It’s Cheaper; And 12 Other Reasons to Buy Canadian Drugs Online

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Posted on January 27, 2021

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canadian drugs online

Are you tired of paying top dollar for whatever your local pharmacy decides to charge you for your medications? Have you ever considered getting your prescription from an online Canadian pharmacy?

Purchasing Canadian drugs online is a safe, seamless process that can save you time and money. You can now buy almost any medication through a licensed online pharmacy that is safe and secure.

Mail-order pharmacies save consumers billions of dollars every year. But there are many other reasons besides saving money to switch to an online pharmacy north of the border. Here are ten to consider.

1. Convenience

During the COVID pandemic, online ordering has exploded. This includes food, home goods, medications, and almost any category you can think of. Home delivery can be a huge convenience for people who are not mobile and for those who live a long distance from stores.

If you live in a rural area, proximity to a pharmacy can be a factor in accessing your medication, especially ones that need refilling on a regular basis. Most physical pharmacies have limited hours as well, which can be a big disadvantage for people who work atypical hours.

Telemedicine also has increased this year, for safety reasons. Having to make a trip to the pharmacy can negate the benefits of staying home and not venturing out into public. Online pharmacies help cut these risks.

With Canadian online pharmacies, you can order almost any time of day and from the comfort of your own home. And there are no lines to wait in.

Another convenience factor is not having to worry about retaining a copy of your prescription or producing it every time you need a refill. The online pharmacy saves this information so that it is ready every time you need to reorder.

A final convenience factor is that you can get all your medications in a single place. This can be a huge benefit especially for larger households with many prescriptions taken in varying increments.

2. Ease of Ordering

The only thing you need for online ordering is a valid prescription and an Internet connection. Many companies have an online portal for uploading your Rx. There is usually the option to email or mail it in as well.

Reputable online pharmacy companies will have requirements for submitting prescriptions. The most common is that it must be the original. But most doctors’ offices are familiar with online pharmacy procedures and can get you the appropriate Rx upon request.

An alternative is to provide your doctor’s contact information to the online pharmacy. This way, they can directly contact your physician.

Another convenient aspect of online pharmaceutical purchasing is the ease of refilling prescriptions. With many companies, you can set up automatic reminders and reorder your medications with a few clicks of the button.

3. Lower Prices

About eight percent of adults say that they skip taking prescribed medications because they cannot afford them. And, in lower-income populations, that percentage can much higher, as much as 14 percent.

Due to their wide pharmaceutical sourcing capabilities, online companies can provide discounted prices on prescriptions. This includes brand-name and generic drugs alike. They also save money by being able to accommodate larger quantities for certain drugs.

Even if a prescription allows dispensing a certain larger dose at one time, a brick-and-mortar pharmacy may not have that amount on hand. Since there are processing costs for each prescription, smaller batches end up being more expensive in the long run.

That is because you have to fill them more often. Online pharmacies mitigate these costs by sending out larger orders.

Similar benefits exist for the availability of cheaper generic alternatives to drugs. With physical pharmacies, you might access generic drugs if they are available. With online pharmacies’ broad access, it is more likely that they can offer this alternative for any given medication.

Finally, like many retailers, many online pharmacies offer coupons. Loyalty points and referral discounts are other common cost-savings programs.

4. Price Comparison

A recent Consumer Reports study showed that online stores and stores and pharmacies charge a wide variety of prices for the same drugs. One five-drug list of prescriptions cost about $800 more in some stores than in others. There were even large discrepancies between warehouse retailers' prices.

When you visit a physical pharmacy, the price they charge is the price you pay. And costs can vary between pharmacies, even for the same drugs. But determining the price would mean you had to visit each one. And you would need to see what your insurance covers and what out-of-pocket costs would be.

With online pharmaceutical ordering, you can compare prices of different brands and products within minutes. Also, some online pharmacies may have price-matching guarantees. So, you know you are paying the lowest price no matter what.

5. Product Availability

Have you ever had a prescription called into a pharmacy and they do not stock it? You may have had to travel to or wait for your pharmacy to receive it from another location?

Since most online services are a network of pharmacies, there are rarely drugs they do not carry. And, since online pharmacies work with many manufacturers across the globe, there are rarely medications they cannot access.

Ordering medications through Canadian mail pharmacies is like ordering other products online. It is easy to browse information about their products, including brand name and generic drugs.

Online ordering also makes it easier to search for medication or condition. This can be a helpful way to find out more about what other drugs are available for your specific needs, as well as compare costs.

Also, there is a time-savings aspect to this. You do not have to wait at a desk or drive around town trying to find your medication. You can see in real-time what is available and know exactly when it ships and when you will receive it.

6. Consultation

When you go to a physical pharmacy, you always have the chance to consult with a licensed pharmacist about your medication. But you may have to do so at the front of a long line of other customers. It can be rushed and not completely private.

What if you could get the same kind of advice and ask the same questions from the comfort of your own home? Online drug companies provide chat or phone consultations with a licensed pharmacist. And you can schedule these at your convenience.

Also, when you are purchasing drugs at a brick-and-mortar store, pharmacy personnel usually are the only people you deal with. They are busy and may have little time for questions beyond those about your medication or treatment. After all, that is their primary job.

But imagine if you had access to staff that could talk to you about pricing options or answer any questions you had. Online pharmacies may provide customer service personnel that handle all non-medical aspects of your order.

Staff can answer questions about delivery speed and reordering. They might assist you in setting up a new account, or help you change contact or payment information.

Also, online pharmacists and customer-care personnel are available during a wider range of hours. For instance, an online company may provide on-call pharmacists or customer service staff. They may also have staff dedicated to helping you save money by finding the cheapest medications.

7. Privacy

Another reason to consider online pharmaceutical shopping is privacy.

Physical pharmacies take precautions to protect your personal and medical information. But it is not guaranteed. During the consultation, you may not feel comfortable discussing your medical conditions in the middle of a crowded store. If you live in a small town, you may know the pharmacist and feel uncomfortable with them knowing what medications you are taking.

Of course, they are bound by confidentiality laws. But, with online prescription shopping, the only people who see your personal information are those filling or shipping the order.

If you are nervous about submitting prescription information online, ask about the company's protection protocols. These entail some type of encryption methods for medical and personal information. Reputable pharmacies will have robust systems to ensure the protection of your information.

8. Secure Delivery

Online pharmacies take special precautions when shipping your medication. They will send it priority mail and generally require a signature upon delivery.

Since this is what they specialize in, online pharmacies hone their delivery systems for security and expediency. Shipping is fast and can even accommodate items that need refrigeration.

The ability to order whenever they like can be a big advantage to people who take medications on an as-needed basis. Maybe you are uncertain how much medication you will need for a particular period.

It can be a hassle to have to return to the pharmacy when you run out sooner than expected. And many physical pharmacies will dispense medications in standard amounts, with no option.

There is no need to worry about this with online ordering. It is easy to select the desired dose and reorder whenever you want.

9. Greater Prescription Adherence

Greater reliability in accessing medication translates to better adherence to treatment regimens. A 2016 study of 100,000 patients showed that mail-order access to medications significantly increased adherence.

Participants who received their medication through the mail were adherent almost 74 percent of the time. This was much higher than the adherence rate (47 percent) for those who picked up their prescriptions at a physical store.

Prescription adherence is very important and can even be life-saving. Having access to the right medications when you need them improves adherence and health outcomes.

Greater precision in getting people the right amount of medication also helps cut down on medical waste. It is a hassle to dispose of unused drugs and can be a waste of money. Getting the right amount of medication at the right intervals limits the potential of overordering.

10. Superior Quality

Canadian pharmacies shipping drugs to the United States must follow all U.S. dispensing rules and regulations. And they are governed by Canada’s National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities.

A good rule of thumb is to look for accredited online pharmaceutical companies. They will have an on-staff pharmacist and require a valid prescription for medications. Feel free to ask questions about a company's supply-chain policies and procedures.

A Question About Insurance

For your health insurance to cover online pharmacies, they would need to be enrolled through the plan’s pharmacy benefits manager. This will most likely not be the case with Canadian online companies.

But it is important to remember that the savings from online pharmacies can outweigh drug costs covered under your insurance. This, of course, depends on the medication and your coverage. The only way to find out is to check.

Advantages of Buying Canadian Drugs Online

Ordering cheap Canadian drugs online can be straightforward and fast. It can offer convenience, costs savings, and even help improve health outcomes.

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