Sharing is Caring and Rewarding!

PricePro Pharmacy- Patient Referral Program

Refer your family and friends to and earn yourself some money while helping them save theirs.

It’s simple and straight forward.  You tell your family and friends about the great savings on prescription medication from  Your friend places an order (minimum order of $99) and receives $20 off  and you receive a $20 credit on your account to put towards your future orders. You keep sharing  and we keep adding $20 to your account for every new referral.

It does not stop there.  As long as you keep referring and spreading the word we keep rewarding you.  Receive an extra $100 bonus after 10 referrals.  You can either choose to put $100 towards your future orders, or ask to be paid out in cash. It is totally up to you.

If you are interested in earning and being rewarded on a ongoing basis, contact us to learn about our affiliate program. Drop us an email at [email protected] or call us at our tell free number 1-855-776-0079 to chat about becoming a sales rep for  We reward generously.

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