Propecia vs Rogaine for Men: Which Is Better for Fighting Hair Loss?

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Posted on August 15, 2022

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Did you know that around 80% of men experience hair loss at some point? Hair loss can be challenging for men, sometimes resulting in decreased self-confidence. There are various causes of hair loss, such as disease or genetics. 

You don't have to suffer from hair loss. Various medical solutions are available to help you regrow your hair. Propecia and Rogaine for men are two popular solutions. 

It can be challenging to know which option is best for you. This guide will discuss the basic information about Propecia and Rogaine so you can make an educated decision. 

What Is Rogaine?

Rogaine is an FDA-approved treatment that can help treat male pattern baldness. The active ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil. You can purchase Rogaine in a foam or liquid form to treat your hair. 

Rogaine works with specific types of baldness. You need to stay on top of your treatments to see results. You might not regrow all of your missing hair, and it could take around four months for you to start to see results. 

Rogaine is a vasodialtor. Vasodilation is the process of your blood vessels widening. As your blood vessels dilate, you'll experience increased blood flow to certain areas of your body. 

Rogaine functions by enlarging your hair follicles. It also elongates your hair's growth phase. Since you'll be experienced more hair follicles during their growth phase, you'll see an increase in hair growth. 

Who's an Ideal Candidate for Rogaine?

Rogaine for hair loss is ideal for those who have male pattern baldness. It works best in those who have hereditary hair loss. This hair loss typically occurs at the back of the head. 

It's best to start using Rogaine when you notice you're experiencing hair loss. If you've gone completely bald, you won't see much success with Rogaine. 

The Benefits of Rogaine

Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine, comes with various benefits. In addition to potentially regrowing your hair, you might encounter the following:

  • Increased hair density and thickness
  • Hair growth stimulation
  • Hair disorder treatment 

What's Propecia?

The active ingredient in Propecia is finasteride. Propecia comes in a tablet form that you take orally. Finasteride can be used to treat male hair loss and enlarged prostates. 

Finasteride decreases how much of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) you have in your body. The decrease in DHT can result in a reduction in hair loss and an increase in hair growth. You won't experience an increase in hair growth on other body parts besides your head. 

You can expect to see results from taking Propecia within three months after the start of your treatment. Most men see significant results at the six or 12-month mark. Propecia is an excellent addition to your daily routine if you've recently had hair transplant surgery. 

Who's an Ideal Candidate for Propecia?

Propecia works best for those with hair loss at the crown of their head. If your hairline is receding, you might not achieve the results you desire. 

Keep in mind that you need to take Propecia continually. If you stop taking it, the results you saw will disappear. You'll also have regular blood tests while on Propecia to monitor signs of prostate cancer. 

Propecia or Rogaine — What's Best for Me?

Rogaine and Propecia work differently to help you overcome hair loss. The effectiveness of the medications depends upon your type of hair loss and what stage you're in. Neither drug are effective for those with hair loss in the advanced stages. 

Different Treatment Methods

As we said earlier, Rogaine is a topical treatment applied directly to your scalp. You'll use it twice per day. 

You can purchase Rogaine in a liquid form. You'll use a dropper to apply it to your scalp. It also comes in foam products, which you apply using your hands. 

Propecia comes in tablet form. You take it orally once per day. 

With both medications, you need to continually take them or apply them to your hair. Once you stop taking them, you'll lose the hair that you've regrown. 

Can I Take Both Together?

Rogaine and Propecia help you regrow your hair using different methods. You don't have to be concerned about them interfering with one another. Using them in tandem can be an effective treatment method, but you should consult your healthcare professional first. 

Can I Purchase Propecia and Rogaine Over the Counter?

You will need a prescription to purchase Propecia. You can find the medication in generic form as well. 

Rogaine can be purchased over the counter. You can also find generic versions of the product as well. 

Can I Use These Medications if I'm Completely Bald?

Neither Propecia nor Rogaine are effective for completely regrowing a full head of hair. Propecia works best for hair loss at the crown of your head. It isn't effective for treating receding hairlines. 

Rogaine can't be used for treating frontal baldness. It's also not effective for hair loss in large areas. Rogaine isn't recommended for treating old hair loss either. 

It's best to start using both products at the first sign of hair loss. Neither is a permanent solution for hair loss. 

What Causes Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss is typically caused by high levels of DHT and genetic factors. Both the genes from your mother and father play a part in this phenomenon. 

Male pattern hair loss is also connected to poor circulation in your scalp tissue. Improving your DHT levels and scalp circulation is essential to reversing or slowing hair loss. 

Find Propecia or Rogaine for Men Online

Whether Propecia or Rogaine for men is suitable depends on your goals and your current hair loss. You don't have to suffer from male pattern baldness and hair loss. There are medical ways you can restore your self-confidence and hair. 

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