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Posted on November 18, 2022

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best online canadian pharmacies

Did you know that approximately 18 million Americans can't afford their medication? High prescription medication prices can make it difficult to take care of your health. When it comes to paying for your mortgage or refilling a prescription, you might choose the former. 

What if we told you there are simple ways you can save money on prescriptions? The answer comes from online Canadian pharmacies. Yet, the market for online pharmacies is constantly expanding. 

For that reason, we have compiled a complete guide on how to find the best online Canadian pharmacies. You need a pharmacy that is reputable and certified. Keep reading on and learn more about our five helpful tips for finding a new pharmacy and why online pharmacies are safe ways to save money on costly prescriptions. 

What Are Online Canadian Pharmacies?

Online pharmacies function similarly to your standard, run-of-the-mill pharmacies. They dispense prescription and over-the-counter medication and employ skilled and qualified individuals to consult, such as pharmacists. 

One of the big differences between online Canadian pharmacies and others is that your medication may be dispensed from other countries. For example, other countries might offer lower prices, and you can select an order from countries like the UK, New Zealand, or Australia. 

Additionally, there are limitations to purchasing controlled substances through online pharmacies. Sleeping aids and other habit-forming drugs are usually not available online for safety concerns. 

Is It Safe To Buy Medication Online?

You should always exercise safety when purchasing medication online. Here are a few helpful tools before you get started:

  • Check for certification
  • Does the site ask for prescription verification?
  • Does the site utilize encryption software? (e.g., SSL Security)
  • Can you speak directly with a pharmacist?

If a site does not ask for a prescription or does not allow you to speak directly with a qualified pharmacist, you should avoid purchasing medication through that site. An online pharmacy should follow similar safety protocols for dispensing and prescribing medication. 

Health Canada is who regulates pharmacies across Canada. They help with approvals and controlled substance regulation, including how Canadian pharmacies operate. 

Are Online Pharmacies Cheaper?

There are several options when you perform a simple google search for pharmacies in Canada. Online pharmacies have a few advantages over American pharmacies, primarily with price comparisons. 

Annual drug spending in the United States tallied $457 billion annually. Compared to Canada, pharmaceutical prices are nearly 218% higher. 

One of the reasons that the United States has higher drug prices is the lack of federal regulation on price caps. Combined with lengthy patents, brand-name drugs own a large portion of the pharmaceutical market.

Researchers found that while brand-name medication encompassed 11% of prescription drug volume, it equated to 82% of spending. In Canada, there are several price caps and greater opportunities for generic medication that may not be available in the United States. 

Purchasing generic medications is one way you can save hundreds on your prescriptions. If federally approved and available, Canadian pharmacies should have generic and brand-name options available for purchase. Since regulatory standards are similar, you can rest assured that these are safe and efficacious drugs. 

How To Find the Best Online Canadian Pharmacies

Now that you know a bit more about online Canadian pharmacies and how they operate, how can you find the best one? Here are a few simple ways you can narrow down your searches:

  1. Check online reviews
  2. Check which medications they offer
  3. Check for discount codes
  4. Check shipping fees and locations
  5. Is the website user-friendly? 

If you follow these five steps, you should find a pharmacy that fits your needs. Ultimately, your online pharmacy should also have cheaper prices than local pharmacies. Keep in mind that Canadian pharmacies cannot accept insurance. 

While you could submit forms to your insurance afterward, most expenses are out of pocket. Luckily, the cost-savings often outweigh what insurance would cover.

And while it is not included on this list, always ensure your pharmacy is verified and approved. You will usually find this feature on the "About" page or somewhere similar. 

1. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews give you an excellent idea of a company's reputation. If a company does not have a tab for online reviews, you can try a Google search. 

Online pharmacies' online reviews should have overall ratings and customer satisfaction. You can dive deeper and explore exactly what other people have to say about the process.

It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to start your search. However, it should not be the only tool used since they might not shed light on the types of medications sold or where they ship. 

2. Medication Options

If you need a controlled substance, you will have to shop through a local pharmacy. Most Americans use more than one prescription medication. 

Experts found that people using three or more prescription drugs during the past 30 days was nearly 24%. Additionally, individuals using more than five prescription drugs was nearly 13%. 

It is likely that some (if not all) of your prescriptions are available through an online pharmacy. When you find a site that you have an interest in, search for the generic or brand-name drug first. If it is not available, you might want to look at other sources. 

It may also surprise you that some pharmacies will have generic options not found in the United States. If patents last longer in the United States, it limits the production and sales of generic medications. Yet, other countries might have already reviewed and approved a generic counterpart. 

3. Discount Codes

Discount codes are another great money-saving tool. Not all online pharmacies will have similar codes, and there are two ways to check for this:

  1. Review the website
  2. Search for a drug

First, some pharmacies, like PricePro Pharmacy, have their discount coupons listed at the top of their site. You can scroll and find the medication coupon that you want. Or, you can find coupons for first-time users or first-time orders. 

Searching for a drug is another option. When you search for a medication, it should have valid coupons available. If not, you can always email or call the number listed on the site. 

4. Shipping Fees and Location

Shipping fees can sneakily tack on expenses to your medication order. What once seemed like an affordable prescription refill could be much more costly. First, ensure that your online pharmacy ships to the United States by checking its website, reviews, and FAQs. 

Under the FAQ tab, you will likely find more information on shipping costs. Some pharmacies offer expedited or express shipping for an additional charge. One way to save money is to only use pharmacies that offer standard shipping rates. 

Standard rates can save you more money on multiple refills. Remember that medications will not arrive immediately. It is essential you plan ahead on your orders unless you want to pay for express shipping. 

5. Is The Website User-Friendly?

Lastly, you want a website that is user-friendly. Since it is not the most important characteristic, we included it as number five on this list. Spending more time navigating a website and running into errors is frustrating. 

You need a pharmacy that allows you to easily select and purchase your medication. An online support team or email is useful if you run into snags along the way.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to test this without visiting the site yourself. Narrow down your list to two or three before reviewing their site. 

Deciding on Your Pharmacy

PricePro Pharmacy is an online Canadian pharmacy that dispenses hundreds of different medications. The benefit of PricePro Pharmacy is we have several generic options and coupons that can save you even more money on your medication. 

Experts predict that generic medication can save nearly 20 to 70% on your overall costs. Additionally, PricePro Pharmacy makes shipping and fees easy with set rates.

No matter how many medications you purchase, you will only pay one standard shipping fee. And if you need your medication right away, express shipping can deliver overnight. 

Start Saving Money Today

Have you ever wondered if an online pharmacy could save you money on your prescriptions? In short: yes, it can!

Switching to a Canadian pharmacy could save you even more. Now that you know a few helpful tools to find the best online Canadian pharmacies, it is time to get started. 

At PricePro Pharmacy, we have simplified the process. Simply search for your medication, select your dosage, and upload your prescription. After review and verification, you can enter your billing and shipping information. Check out our medication list today and start saving money!

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