Prescription Drugs Online – 5 Essential Tips to Buy Safely and Securely

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Posted on September 27, 2019

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prescription drugs online

Are you having trouble affording the high prices of  prescription drugs online in America? You’re certainly not alone.

Prescription drugs in the U.S. can cost hundreds of dollars for just one bottle of medication. Some medications for certain conditions cost thousands.

Even when you pay high insurance premiums, you might not get your necessary prescriptions covered. Because they’re not on the insurance company’s formulary list.

So what do you do?

With the rise of the Internet, Americans are finding they can purchase life-saving prescription drugs online in countries like Canada that they can’t afford in the United States. But is it safe?

The answer is that depends.

In this article, you’ll learn five essential tips for ensuring the safety of purchasing prescription medication on the Internet.

Here are the five essential tips for buying prescription drugs online.

The Problem of Big Pharma in the U.S.

Although Congress has ignored drug reform for years, the public isn’t buying it. They’re angered and tired of paying high prices for medications that are available in other countries like Canada for so much less.

It’s no secret that the Big Pharma’s monopolies are increasing. They have priced both insured policyholders and the uninsured poor out of receiving important medicines.

Some companies that support Big Pharma would have you believe all online pharmacies outside of the U.S. are dangerous. But that’s essentially not true.

The Truth About Buying Prescription Drugs Online

The Internet presents both the opportunity to access much lower-cost medication. While some online companies are reputable, others, called rogue pharmacies, distribute counterfeit drugs and health scams.

These rogue pharmacies pretend like they are Canadian pharmacies, but they are from other countries with looser safety and health standards.

This is scary. But there are ways consumers can know if their drugs are safe.

Here is how to protect yourself when buying prescription drugs online.

1. The Website Should Be Verified By Pharmacy Checker

Pharmacy Checker is an organization launched in nearly 17 years ago to verify online pharmacy credentials. On the site, consumers can also do comparison checks of online pharmacies to locate affordable prescription medications.

The information on Pharmacy Checker is available at no cost to consumers around the globe. Browsers who visit the website can also take advantage of patient-assistant programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

The site verifies online pharmacies for practice standards set by Pharmacy Checker. They use peer-reviewed research to design their rigorous standards.

Consumers are encouraged to only make purchases from verified and certified online pharmacies. This is one of them.

The Verification Program

Eligible online drug companies can apply to the PharmacyChecker Verification Program. If they are accepted, they may receive licensure.

Pharmacy Checker monitors the companies for compliance based on continued program standards.

Authorized websites receive the Pharmacy Checker seal to publish on their website.

This seal lets consumers know the drugs are dispensed from licensed online pharmacies that are in good standing in the countries where they are based.

2. Look for Online Pharmacies That Are NABP Compliant

Staying in-the-know about buying medication safely is critical to your health and wellness.

Although you may find medicines online that are priced low, it’s important to ensure the site where you are buying from is reputable. Before you make your purchase.

Another way of ensuring your medication are safe is to make sure they comply with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) patient safety standards.

When the NABP reviewed nearly 12,000 pharmacy websites almost 95% of the pharmacies did not comply with pharmacy laws and practice standards set in place to protect public health.

Here’s a surprising stat from the NABP: 89% of online pharmacies the NABP reviewed didn’t even require a prescription to purchase a prescription drug. Obviously, they weren’t verified.

The NABP Pharmacy Program offers consumers ways to shop for prescription drugs online by identifying NABP-verified websites.

The organization believes this verification can provide confidence to consumers that they are buying from a trusted source.

3. Don’t Buy From a Pharmacy On the NABPs “Not Recommended List”

The NABP lists online pharmacies that fall out of compliance with NABP patient safety and practice standards as well as applicable law. The list is called the Not Recommended List (NRL).

Online pharmacy websites on this list engage in these illegal practices:

  • The online pharmacy does not hold the required licensure in its relevant jurisdictions
  • These pharmacies are unapproved or unauthorized for sale in the consumer’s jurisdiction
  • They sell drugs requiring a prescription by law without a valid prescription

Other online pharmacy websites on the NRL act as like brokers. They refer patients to other company websites that operate in violation of NABP applicable law, pharmacy practice standards, and patient safety.

4. Know The Risks: Purchasing Prescription Drugs Online from Unverified Websites

When you purchase prescription medication online, you run the risk of being targeted to crime and fraud.

Here are some of the risks:

  • Buying medication online with dangerous or even poisonous  fillers
  • Medication does not treat the medical condition promised to treat
  • Drugs may be laced with substances like fentanyl that can cause respiratory problems or even death
  • You may become a target of identity theft
  • You may expose your computer to malware and ransomware viruses

5. Beware of Online Drug Companies Advertising on Social Media

Many illegal online pharmacies try to fool consumers. They pretend to be located in Canada, a country that has stricter drug regulations. They do this to deceive people into believing they’re purchasing safe drugs.

These illegal companies may be located in countries with few regulation safeguards to protect consumers. And many of these companies promote their businesses on social media and some search engines.

But now search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are getting smarter. They require drug advertisements to come from verified websites.

Now social media needs to catch up.

The Takeaway: 5 Essential Tips for Buying Prescription Drugs Online

Now you know five essential tips when considering buying prescription drugs online.

Make sure your purchases come from a site that’s been certified by PharmacyChecker or verified by the NABP so you can access prescription drugs that are as safe as they are affordable.

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