How to Place an Order Using a Legitimate Online Pharmacy

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Posted on April 27, 2018

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Guide to ordering from Canadian Pharmacy Online

Are you considering purchasing your prescription medication in Canada? Drugs online are often cheaper but the stigma of buying them dictates a certain uncertainty, or untrustworthiness in the seller.

And for new buyers, the online market can be an overwhelming place to navigate. For every legitimate online pharmacy, there seems to be a handful of illegitimate organizations that pose serious risks to health and wellbeing of their customers.

If you have no experience buying from an online pharmacy, you can get a sense of what’s what  from our blog here - but assuming you’ve spoken to your physician about purchasing your prescribed medications from a legitimate online Canadian pharmacy, you’ll need to know a few things about how to go about this process correctly.

Getting Started with an Online Pharmacy

Respectable and professional online Canadian pharmacies will require a few things from you as a customer before they’re able to ship you your medications. Without this information, you’ll likely not be approved by the pharmacy. First, you’ll need an original prescription from a licensed physician — without a prescription, your order will not be approved. Simple as that.

Prescription Required

Next, to order any Canada drugs online, you’ll need to find your medication by browsing your chosen Canadian pharmacy’s online catalogue of available medications. Your prescription, while allowing you to order online in the first place, will also tell you the dosage you’ve been prescribed, as well as the appropriate quantity of medication you’ll need. Most online pharmacies will allow you to upload a prescription via email, fax, mail, or via a photo sent to an online address.


Medication orders are unique in that they’re often needed to directly uphold and contribute to the health of the customer — ordering prescription medications is much different from ordering a T-shirt from Amazon, so processing times are typically accelerated in an effort to deliver much-needed medications to customers a timely fashion. US patients ordering from Canadian online pharmacies including ours can expect their orders to be delivered within 7-18 business days.

In most cases, reputable online Canadian pharmacies will allow you to track your order for transparency. In the case of PricePro Pharmacy, tracking is enabled on most orders. Some Canadian online pharmacies will also allow you to transfer your prescription from a local pharmacy, or directly from a licensed physician. This is beneficial to all parties in that prescriptions can be confirmed and requested with transparency between both the pharmacy and your doctor.

Shipping Costs

To ship Canada drugs online, packages to our US customers are delivered by the United States Postal Service.  Shipping charges are $9.95 USD regardless of the number of medications you order.

Online Pharmacy Customer Service

We understand that ordering Canadian drugs online may seem new and strange to first-time buyers – this makes customer service and professionalism an incredibly important aspect of our business. We choose to honour the customer experience by making it our business to accommodate every request and question we receive.

Thanks to our quick processing time of 24 hours, cancellations of orders need to be considered quickly by the customer. If you’re able to cancel your order before we’re able to process and forward a medication order to our partner pharmacies, we’ll happily cancel the order.

There’s also a stigma of anonymity with online pharmacies. Many new customers are potentially weary of giving their medical information to a faceless website - and we understand how this can feel. One of the ways to get around the informal nature of ordering Canadian drugs online is having someone to talk to about your order, your prescription itself, and the entire process.

Respectable and legitimate online pharmacies will typically employ a licensed pharmacist of their own to speak directly to customers. This communication inspires trust and confidence: two things we think are paramount to excellent customer service. Call us at 1-855-776-0079, and ask for a pharmacist if you have any questions about your Canada drugs online. You will also receive a patient education sheet about your medicine with every order.

Ordering from Canadian pharmacies isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem at first. The convenience and speed of delivery make ordering your prescription medication from a reputable online Canadian pharmacy a simple choice. Coupled with practical customer service guarantees and confidence-inspiring communications, tracking, and cancellation policies will continue to help this idea a staple of the modern medicine world.

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