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Posted on July 6, 2022

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Approximately 59% of American men have suffered from erectile dysfunction at one point in their lives. And contrary to popular belief, young men appear to be almost equally affected. Around 56% of young adults aged 18 to 34 experienced erectile dysfunction. 

Men over age 55 had a 63% rate. Have you heard of Levitra before? While it is not as popular as Viagra, it is another impotence medication. Your doctor may have suggested you buy Levitra to help with your erection difficulties. 

Once you check out the prices at your local pharmacy, you may think it over twice. At PricePro Pharmacy, we understand how difficult it can be to find an affordable medication. In our complete guide, we outline the top five reasons you should switch to online medicine and how you can save money on Levitra. 

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What Is Levitra?

Levitra is a brand-name prescription medication. It is widely used for erectile dysfunction. Levitra is part of a branch of medications called PDE5 inhibitors. 

Other similar medications are Cialis and Viagra. For men dealing with erection difficulties, Levitra could be an excellent choice. It is typically taken "as-needed" versus daily. However, even just a few tablets can be costly. 

Purchasing Levitra in the United States can cost $54.09 per tablet! For a 30-tablet supply, your costs could be well over $1,600. Buying medication through an online Canadian pharmacy is safe, reliable, and cost-friendly. 

What Is a Canadian Online Pharmacy?

As the name sounds, an online Canadian pharmacy operates fully online. They dispense medication from Canada and other countries to various customers. You will shop online, upload your prescription, and fill in your shipping and billing information. 

Some pharmacies are illegitimate and ship dangerous medications (more on that below). If used with caution, they can be an excellent way to save hundreds of dollars on medications. 

1. Generic Options Available

Many of the pitfalls of American prescription medication is the availability of generic options. In the United States, long patents make it challenging for competitors to enter the market. Instead, brand-name prescriptions can dominate market shares for decades in some instances. 

In Canada, you have more options for generic medication purchases. Luckily, Levitra is a medication offered as a brand-name or generic option. 

Vardenafil is the generic counterpart of Levitra and the active ingredient in both medications. Swapping to a generic medication gives you the same mechanism of action, dosage, and quality. The only difference is the cost savings. 

For example, purchasing ten Levitra tablets in the United States costs over $220. At PricePro Pharmacy, you can find vardenafil prices for just $20. 

2. Affordable Prices

As you can imagine, based on the example above, Canadian pharmacies offer cheaper medications. One way that costs are lowered is by offering generic medications. The other way Canada allows you to buy discount medication is through more price caps and government regulation. 

On average, the United States' prescription medication costs are over 256% higher than other countries. Compared to Canada, its prescription drug prices are 218% higher. Whether you want a brand or generic version of Levitra, you will find more affordable prices by shopping through a Canadian pharmacy. 

3. Direct Shipping

When you shop through a Canadian pharmacy, you don't have to worry about driving to your local pharmacy. For some, buying Levitra can make them feel self-conscious because of the nature of the medication. High gas prices and fluctuating pharmacy prices can make the journey even more expensive. 

Instead, online Canadian pharmacies ship directly to your door. The only downside is it may take a bit longer. You can mitigate this problem by planning ahead on your prescription refill. 

Shipping Levitra to your doorstep will take anywhere from five to 18 business days. The change in shipping timeframes depends on where the medication ships from (e.g., UK, Canada, Turkey) and whether you have tracked or express shipments. 

4. Licensed and Reliable 

When you switch to an online Canadian pharmacy, you will want to uphold a few best practices to ensure that you receive high-quality and authentic medication. After checking off a few boxes, an online pharmacy is equally reliable and reputable as your pharmacy down the street. 

One of the ways you can check this is by simply going to their website. You will need a physician's prescription before purchasing any medication. It is likely a scam if a pharmacy does not request a valid prescription or pharmacist review. Buying and using these medications could increase adverse health effects. 

Some people may turn to supplements to help with their erectile dysfunction. The danger of erectile dysfunction supplements is that they are not federally regulated. Additionally, they might not be safe to combine with current medication. 

Although supplements can sometimes save you money, it is important you talk to your doctor beforehand. PricePro Pharmacy is a licensed and registered pharmacy in Canada that follows strict guidelines and regulations. 

5. Additional Medication Discounts Available

Another benefit of buying Levitra online is added medication discounts. Along with already low prices, you can often find discount medications on certain brands or if you are a first-time online user. 

PricePro Pharmacy has several coupons for new customers, including instant savings. These discount prices fluctuate from $10 to $25 off on average. You can simply search for Levitra on the site and see what is available!

How To Buy Levitra

You can buy Levitra directly through PricePro Pharmacy. Our online pharmacy dispenses dozens of different medications. We have generic and brand-name options available at a fraction of the price. 

All you will need to get started is a valid prescription. Next, select your dosage and tablet supply. After completing your billing and shipping information, Levitra will be delivered right to your doorstep!

Take advantage of the many benefits of shopping for Levitra online. Check out our full list of medications today!

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