Albenza (Albendazole)

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    Albenza (Albendazole) Product Information

    Albenza is used to treat worm infections. It is specifically designed for a number of different worm infections including  parenchymal neurocysticercosis, a condition caused by pork tapeworm larvae. It can also be prescribed for infections triggered by other parasites like whip worm, hookworm , pinworm, thread worm and roundworm.

    Order Albenza and Albendazole Online

    Albendazole is the generic name for Albenza, and we carry both options in the 200mg dosage. The brand options is a chewable tablet manufactured by Aspen , available in a pack size of 12, but multiple packs can be ordered up to a 3 month supply. The generic 200 mg, is available in a pack of 40 tablet's, and manufactured by a company known as Bio Farma. Unlike the 200 mg dose, we only carry the 400 mg Albendazole in generic product, and it is dispensed in packs of 60 tablets. All options are shipped from one of our licensed international pharmacy partner's, so turn around time for delivery would be 10-18 business days post shipment.

    A prescription is required for dispensing this medication, and can be forwarded directly from your doctor's office by fax to 1-855-776-0006. If you prefer to email, you can scan or email a photo of your prescription to [email protected]


    If taking Albenza to cure your parasitic infections, then your doctor will prescribe it based on what you are suffering from.  When taking it, it’s useful to follow some guidelines. First, take your medicine with food to avoid going through some side effects. If you cannot swallow your medicine, then crush, or chew it. Then swallow with water.

    Furthermore, it is necessary to always remember to take your medicine. But, if you miss a dose, the right thing to do is to take to missed dose as soon as you can. Do this unless you are just about to take your next scheduled dose. If it is indeed time to take your next dose, leave the missed one alone to avoid an overdose. If you take an overdose, however, call your doctor right away to avoid severe poisoning.

    Side Effects

    If taking Albenza, there are things you should know. These include knowing the side effects you are likely to suffer from. When taking this medicine, you may suffer from some of these side effects. Most of these are rare side effects and include the following:

    • Signs of an allergic reaction on skin. This can appear as hives or blistering, itching, reddening or peeling.
    • Sometimes the allergic reaction can include other serious symptoms, including chest tightness, breathing difficulty, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing and/or swelling on your face, tongue or throat.
    • Ear or sinus pain, fever or chills, severe sore throat, coughing and sputum, painful urination, sores in the mouth, and persistent wounds
    • Liver issues signs like fatigue, stomach disturbance or pain, vomiting, yellowing of eyes or skin and dark urine.
    • Feeling weak and/or tired
    • Signs of bleeding such as having blood in urine or stools, bleeding from the gums or abnormal vaginal bleeding.

    The above-mentioned side effects are not so common, if you see them, call your doctor right away.


    If your doctor has decided that you are going to take Albendazole, then it’s important to take certain precautions. These include:

    • Avoid the medicine if you are allergic to Albendazole
    • Tell your physician about any form of allergy you have to drugs, foods, preservative or another thing
    • Talk about all prescribed or non-prescribed medicines you are on
    • If treating tapeworms in your brain, it’s important that you talk about so that the doctor can give you other useful medicines
    • Use a birth control method that works, if you are not pregnant already. If you are, avoid taking Albenza.
    • Don’t take when breastfeeding without telling your doctor

    The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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