Abilify Maintena Kit (Aripiprazole)

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    Abilify Maintena Kit (Aripiprazole) Information

    Abilify Maintena kit is designed for people who suffer from schizophrenia, and  is also a maintenance monotherapy treatment suitable for adults who have bipolar I disorder.

    By acting on various receptors in the brain, Abilify can help you think clearly and feel less nervous.This kit is manufactured by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, and is available in 300mg and 400mg doses from Canada. The active medicinal ingredient in this drug is Aripiprazole.The medication available on our site is brand product, and the generic is currently not offered.

    To begin your order process, you can take a photo or scan a copy of your prescription, and submit it via email or upload on our website. Prescriptions can also be faxed to  1-855-776-0006. We advise to set up an account online or by calling us, before you submit your prescriptions, so that when it is received it can be added to your account and you can be contacted.

    What is Abilify Maintena kit used for?

    A brand of Aripiprazole, the Abilify Maintena is a medication that is given to schizophrenia and bipolar 1 disorder patients. It is only meant for adults. As an antipsychotic drug, Abilify Maintena works by altering the activities of some brain chemicals. This medicine should be avoided by seniors with dementia or related problems. If taken, it can raise their risk of death. It can be bought in the form of a kit containing two intramuscular administration sites (deltoid or gluteal), 2 delivery systems (prefilled, dual chamber syringe/vial kit).


    Abilify Maintena is an injection that is given into a muscle. It is repeated every four to eight weeks, although this will depend on the condition being treated. People who have never taken this medication previously might have to take it in a tablet or liquid form first. After a short period of taking it orally, the first injection will be administered. However,  your doctor may decide to keep you on oral dosage for three weeks after your first shot. You should continue to take your oral tablets or suspension if your physician requests. Taking this medicine does not mean that you should stop taking your other antipsychotic medication. Continue to take these unless your doctor asks you to stop.

    Another point to remember is that Abilify Maintena must be taken with a lot of liquids as it causes dehydration. Moreover, your physician will have to run clinical tests on you as you continue to take your injections. Get in touch with your doctor if you miss a dose or take an overdose. It is easy to know when you have taken a larger dose of Abilify Maintena than needed. There will be symptoms such as vomiting, quick or slow heart beats, sleepiness, anger, confusion, shakes, convulsions, faintness or shallow breathing.

    Side Effect

    There is likely to be side effects experienced when using this kit and the most common ones include the following:

    • Sleepiness
    • Unintended weight gain
    • Slight pain on the injection site

    These side effects are well-tolerated and will go away on their own. However, there are severe side effects that might need the attention of a doctor. So, if you notice strange muscle twitches, stiff muscles, high fever, sudden weakness, high blood sugar and/or seizures among others, inform your doctor.


    Prior to buying Abilify Maintena Kit to use at home, take some essential precautions to ensure your safety. So, tell you physician that you:

    • Are allergic to Abilify Maintena
    • Have never received an Abilify Maintena injection
    • Suffer from dementia in your old age
    • Have had a cardiovascular issue like a heart disease, heart attack or stroke
    • Have a blood pressure level that is either higher or lower than normal
    • Have seizures
    • Have Low white blood cell counts or WBC
    • Have diabetes or a relative has it
    • That you are pregnant, planning to conceive or breastfeeding

    In addition to the above points, ensure that you don’t use this kit and drive or operate dangerous machines. As it causes blurred vision, you might cause an accident while driving or operating a machine. Finally, don’t drink alcohol during your treatment period.

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    The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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