Florida to Allow Importing Canadian Pharmacy Medications as Cheaper Alternatives

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Posted on July 17, 2019

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Has the price of prescription medication been costing you too much money? No matter what you do, you cannot escape exceeding the amount covered by your insurance.

Florida is now the latest state which is allowing imported medications from a Canadian pharmacy to help reduce your rising prescription costs.

This ongoing prescription medication cost issue is called the doughnut hole. It happens when Medicare Part D enrollees enter a coverage gap.

Their normal copayments for prescription medications go from 25% of the drug cost to a much larger percentage.

What does this new Florida legislation mean to you and your prescription medication costs?

Canada Pharmacy

Any Canada pharmacy can now send their drugs to a Floridian resident at a reduced cost.

The percentage of persons of all ages who were uninsured in 2018 is about 9.4% (30.4 million). That percentage does not include the elderly who have Medicare Part D.

Medicare Part D helps pay for the elderly population’s prescription costs. But Medicare Part D has doughnut hole gaps. These doughnut hole gaps cost the elderly more money for each prescription after they pass an artificial cost bar.

Floridians were eager to find answers to the rising costs of prescription medication. So the state legislature and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushed for those answers.

They understood this has been an ongoing issue in Florida for a long time. It looks like an answer has arrived. Floridians can now get their prescription medications from Canada pharmacies.

On June 11th Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill which allows Floridians to import their prescription drugs from a Canada pharmacy. Floridians can do this whenever needed.

There are components of the bill which still need federal approval. But no one in the Florida legislature or the Governor expects any issues delaying the bill.

As a rule, it is illegal to get your prescription drugs from Canada by having them imported. It doesn’t matter where you live in the United States. But, federal officials, on the whole, don’t enforce the ban.

The US tends to understand Canadian drugs are much cheaper than the same drug here in the United States. They also understand the prescription needs of the elderly population or at-risk populations.

Canada’s lower prescription costs are due to limiting how much money pharmaceutical companies can charge.

Canadian Pharmacy Online

Cheaper Canadian prescription drugs have resulted in Canadian Pharmacy online services like ours to be your trusted source for safe and affordable medications.

Many Floridians now buy their prescription drugs through Canadian pharmacy online services. This helps them get major cost savings.

Ordering from a Canadian Pharmacy Online

Floridians do need to be aware of some general federal rules and regulations. Anytime they order drugs online through a Canadian pharmacy they need to understand;

  • The ordered prescription drug should be used to treat a serious condition.
  • The consumer has a legal and valid prescription for the drug.
  • The drug being imported is for the consumers use and no one else.
  • You cannot sell or promote the drug you receive to others in the United States.
  • There is no unreasonable risk to others posed when importing your drug to the United States.
  • You can never import more than a three-month supply of most medications imported.
  • The needs to be a name and address of your medical provider on an online ordering form.

Canadian Pharmacy

There are some Canadian pharmacies more reputable than others. It is important to read some of the reviews of various Canadian pharmacies before ordering from them.

We have done some research for you and listed some of our Canadian pharmacy research results on our blog. There are many different variables about what makes a reputable Canadian pharmacy and what doesn’t.

Be wary of Canadian Medication Storefronts

In Florida, there is a new outreach offering to prescription users. They are called Canadian Medication Storefronts. These storefronts are marketed as an alternative for you so you can access cheaper prescription medication from Canada.

But many of them are not what they seem. We are listing some important things to look for the next time you consider a storefront operation.

This is vital information as not all Canadian storefronts provide safe medication. Here are some things to look for when you order your prescription medication from an online storefront Canadian Pharmacy;

  • In Florida, the storefronts are now found in retirement areas. The storefronts advertise as being able to help you buy from a Canadian pharmacy.
    • In essence, they have marketed themselves as a resource for those who cannot afford to pay US cost rates for their prescriptions.
  • Most of these Canadian pharmacy storefronts state they save consumers 60-70% off their US drug prescription cost.
  • Storefront owners in Florida say they only use Canadian pharmacies certified by government agencies.
    • Or at the very least certified by a Canadian oversight nonprofit association.
  • Storefronts for Canadian pharmacies only help consumers order chronic condition medications. The chronic condition medication must meet general federal regulations.
    • However, the FDA states some storefront pharmacies carry unsafe and risky products. Their prescription products were poorly manufactured, can be outdated or improperly stored.

Canadian Pharmacy Purchasing Statistics

If you are part of the over 5 million people who buy drugs from foreign pharmacies there is a way to purchase safe prescriptions.

There is a projected 49.5% growth anticipated U.S. senior population by 2030. Of those senior population numbers, about half will be seeking solutions for out-of-pocket prescription drug costs with you.

Many will turn to a Canadian pharmacy for help in keeping their prescription costs at a reasonable level. The rate of the populations will increase to a higher percentage level if the US doesn’t come up with some workable solutions.

Florida has already figured out the ongoing prescription cost dilemmas. We are there for Florida state senior citizens and their population at large in prescription needs.

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We are also there for any other state residents in need of obtaining legal prescription medication at lower costs.

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