Conor Sheehy

Medication Review by a Clinical Pharmacist - PharmD


Certified Medical Expert Writer

Dr. Sheehy is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist. He has worked in multiple practice settings, including retail and hospital pharmacies, and in medical clinics. He specializes in anticoagulation, psychiatric medications, and diabetes medications. 

Conor currently works as an ambulatory clinical pharmacist, where he works alongside other members of the healthcare team in outpatient clinics. He has appointments with patients to adjust their medications and optimize their individual treatment.

Conor also spends time as a freelance medical writer. He believes that healthcare should be approachable, understandable, and create a positive impact on patients’ lives. Even the best treatments are at risk of failure if the person taking it does not understand how it works. His writing projects include literature for patients and continuing education for physicians and other providers.

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