Invokana vs Jardiance: Which Is Better for Managing Diabetes?

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Posted on September 30, 2022

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Invokana vs Jardiance: Which Is Better for Managing Diabetes?

About 1 out of 10 people in the United States alone suffer from diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes can be a very dangerous and even fatal condition. Fortunately, there are many options for diabetes medications these days, including Invokana and Jardiance. 

When comparing Invokana vs Jardiance, you might be wondering if one medication is better than the other for treating diabetes. After all, they both treat the same condition but what factors make them different or more effective than the other? Keep reading and learn more about what makes these two types of medication so unique and effective. 

What You Need to Know About Invokana for Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that involves the body being unable to make enough insulin. Usually, insulin is produced by the cells in the pancreas. Insulin helps ensure that the levels of sugar in the blood do not get too high. 

If a person's blood sugar levels get too high, the person could go into a coma and death may even occur if the condition is left untreated. The pancreas may stop producing insulin for many reasons. For example, being obese may negatively affect the pancreas and make it difficult to produce enough insulin. 

In other cases, some people are born with damaged pancreas cells which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to produce any insulin. This is the case for those who have type I diabetes. Type II diabetes is often caused by obesity. 

Whatever the case, Invokana can help. But what is Invokana exactly and how does it work? Specifically, this drug is an SGLT2 inhibitor.

An SGLT2 inhibitor is also known as a sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitor. This type of medication functions to lower a person's blood sugar levels. It does this by making the kidneys remove the excess sugar in the blood and excrete it through the urine. 

This drug is not meant for those with type I diabetes. Instead, it is exclusively used to treat those with type II diabetes. The generic name for this medication is Canagliflozin, although the generic form may not yet be available to the public. 

The Details

This drug comes in a variety of different doses. The two most common doses are 100 mg and 300 mg pills. Your doctor will likely tell you how much of this medication you should take every day to make sure that your blood sugar levels stay in good shape.

In any Invokana review, you will find that it is very common for people to take one 100 mg pill every morning. 

This dosage should be enough to make sure that a person's blood sugar levels remain stable. However, some people may need to take one 300 mg pill every morning. The downside of this medication is that it can be quite expensive if you don't have insurance. 

In particular, you may need to pay around $450 to get the dosage you need. However, if you have good health insurance, you may only need to pay $25 or so. Also, as with any medication, there are a few side effects that may come with taking this medication. 

In particular, you may experience increased thirst or urination when taking this medication. You may also experience nausea and you may be at a higher risk for developing urinary tract infections due to the fact that more sugar will pass through your urine. Fortunately, most of these side effects should go away on their own after taking the medication for some time. 

If the side effects do not go away or get worse, you may want to try another medication. 

What You Need to Know About Jardiance for Diabetes

Before you decide between Invokana or Jardiance, you should first understand the details of Jardiance and how they compare to Invokana. Jardiance, in general, is quite similar to Invokana. It is also an SGLT2 inhibitor, so it will make the kidneys excrete any excess sugar you have in your blood through your urine. 

The generic form of this medication is Empagliflozin. However, as with Invokana's generic form, this form is not yet available. The dosages for this drug are quite different than Invokana's dosages. 

In particular, the two most common doses are 10 mg and 25 mg. Usually, the doctor will recommend that a person with diabetes take 10 mg of this medication every morning. However, if your diabetes is quite severe, your doctor may instead tell you to take around 25 mg in the morning every day. 

This medication is also only meant for those who have diabetes type II rather than type I. Jardiance has been shown to be very effective for treating diabetes in scientific studies. It is arguably as effective as Invokana for maintaining blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. 

However, this medication without insurance is very expensive. In some cases, it may be as much as $500. However, if you have good insurance, the insurance should cover the majority of this cost and you should only need to pay a small portion of it. 

The side effects of this medication are more or less the same as Invokana. However, Jardiance may cause upper respiratory tract infections in some people.

Invokana vs Jardiance: Which Is Better?

If you are having a hard time choosing between Invokana vs Jardiance, you should know that both of these medications are very good options. They have both been shown to be very effective in clinical studies for treating diabetes type II. They are both SGLT2 inhibitors and work by making the kidneys excrete excess blood sugar through the urine. 

While both are expensive, you can save if you have good insurance or if you order your medication from the right place. Click here to learn how to order your medication online. 


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