restlessness, causing instability when sitting down
    • Headache
    • Fatigue
    • Uncontrollable jerking or twitching
    • Restless legs
    • Shaking
    • Drowsiness
    • Feeling ill
    • Vomiting, indigestion,
    • Decreased bowel movements
    • Having more saliva in the mouth
    • Feeling dizzy
    • Blurred vision


    If your doctor has recommended taking Abilify Solution, make sure you have a discussion with them concerning your past and current health issues prior to starting this medication. This is to ensure your safety and success when taking Abilify Solution. If it’s concluded that it is unsafe for you, the doctor will get an alternative cure. The things you should tell your physician include:

    • Your allergy to Aripiprazole
    • That you suffer from high blood glucose
    • You have seizures
    • You experience suicidal thoughts
    • You have involuntary movements, including irregular muscle twitches in the face
    • If you have had blood clots or someone in your family has a history of the same
    • That you have a cardiovascular disease like a heart disease
    • You have had a stroke before or high blood pressure
    • You are a senior who suffers from Dementia

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    The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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